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'Gomorra' writer hits back after Salvini threat to lift protection

Rome - Italian journalist Roberto Saviano, who lives under armed guard since publishing his mafia best-seller "Gomorra" in 2006, lashed out Friday at the country's new far-right interior minister for threatening to lift his police protection.

Italian mobster jailed for vicious attack on journalist

Rome - A notorious Italian mobster, Roberto Spada, was sentenced Monday to six years in jail for violently assaulting a journalist during an interview in 2017, the video of which immediately went viral.

'Mafia' restaurant can't be trademarked: EU court

Apo - A Spanish restaurant chain cannot trademark a name containing the word "Mafia" because it "trivialises" the Italian criminal organisation, an EU court ruled on Thursday.

Italian police nab suspected aides of mobster fugitive

Rome - Italy's anti-mafia force on Tuesday arrested 11 suspected gangsters accused of aiding and abetting fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro, widely believed to head up the Sicilian mob.

Five things to know about the Calabrian mafia

Rome - The 'Ndrangheta, the Calabrian crime syndicate suspected of being implicated in the killing of Slovak journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee, is considered the most powerful of Italy's four homegrown mafias.

Bread bandits busted in maxi German-Italian mafia sting

Rome - Italian and German police have rounded up more than 100 suspects in a vast anti-mafia operation in the two countries, cracking open a crime empire that grew rich on bread, wine and funeral services.

Italy tightens noose on Mafia godfather fugitive

Rome - Italian police were on Thursday searching the homes and businesses of known allies of mobster Matteo Messina Denaro, looking for hidden bunkers where the fugitive godfather may be hiding.

Female boss tasked with Sicilian Mafia reshuffle arrested

Rome - A female mobster suspected of being the mastermind behind a reshuffle of the Sicilian Mafia following the death of "boss of bosses" Toto Riina has been arrested, Italian police said Tuesday.

Mafia spectre haunting Italy spreading to cyberspace

Milan - A week after the death of Cosa Nostra boss Toto Riina, key figures in Italy's judiciary and police have warned the mafia's tentacles are extending into the virtual world.

Mafia godfather buried amid friends and foes in Corleone

Rome - Former "boss of bosses" Toto Riina, one of the most feared godfathers in the history of the Sicilian Mafia, was buried Wednesday in his hometown of Corleone.

Is superboss Riina's death the end of the Sicilian Mafia?

Rome - With Mafia king Toto Riina's death, and heir Matteo Messina Denaro on the run, is it game over for Sicily's once all-powerful Cosa Nostra?

'Boss of bosses' Toto Riina, feared Godfather from Corleone

Rome - Gangster "Boss of bosses" Toto Riina, who has died at the age of 87, was one of the most violent and feared Godfathers in the history of the Sicilian Mafia.

Sicilian Mafia 'Beast' Toto Riina dies

Rome - Former "boss of bosses" Toto Riina, one of the most feared Godfathers in the history of the Sicilian Mafia, died early Friday after battling cancer.

Sicilian Mafia boss of bosses Toto Riina dies: reports

Rome - Former "boss of bosses" Toto Riina, one of the most feared Godfathers in the history of the Sicilian Mafia, died early Friday after battling cancer, Italian media reported.

Italy's Ostia, Mafia-by-the-sea where silence is safe

Ostia - The resort town of Ostia, on Italy's west coast, is a magnet for tourists in the summer but is also mafia territory where clans carve up the drugs and extortion business.

Mobster arrested after attacking journalist in Italy

Rome - Italian police arrested a notorious mobster on Thursday after an unprovoked attack on a journalist in a Rome suburb that stunned the country.

Italy wiretaps bill would 'benefit mafia, harm press freedoms'

Rome - A contested wire-tapping bill in Italy risks landing journalists in jail for up to three years and could see mafia-related crimes go undetected, critics said Sunday.

Italy convicts 'Mafia Capitale' leader to 20 years in prison

Rome - The ringleader of a gang whose criminal tentacles reached into almost every department of Rome's City Hall was sentenced to 20 years in prison by an Italian court on Thursday.

Italy steps up rescue plan for mafia children

Rome - It is one of the most secretive organisations in the world, with power passed through blood ties and family loyalty. But Italy's ruthless 'Ndrangheta mafia may have met its match.

The teens escaping the mafia through therapy

Rome - He faced jail for smuggling Kalashnikovs, but the teenage heir to a powerful mafia clan in Italy was instead removed from his family and given a chance to break free of the criminal underworld.

Anti-mafia raids net 33 suspects in Spain, Italy, Germany

Barcelona - Police detained 33 people in Spain, Italy and Germany on Wednesday as part of a Europe-wide operation against suspected members of Italy's Camorra crime group, law enforcement officials said.

Italian police launch anti-mafia sweep

Rome - Italy on Tuesday launched a crackdown on organised crime in the south of the country, deploying more than a thousand police in a hunt for members of the 'Ndrangheta mafia, local media said.

Mafia boss executed in Cosa Nostra show of power

Palermo - Killers gunned down a Mafia boss in Sicily on Monday as the Cosa Nostra flexed its muscles on the eve of the 25th anniversary of one of its most notorious murders.

Italy busts mafia clan, Catholic group in migrant scandal

Rome - Italy has broken up a mafia ring accused of infiltrating one of the country's largest migrant reception centres and capitalising on asylum seekers with the help of a Catholic association, police said Monday.

Rome court urged to jail Mafia Capitale boss

Rome - Prosecutors on Thursday requested a 28-year prison term for a one-eyed, far-right extremist who was the alleged kingpin of a mafia gang that preyed on Rome's City Hall.

Pope washes feet of mafia snitches in Easter ritual

Vatican City - Pope Francis washed the feet of former mafiosi on Thursday in a prison known for housing inmates who have informed on old mobster allies.

'Mafia tour' in Sicily makes victims' blood boil

Rome - A travel agency in Sicily offering a 'mafia tour' has found itself in the firing line after local authorities and relatives of victims slammed it for glorifying organised crime.

Italian bishop bans mafia godfathers from baptisms

Rome - A bishop in Sicily has banned known mafia criminals from acting as godfathers at baptisms in churches in his diocese.

Facebook search traps Italian mobster in Mexico

Rome - A fugitive Italian mobster who had been living in Mexico under a false identity was behind bars Saturday after being tracked down on Facebook, police said.

Pope Francis lashes Italian mafia's 'blood-stained money'

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Monday blasted the "money stained with blood" and "evil power" wielded by Italian organised crime as he met the heads of the country's anti-mafia squad.
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Forensic technicians carry a body bag as colleagues search for human remains in a mass grave on the ...
Forensic technicians carry a body bag as colleagues search for human remains in a mass grave on the banks of the Lerma river in La Barca, Mexico, November 21, 2013
With permission by Reuters / Alejandro Acosta
Antonio Iovine  a dangerous mafia boss  was arrested this afternoon by the Italian police.
Antonio Iovine, a dangerous mafia boss, was arrested this afternoon by the Italian police.
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An ice-cream vendor and a man talk while looking at the vehicles of forensic technicians who are wor...
An ice-cream vendor and a man talk while looking at the vehicles of forensic technicians who are working to unearth bodies in La Barca, Mexico, November 27, 2013.
With permission by Reuters / Alejandro Acosta