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Palestinians protest against Trump peace plan in many locations

Three days after US President Donald Trump presented the "deal of the century" his proposal to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestinians held demonstrations against his plan across the occupied territories on Friday.

Op-Ed: Abbas turns up rhetoric against Israel

New York - The US expressed annoyance at the UN speech of Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority. Abbas accused Israel of carrying out acts of genocide during the recent Operation Protective Edge.

Palestinian president condemns Hamas rocket attacks on Israel

The President of the Palestinian Authority, Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas, has condemned Hamas for firing rockets at Israel from the Palestinian Gaza Strip territory.

Palestinian President Abbas: End of Palestinian division is over

Following the swearing in of a new unity cabinet between the Fatah and Hamas organizations, Fatah's Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas declared that today marks the "end" of Palestinian division.

Israel advises nations away from new Palestinian government

Jerusalem - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel advised other nations Sunday to avoid quick recognition of any new government arising from April's unexpected unity deal between the Palestinian Fatah and Hamas factions.

Hamas' differences with Fatah expected to delay unity government

The Hamas organization has declared that it isn't ready to announce the establishment of a national unity government with Fatah due to persisting differences between the two groups.

Israel to Abbas: We will hold you accountable for Hamas' actions

In the wake of Fatah and Hamas erecting the foundations for a unity government the Israelis have told Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that they will hold him accountable for any Hamas terrorism against Israel.

Israel's Livni meets Palestinian President Abbas

Israel's chief negotiator Tzipi Livni met with the Palestinian Authority's President Mahmoud Abbas in London for a brief and unauthorized discussion.

Hamas unbans newspapers in Gaza

In another development pertaining to Fatah-Hamas Palestinian unity the Al Quds newspaper has been unbanned by Hamas in Gaza after a seven-year ban. However newspapers affiliated with the Hamas organization are still banned in the Palestinian West Bank.

Hamas 'salutes' Palestinian President Abbas' speech

In a speech given to leaders of the PLO in Ramallah regarding the very recent Fatah-Hamas reconciliation Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he is willing to extend peace talks with Israel provided his conditions are met.

Before Fatah-Hamas unity Netanyahu had agreed to discuss borders

An Israeli report claims that before the Fatah government had agreed to reconcile with their former Hamas rivals in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had agreed to negotiate the borders of a future Palestinian state.

Netanyahu: Abbas chose Hamas, therefore does not want peace

Mere hours after Fatah and Hamas agreed to reconcile under a single unity government Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled a pre-scheduled meeting with Palestinian Authority representatives.

Kerry cancels trip to Israel to restart peace talks

Jerusalem - The Israeli Palestinian peace talks may be doomed as US Secretary of State John Kerry cancelled his most recent planned emergency visit to Israel amid signs that neither side is ready to accept mutually agreeable conditions for resumption of talks.

Abbas wants settlement freeze to extend peace talks with Israel

Jerusalem - The Israeli Palestinian peace talks are scheduled to end late in April. At a recent meeting with Barack Obama Mahmoud Abbas demanded an Israeli settlement freeze and the release of a promised final group of prisoners as conditions for extended talks.

Abbas condemns rival while peace talks with Israel falter

Jerusalem - As Israel-Palestinian peace talks drag on with little sign of progress Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas faces increasing internal division within the Fatah movement.

Abbas accepts Israeli military in West Bank during transition

Jerusalem - Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, confirmed that he would be open to a transitional period during which the Israeli Army would be able to maintain a presence in the West Bank for up to three years.

John Kerry promises a fair Israel-Palestine peace plan

Riyadh - According to US Secretary of State John Kerry, Saudi King Abdullah has offered his "enthusiastic support" to US efforts to reach a fair resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Abbas: 'Nothing at all' prevents me from meeting with Netanyahu

Ramallah - Palestine's President Mahmoud Abbas said Saturday there is "nothing" preventing him personally from meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Haaretz reports.

Kerry: I don't want deadlines on peace talks

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has said he doesn't want any deadlines set for the completion of the Israeli/Palestinian peace talks.

Hamas and Fatah to renew talks on forming a unity government

Doha - The resignation of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has led to renewed pressures for Hamas and Fatah to form a unity government in Palestine.

Obama draws rocket fire against Israel, lecture from Abbas

Tel Aviv - In his first visit to Israel as a sitting president, Barack Obama drew rocket fire into the town of Sderot early in the morning from militant Islamists in the Gaza strip.

Abbas says that Palestinians do not need an armed struggle

The President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas has said that Hamas has come out in support reconciliation talks and that the Palestinian people can achieve their goals peacefully.

Malaysian Prime Minister visits Gaza Strip

Gaza - Malaysia's prime minister, Najib Razak, visited the Gaza Strip, entering through the land border with Egypt to avoid entrance through Israel.

Trump endorses Netanyahu, says he's 'a big fan of Israel'

Claiming he is 'a big fan of Israel,' real estate mogul and former Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump endorsed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the upcoming election.

Fatah and Hamas leaders hold talks in Cairo with President Morsi

Cairo - Leader of Fatah and president of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas, and Hamas head, Khaled Meshal, met separately with Egyptian President Morsi in Cairo. They then held reconciliation talks with president Morsi mediating.

Op-Ed: As the dust settles, in the aftermath of Pillar of Defense

Jerusalem - After the cease-treaty between Israel and Hamas and the the dust has settled, what will happen next, and is there a possibility for peace, or will we find ourselves in the same situation in a few more years?

Palestinian protests target President Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, whose power was greatly diminished by the coalition of Hamas with post-Arab Spring leadership, is the target of increasingly violent demonstrations in the West Bank.

Day of protest against Palestinian government over economy

Palestinian protesters took to the streets of the West Bank again Monday in the largest demonstration against the Palestinian Authority government in its 18-year history. People say they are fed up with the state of the economy.

Putin's 24 hours Middle East visit comes to end Special

Jerusalem - As Russian president Vladimir Putin wraps up his Middle East tour visiting Jordan, after starting out in Israel, and moving on to The Palestinian Authority, one may ask what parties objectives were achieved over the past few days...

Abbas accuses Israel of 'ethnic cleansing' during UN address

New York - In a fiery speech delivered before the United Nations assembly and guaranteed to set back Israeli and Palestinian relations, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of 'ethnic cleansing.'
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President Barack Obama meets with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in the Oval Office T...
President Barack Obama meets with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in the Oval Office Thursday, May 28, 2009
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Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, left, meets with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah in the West Bank
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Israeli PM Benjamin Netnanyahu and Palistinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas shake hands at a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in 2010
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