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Madrid News

Lesbian couple beats hospital in court over IVF refusal

Madrid - A lesbian couple in Spain has won in a lawsuit against a Madrid hospital after they were turned down for artificial insemination due to their sexual orientation.

Manuela Carmena, leftist ex-judge now Madrid mayor

Madrid - A communist and rights activist in her youth, former judge Manuela Carmena on Saturday became mayor of Madrid, ending 24 years of conservative rule in the Spanish capital.

Indignados mayors take power in Madrid and Barcelona

Madrid - Leftist activists from the Indignados (Outraged) protest movement that grew out of Spain's economic crisis took power in Madrid and Barcelona Saturday after ruling conservatives suffered major losses in local elections.

Ex-judge and countess in battle for Madrid

Madrid - An ex-communist retired judge is locked in a showdown with a countess for control of Madrid city hall in an election that could deal a stunning blow to Spain's leaders.

Spanish nurse tests negative for Ebola (Updated)

Madrid - Teresa Romero, the Spanish nurse who was thought to be the first person to catch Ebola outside of Africa, has tested negative for the virus. A further test within the next 48 hours was to confirm the diagnosis. Latest update: Romero is clear of Ebola.

Running of the Balls becomes major event in Spanish town (Video)

Mataelpino - As opposition grows in Spain to annual events involving the torture and killing of bulls, novel alternatives are coming to light, including an event recently held in Mataelpino near Madrid, called “Boloencierro” or the “Running of the Balls."

Wrong pedal sends car from 2nd floor parking down to the street

Las Tablas - A Madrid woman driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake Monday, sending her car through the second-floor wall of a parking garage and down to the street. The car landed on its roof in the street below, crushing two other cars in its wake.

Zombie survival mode in Collado Villalba near Madrid (Video)

Madrid - Before you go running for the hills, this was all part of a role-playing game with hundreds of people lurching around like the undead while others tried to escape them, in a town near Madrid. Apparently it was a roaring, lurching and screaming success.

Animals in Madrid theme park enjoy treats in the heat (Video)

Madrid - Summer in Spain can get pretty hot and the animals in Madrid's Faunia animal theme park feel the heat too. To help them keep their cool, zookeepers have come up with some novel frozen treats for the animals.

Woman busted in Madrid with cocaine in breast implants

Madrid - A Venezuelan woman was arrested at Madrid airport Friday with 1.7 kilos (3.74 pounds) of cocaine concealed in her breast implants. Due to her suspicious behavior, officials searched her baggage but found nothing. Then they performed a body search.

Missionary with Ebola repatriated to Spain has died

Madrid - Miguel Pajares, 75, was recently brought home to Spain from Liberia, suffering from the deadly Ebola virus. Despite being treated with the experimental drug ZMapp, he has reportedly passed away from the disease on Tuesday morning.

Spanish airline Iberia cancels flights to Tel Aviv for security

Madrid - Spain's Iberia has joined other airlines worldwide, suspending flights into Tel Aviv, Israel as the security situation worsens in the region. Vueling, another Spanish airline is also not flying to Tel Aviv.

Conchita Wurst conquers Madrid at opening of Gay Pride (Video)

Madrid - Thousands of people in Madrid's downtown Chueca plaza went wild Wednesday evening, as Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst opened the annual Gay Pride (MADO) festivities.

Spain's government says no to testicles for iconic lion statue

Madrid - Two iconic lion statues guard the Spanish Parliament in Madrid, Spain, at present without their "lionhood." Spain's history channel made an appeal for testicles to be added to one of the statues, but their appeal has finally failed.

Madrid cops bust back-street quacks (Video)

Madrid - A gang of Chinese origin, accused of performing illegal back-street abortions, dentistry and surgery in "deplorable" amateur clinics in private homes and other premises, was busted by Spain's National Police Friday.

Family with newborn baby evicted in Madrid, Spain

Madrid - In the latest in ongoing evictions in Spain, Spanish police arrested six people Friday who were trying to stop the eviction of a family with three children in Madrid, the youngest only 20 days old, from their home.

Results are in on Spain's peoples' referendum

Madrid - Following the abdication of King Juan Carlos I, a peoples' referendum was run in Spain between June 14 and 19. Over 80,000 people have made themselves heard with 96 percent wanting the right to decide whether to live in a monarchy or a republic.

Protests banned as 120 snipers line up to protect Spanish crown

Madrid - As Prince Felipe gets ready to be crowned the new King of Spain, two demonstrations and two concentrations planned for Thursday have been banned, thousands of extra police officers brought in and 120 snipers prepped to protect the ceremonial event.

Back-door cash for corpses at Madrid University

Madrid - In May, a scandal was uncovered involving hundreds of cadavers, piled up in a basement at the Complutense University in Madrid, Spain. The scene, resembling a "chamber of horrors" or an episode of "The Walking Dead," is an ongoing scandal it seems.

Peoples' referendum moves through Spain

Madrid - A peoples' referendum is currently sweeping through Spain. It started on Saturday June 14, and runs through to June 19 to ask Spaniards their opinion on how they would like their country to be run.

'No more monarchy' protests hit the streets of Spain (Video)

Madrid - Yesterday morning, King Juan Carlos I announced his abdication from the throne. By that evening, thousands were in the streets, demanding an end to the monarchy and a return to the republic.

