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Martin Garrix is 'World's Top DJ' in 2016 DJ Mag Top 100 poll

Martin Garrix has a major reason to celebrate. He has been crowned the No. 1 DJ in the world by the prestigious DJ Magazine in its 2016 Top 100 poll.

Warriors' Draymond Green talks about arrest at tech conference

Aspen - "When things happen, you meet them head-on." So says Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green, the player who famously got into it with Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James in last month's NBA playoffs

Chris Wells, editor of 'Echoes' Magazine Special

'Echoes,' Britain's longest running magazine for black music, began as the weekly publication 'Black Echoes' in 1976. This month, they celebrate their 40th anniversary, an impressive feat editor Chris Wells discussed with Digital Journal.

Twitter is in 'ongoing talks' to buy Flipboard for over $1billion

Twitter is reportedly in ongoing talks to buy popular magazine app Flipboard in a deal worth at least $1 billion. The companies have apparently been in talks since the beginning of the year although discussions are said to be stalled currently.

I want Charlie: French rush to buy 'survivors' issue'

Paris - "Are there any Charlies here?" asked one breathless Parisian after the other at newsstands across the city Wednesday as they chased down copies of the satirical magazine's first edition since a jihadist attack decimated its editorial staff.

Three million copies of Charlie Hebdo available Wednesday

Paris - Three million copies of Wednesday's first post-attack issue of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo will be made available on newsstands, distributors MLP said Monday.

DJ Yves V makes debut on Top 100 DJ poll at No. 55

Belgian DJ Yves V debuted at No. 55 this year on DJ Magazine's Top 100 poll, which was quite an impressive feature, as he towered over many industry veterans.

Thousands of small businessmen duped into ads in fake cop mags

Madrid - In a daring and well-thought-out scam, 52 people allegedly conned around 150,000 small businesses and self-employed persons out of 15 million euros ($19.5 million) over a period of 14 years, by pretending to be representatives of the police.

Newsweek's print revival starts Friday

Washington - Newsweek magazine, online only since the end of 2012, will return to print starting Friday in the United States and Europe.Parent company IBT Media is taking a gamble in re-launching the once-iconic news weekly, which has nearly disappeared in the face...

Slate: Redesign accommodates content volume and audience growth

Slate magazine relaunched in a thorough redesign on Monday, bringing its content marketing offerings and its advertising into the middle of the conversation.

The Paramount in Huntington, NY makes the Top 25 on PollStar list

Huntington - The Paramount, an entertainment venue situated in downtown Huntington, New York, made the Top 25 list on Pollstar Magazine as one of the best clubs worldwide.

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston discusses final season

Actor Bryan Cranston spoke to GQ Magazine about Breaking Bad's second half of the finale season, beginning August 11. We also learn more on Cranston's technique in transforming the mild-mannered chemistry teacher to a cold-blooded meth dealer.

Op-Ed: August issue of Rolling Stone magazine causing controversy

Rolling Stone magazine is no stranger to controversy. The magazine's August issue may be their most controversial cover yet.

Boston bomber photo on Rolling Stone cover sparks outrage

Rolling Stone magazine is facing a backlash for a picture of Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev it features on its August 2013 edition's front cover. Some readers say they'll never buy the magazine again for depicting a terrorist in a favorable light.

Interview with Doug Smith: Veteran country editor and publisher Special

On July 4, veteran country music editor and publisher Doug Smith of the publication “Country Pulse” chatted via telephone with Digital Journal about his career in the field of journalism.

Maura Magazine offers stories outside the mainstream Special

Music Maura Johnston, known to many for her smart pop culture observations, has launched her own weekly magazine. It’s the paid model of digital journalism its founder thinks many fans of the “old web” have been waiting for.

Newsweek's final edition cover revealed

Newsweek, the 80-year-old US current affairs magazine, has revealed the image that will grace the cover of its last-ever print edition.

Spanish magazine El Jueves publishes satirical Islamic cartoon

Barcelona - The satirical Spanish magazine, El Jueves, has published a magazine cover, showing a line up of men in Islamic outfits as a parody of recent controversial cartoons. The text of the cover reads, "But how do they know which one is Muhammad?"

Magazine ordered to surrender topless photos of Kate Middleton

A French judge has ordered Closer magazine to stop re-publishing or distributing photos of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing topless. It also has 24 hours to hand over the original photos or face a daily fine of 10,000 euros.

Full-length rainbow gown clad entirely with gummy bears

In honor of the late designer, Alexander McQueen, Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi of the upcoming TWELV Magazine have recreated his ethereal winged gown with one made of wire, vinyl and 50,000 gummy bears.

Time magazine cover features boy, 3, sucking on mother's nipple

Time went risque with its cover this week, displaying a photo of a mother allowing her three-year-old boy to suckle from her breast. The cover photo refers to the main article on extreme parenting titled "The Man Who Remade Motherhood."

The Online News Association announces awards finalists

The Online News Association released its award finalists on Wednesday, a list that spanned the spectrum of innovation in digital storytelling.

Op-Ed: Cosmo for Guys' 'iPad Head Girl' is the latest YouTube sensation

In a promotional campaign for the Cosmo for Guys (CFG) iPad application, the Hearst Corporation created a woman with four iPads for a 'head'.

Bible's New Testament in magazine form now sold at newsstands

The Bible's New Testament has just been transformed into a magazine form and can now be bought at leading newspaper stands, airports and bus stations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Newspaper Guild backs strike of unpaid Huffington Post writers

Arianna Huffington, founder and publisher of The Huffington Post, experienced a significant backlash this week after the Newspaper Guild threw its support behind a strike convened by unpaid contributors to The Huffington Post.

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner engaged to 24-year old Crystal Harris

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner said he had proposed to 24-year old 2009 Playboy playmate Crystal Harris, who is 60 years his junior.

Another magazine bites the print dust: 'US News & World Report'

US News & World Report magazine will cease printing its monthly magazine in 2011, an internal memo from editor Brian Kelly posted to journalism website Romenesko has revealed.

GQ's sexy photo shoot of Glee actors 'borders on pedophilia' Special

GQ Magazine's recent racy photo shoot with three actors from the TV show Glee has prompted the Parents Television Council to criticize the photos for oversexualizing a show watched by teens. But what bothered them exactly?

Al Qaeda issues magazine on terror tactics, suggests DC eateries

Seeking more widespread media attention, Al Qaeda has issued an instruction manual for U.S. operatives on how to maximize casualties in attack tactics.

Op-Ed: Why Time's paywall strategy is better than the competition's

Many online publishers are toying with the idea of paywalls, where readers pay to consume content or are given a few pages free before being asked to fork over cash to continue reading. Here's why Time's approach is better than the rest.
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