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Rogers Media bringing Next Issue e-magazine service to Canada

Like Netflix for magazines, the new Next Issue Canada app will give tablet readers on-demand access to over 100 publications, including everything from The New Yorker and Sports Illustrated to Vanity Fair.

At 62, actress Meryl Streep becomes Vogue's oldest cover girl

Oscar winner Meryl Streep thought her career was over years ago. Yet, here she is in the January 2012 issue of U.S. Vogue...and not just in the pages but on the cover, becoming the oldest Vogue cover girl.

Apple announces new subscription service for App Store publishers

Apple confirmed Tuesday a new subscription service is now available to all publishers who have content-based apps on the App Store. The subscription service will allow newspapers, magazines, video and music publishers to charge a recurring fee.

Amazon woos newspapers, magazines with 70% cut on Kindle

Amazon will start paying publishers more when they sell magazines and newspapers on its Kindle reader. It will pay publishers 70 percent of the retail price - compared to the current 30 percent - for each magazine or newspaper sold at its store.

Op-Ed: Kobo Changes the Concept of E-readers

E-readers are convenient when it comes to reading books and other texts. However there are many disadvantages in them. They don't seem nearly as nice when you actually look at it. Here is something that could change the whole idea of using e-readers.

Conde Nast Shutting Down Four Magazines

On Monday, magazine giant Conde Nast said it will pull the plug on four of its magazines. The surprise announcement is already sending shock waves through the business sector.

Google unveils Fast Flip, a new way to visualise Google News

Google has today announced at the TechChrunch50 conference in San Francisco a new Labs product called Google Fast Flip, which provides a new way to browse certain Google News articles.

Staff Cuts at Worth Magazine Reflect Clutter As Well As Economy

The luxury magazine, Worth, is the latest to announce significant cutbacks in staff - and parent company, Sandow Media, cites the recession. But it may also be a matter of too many similar titles covering too much of the same content.

Conde Nast Hit by Recession

Conde Nast has laid off staff and cut production as the economic downturn hits the magazine publisher. The company publishes a number of well known magazines.

Canada Periodical Fund Created

The Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages has announced the creation of the Canada Periodical Fund, a program in support of Canadian magazines and community newspapers.

Search New York Magazine, Popular Mechanics and others in Google Book Search

Google has partnered with various magazine publishers to make their archives available in Google Books search. You can browse archives of Popular Mechanics, Ebony, Jet, New York Magazine and others.

Dumbing Down The Man, Print Style

At one time men's magazines like GQ and Esquire had intelligent articles and a stuffy boy's club aura. Then came the turn of the century. With it came words like "dude" and porn so mild you checking it out.

Canadian Hearst Magazines to Feature Only One Cover Price

Magazine buyers will soon see only one price on their favorite read when they purchase a Hearst Magazine. The publishing company who puts out such magazines as Cosmopolitan, Seventeen and The Oprah Magazine is dropping the US price from their covers.

What Is the Future of Publications?

Publications are going online in droves these days. From a business stance it makes money sense to do so. The financial aspects of advertising and reaching a larger audience weighs heavily with this wave of online publication.

Marie Claire vs. Tango

Marie Claire Faces Harsh Reality That She Just Can't Compete With Tango Magazine.

Send This Brave Soldier in Iraq Inexpensive Magazines and Catalogs

The American Soldiers in Iraq would appreciate hearing from everyone back home here in the States. They need reading materials and care packages - and just some words of support and caring.

Britney Drops Her Pants for Harper’s

Digital Journal — For someone who’s been begging for privacy the last few months, Britney Spears has done a complete 180, baring it all on the cover on July’s Harper’s Bazaar. Sounds like déjà-vu for preggy mommies. The magazine cover and insid

Police Urge Playboy Magazine to Postpone Publishing in Indonesia

The Indonesian police say they will ask the publishers of Playboy magazine to postpone next month's issue, after stone-throwing Islamic radicals attacked the magazine's office. National police spokesman Anton Bachrul Alam said police planned to meet...

Nothin' But Net? I Don't Think So

Digital Journal — Video may have killed the radio star, but the Internet hasn’t yet killed the paperback hero according to a new study by the Canadian Internet Project (CIP). While many believe the growth of the Internet will eventually relegate har.

MIT Magazine Sues AOL Time Warner

BOSTON — The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has filed suit against Time Inc. and CNet Networks Inc., saying their new magazine infringes on the trademark of the university's alumni technology magazine, Technology Review. The new magazine by ..

ADWEEK Names Fortune As Top Magazine

NEW YORK - ADWEEK Magazines' eagerly anticipated HOT LIST, which recognizes business success in the consumer magazine industry, appears on newsstands today. Fortune is ranked as the number one magazine. Time Inc. Chairman and CEO Don Logan is named...

Media Watchdogs Threaten Private Broadcasters

MUNICH (dp) - It's no idle threat, says Norbert Schneider, head of the Directors Conference, which groups Germany's 15 state media watchdogs. Schneider has warned Germany's private networks that unless they shape up their programming and include mor...

Privileged Access
Behind-the-scenes with Chretien, Turner & Trudeau

"Long after the journalists are gone - or long after the PM has left the journalists behind - Carisse is still there, and it is understood that his function is to document all that he sees." - Marc S. Bell, author, Privileged Access, inside-book jac...

Re-engineering Men's Publishing In The UK

Yes, of course men like women and looking at them and what is wrong with that anyway? Let's face it if we didn't then the human race would be in some difficulty. Yes 'men like women', agreed. But so what and what is new? What harm is done if some ...

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