Spain's King Juan Carlos abdicates the throne

Madrid - A surprise press conference was called Monday morning where Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced the abdication of Spanish King Juan Carlos in favor of his son Felipe.

Corpses pile up in Madrid University 'Chamber of Horrors'

Madrid - Many people donate their corpses to science in Spain these days in order to avoid funeral costs. It turns out they are now piling up in a basement at the Complutense University, like something out of a horror television show.

Spanish police seize 2.5 tons of cocaine in pineapple shipment

Algeciras - Drug smugglers are always looking for better ways to smuggle their wares. In this case, they tried sending 2,500 kilograms (around 5,500 pounds) of cocaine in a shipment container of pineapples, sent all the way from sunny Costa Rica to southern Spain.

Short Documentary 'Pieces of Madrid' on Spanish social crisis

Madrid - In this short documentary, we learn about the ongoing resistance by the Spanish people to the economic and social crisis, the effects of budget cuts and austerity measures and how people are self-organizing to survive.

Spain searches for the body of Miguel de Cervantes

Madrid - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, author of Spain's most famous novel 'Don Quixote,' died a poor man despite the huge success of the work and was buried in a convent in Madrid.

Marijuana birthday cake sends 11 Madrid students to hospital

Madrid - Eleven students from Madrid’s Alfonso X University ended up in hospital on Saturday night after eating a birthday cake baked with marijuana. One student is still in a serious condition.

Day of St Anthony sees Spanish pets blessed for the year (Video)

Madrid - Every year on January 17, the day of Saint Anthony is celebrated in Spain. Known in Spanish as San Antón, he is the patron saint of animals in that country and on his day, the pets of the town receive his blessing.

Video: Wednesday is 'No Pants Day' on Madrid metro

Madrid - Commonly called the "No Pants Subway Ride", the idea apparently started in New York in 2002, and has caught on and become an annual event in Madrid, Spain.

Around 60 percent of Spanish population is worse off from 2013

Madrid - Spain's center-right newspaper, El Mundo, published the results of a survey on Tuesday, showing that despite Prime Minister Rajoy's assurances that things are better, 60 percent of the Spanish population has less money coming in than they did a year ago.
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Madrid Image

 Night of sport  - Madrid s 2020 Olympic bid
"Night of sport" - Madrid's 2020 Olympic bid
The Supreme Court in Madrid  Spain
The Supreme Court in Madrid, Spain
J.L. de Diego
A Nazi  Franco and fascist memorabilia market was held in Quijorna  on the outskirts of Madrid  shoc...
A Nazi, Franco and fascist memorabilia market was held in Quijorna, on the outskirts of Madrid, shocking Spaniards countrywide.
Wednesday is  No Pants Day  on the Madrid metro
Wednesday is "No Pants Day" on the Madrid metro
Fascists attack Madrid s Catalan center on Catalonia Day  September 11  2013.
Fascists attack Madrid's Catalan center on Catalonia Day, September 11, 2013.
Video screengrab
11-year-old girl injured by a rubber bullet in Madrid on July 11.
11-year-old girl injured by a rubber bullet in Madrid on July 11.
Queen Sofia was awaiting the arrival of King Juan Carlos at Quirón University hospital in Madrid  w...
Queen Sofia was awaiting the arrival of King Juan Carlos at Quirón University hospital in Madrid, when a nude protester came prancing in.
Anti-eviction protest in Madrid  Spain
Anti-eviction protest in Madrid, Spain
15m members celebrate the third anniversary of the 15m movement in Madrid  Spain on May 15  2014.  S...
15m members celebrate the third anniversary of the 15m movement in Madrid, Spain on May 15, 2014. Sign reads, "They do not represent us" and "Financial Genocide."
15m Madrid
Jose Rizal and other Filipino patriots did their lobbying at the Council of Deputies for reforms in ...
Jose Rizal and other Filipino patriots did their lobbying at the Council of Deputies for reforms in the Philippines.
Russian embassy in Madrid  Spain.
Russian embassy in Madrid, Spain.
Luis García (Zaqarbal)
Spanish flag flying in Madrid  Spain.
Spanish flag flying in Madrid, Spain.
Ana Botella  mayor of Madrid  Spain
Ana Botella, mayor of Madrid, Spain
Protesters were injured by rubber bullets in Madrid on July 11.
Protesters were injured by rubber bullets in Madrid on July 11.
Protest by Spanish police in Madrid.
Protest by Spanish police in Madrid.
Clash between protesters and police in Madrid  Spain  April 25  2013.
Clash between protesters and police in Madrid, Spain, April 25, 2013.
Video screen capture
Transhumance event in Madrid  Spain.
Transhumance event in Madrid, Spain.
Video screen capture
LOSE  infamous train graffitti artist in Madrid  Spain painting a train with friends.  He has been a...
LOSE, infamous train graffitti artist in Madrid, Spain painting a train with friends. He has been arrested by Spanish Police.
 Night of sport  - Madrid s 2020 Olympic bid - gymnastics at the Puerta de Alcalá.
"Night of sport" - Madrid's 2020 Olympic bid - gymnastics at the Puerta de Alcalá.
Protesters in Madrid  Spain on 29 March 2012
Protesters in Madrid, Spain on 29 March 2012

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