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Watch 3-year-old Madeleine Dubois' joy at her first train ride

Nashville - Watch a 3-year-old's unaffected joy at a dream come true and recall with nostalgia the simple, bubbling and genuinely overwhelming joys of childhood's innocence nature unjustly denies us in our adulthood.

New Possible Madeleine Sighting in Malta

Pensioners holidaying in Malta in March of this year, claim to have spotted Madeleine McCcann playing in a square in Valletta, a British tabloid newspaper reported today.

Madeleine McCann Case To Be Closed According To Portuguese Press

According to local media, the Portuguese police have issued a statement today saying that they are officially closing the case of the missing toddler Madeleine McCann.

British papers apologize to Madeleine McCann's parents

On Wednesday two British newspapers made unprecedented front page apologies to Madeleine McCann's parents because the papers suggested that they might have killed their daughter and covered up her death.

Madeleine McCann may have been spotted in France

A Dutch tourist claims that she spotted missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann at a French restaurant near Monpellier, McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said on Wednesday.

Madeleine is Just Another Missing Person Case in the 80 Per Cent That Go Unsolved

As we approach the anniversary of the disappearance of British toddler, Madeleine McCann, Portuguese police say that there investigation is drawing a close, according to the country's justice minister.

'Come Home For Christmas Maddy' Says Pleading McCanns

Seven months after the strange disappearance of their daughter, Madeleine, The McCanns have issued to the world a Christmas video message for her safe return. It comes at a time when original information from them is being questioned

TV Show To Probe Into Witness Statements In The Madeleine McCann Abduction

Prior to a new and insightful television programme to be screened by the BBC in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, another sighting comes to the fore by this time, a witness who saw the child two days after she went missing

Ad Campaign Set To Blitz Europe In Madeleine Search

The family of Madeleine McCann is planning onlaunching a large ad blitz to keep the search alive for the little girl. The ad blitz will be paid using about $160,000 from the nonprofit fund that has collected donations since her May 4 disappearance.

Top DNA expert ready to help in Madeleine case

The parents of Madeleine McCann have been offered the help of a top British DNA expert who has said he would act as a witness if it came to a trial over the girl's disappearance, it was reported Thursday.

Op-Ed: Madeleine And DNA Leads To More Questions

When it comes to the Madeleine McCann case and the evidence that seems to pinpoint her parents as the suspects are there any clues that make it certain they could be the suspects?

Madeleine's Mother Kate McCann Offered A Deal If She Confesses Now

Kate McCann ended a second day of grueling questions by the Portuguese police department. It was suggested that Madeleine, the focus of a massive search, could have been accidentally killed. The police are willing to make a deal if this is the case.

Could Kate McCann Be Guilty?

Does Kate McCann know where her daughter Madeleine is? Europe has been searching for the tiny four year old for months. Thursday saw a change in the case with her mother being named a suspect.

Robert Murat Questioned By Police Over Missing Madeleine Yet Again

As the hunt for the missing four year old continues, the original suspect, Mr Robert Murat finds himself at the pinnacle of Portuguese police inquiries for the third time since the little girl's disappearance

Another Lead Points To Nothing In The Hunt For Little Madeleine

After a letter was handed in to a Dutch media source, a hunt for a body was on. Portuguese police were sure that Madeline was dead and buried only nine miles away from where she disappeared. Yet no, this is another lead which has lead to nothing

Holiday Snaps Could Hold Clues For Finding Maddie Say Police

Again, another day passes and still no news. Now, it is the tourists who had visited the resort where Maddie went missing who are asked to send in thier photos to the police

Sick web hijackers cash in on Madeleine

Conmen have already started to try to cash in with fake websites for Madeleine McCann and her family's search for her. The official website, launched to help find the missing four-year-old, has now received more than 70million visits.

The Search For Madeleine: A Russian Web Designer Is Next To Be Questioned

After a massive move in on a top floor apartment 600 yard's away from where the girl went missing, a Russian web designer is taken away for questioning

The Hunt Continues For The 'Shiny Star' That Is Little Madeleine McCann

As the ground search starts to fade, the hope of finding the little girl snatched from her bed in Portugal grows increasingly slim

Portuguese Police Are Incompetent Says British Media In Finding Little Maddy Safe And Alive

Now into day six of the hunt for the little three year old British girl in Portugal, questions are being asked as to why the Portuguese police were so slow in getting the hunt under way

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