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Looking to the insect world to design a new generation of robots

A new high-speed amphibious robot has been developed. The inspiration for the design comes from the movements of cockroaches and lizards. As a result, the robot swims and runs on top of water and it can crawl across difficult terrain.

Super-sensitive robot can now hold a jellyfish

The ability of robots to sense and touch, long held as one of the main limitations with the advance of robotics, has been boosted by new research. A robot has been developed that can safely pick up a jellyfish, with harming the aquatic creature.

Robot designed to regulate own temperature for extreme conditions

A new type of robot has been developed, one that can cope with extreme environmental conditions. The robot is capable of temperature regulation, able to self-adjust to extremes of heat and cold.

Flexible robots get new metal material for extra movement

Robotics engineers have developed a material which is lighter than paper and also very flexible. The materials also has excellent electrical conductivity, heat generation, and it is capable of wireless communications.

Machines appear more persuasive when pretending to be human

A new study shows when robots disclose their non-human nature, their efficiency is compromised. Conversely, when robots act more ‘human’ then interaction with people is considerably improved.

Artificial skin improves robots' sensory abilities

A new study demonstrates how a biologically-inspired skin improves robots' sensory abilities. This development is seen as a stepping stone towards developing robots that are able to interact more closely with people.

Neuralink pushes on with developing a brain-computer interface

Following trials on animals, Elon Musk’s experiments with brain-machine interfaces via his Neuralink company are now ready for human trials. This will be exploratory work to treat medical conditions. Not every commentator thinks this is a good idea.

6D process aims to improve robot vision and coordination

Robotics continue to advance but the development is often limited by the extent that robots can 'see' and then process visual imagery in order to coordinate movements. A new '6D' process aims to overcome this.

Robot arm learns how to taste with engineered bacteria

Biologists working with engineers have developed a robotic gripping arm which makes use of engineered bacteria in order to 'taste' for certain chemicals. This represents a new development in soft robotics.

Robots begin doing forest jobs that humans find boring

Sweden, home to vast acres of woodland, is developing robots to carry out many of the forest related tasks that humans find boring and repetitive, focused on monitoring and counting.

Amazon edges closer to robots unloading trucks

Amazon is preparing to eliminate the human element of unloading trucks by pushing ahead with trials involving robots. The technology is based around Siemens and Honeywell robotic devices.

Review: Inateck Docking Station FD2002 Special

For computer users, a hard drive docking station is useful if you need to swap around large amounts of data between drives or if you require additional data storage. The Inateck Docking Station FD2002 provides an effective means to achieve this.

Investigating the relationship between AI and humanity

Toronto - LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman has made a large donation to university. The funding creates a new academic post to investigate the relationship between artificial intelligence and humanity.

New advance with conversational robots

Is it possible for a robot to truly imitate a human, so that the way the robot communicates becomes indistinguishable from a person? While this idea may be a long-way off, Japanese researchers have taken another important step.

Cybercriminals are exploiting machine-to-machine communications

Businesses are ever more reliant upon machines, and the range of physical devices on enterprise networks is significant. While this is key to efficiencies it opens up new areas for cyberattack.

Platform pairs human intelligence with AI: Interview Special

Dr. Louis Rosenberg, Founder and CEO of Unanimous AI, and he has developed a platform that pairs human intelligence with artificial intelligence. Dr. Rosenberg talks with Digital Journal about how, and why the two can and must coexist.

Automation impacting the future workforce

The world of work is changing and both employers and current and future workers need to adapt. A disruptor to traditional forms of employment is automation, and new report assesses the impact.

Helping robots understand humans

Scientists are helping robots understand humans, and ways of human thought, through testing out a twenty questions game idea.

Why location data sharing needs fundamental rethink

Consumers are voicing concerns about the way companies are using their location data. According to HERE Technologies, this is prompting a rethink in readiness for new services such as autonomous cars and drone deliveries.

Cyber criminals are exploiting the machine identity crisis

As the number and type of physical devices on enterprise networks continues to rise rapidly, so does the risk of cyberattack. Businesses need to strengthen security, according to a new report.

The future of human machine partnerships

Dell Technologies has released a report that examines the future of human machine partnerships. One of the main findings reveals that business leaders are divided regarding the future of machines in the workplace.

Robots can ‘set us free’ and keep jobs

London - A leading British politician has weighed in on the debate over robots and human labour, stating that job losses are unlikely and the advances in automation being adopted by businesses are for the greater good.

Collision detector to make robots better

The application of speedy collision detectors could make robots better human assistants, according from a study conducted at the University of California - San Diego.

Self-folding electronics for advanced robotics

Cambridge - As robotics advances the demand for more versatile, flexible and adaptable robots follows. This aim is hampered by often all-too-brittle electronics. In a breakthrough, researchers have designed flexible, 3D printable electronic components.

Essential Science: Meet the soft-robot that grows like a plant

A new prototype soft robot has been designed, and it the researchers behind the development took inspiration from plants. The robot 'grows' in order to explore its environment.

Google developing an artificial intelligence kill switch

Oxford - Advances are being made with artificial intelligence, although the creation of true computer intelligence remains some way away. To avoid the scenario where a thinking computer overrides human control, Google is preparing a solution.

Robot band Compressorhead to perform live in New York City

New York - In New York City on November 12, as an extension of its corporate messaging on innovation, General Electric will present a live concert by Compressorhead - a rock and roll band composed entirely of robots.

Live crabs sold in Chinese vending machines

Nanjing - Commuters at underground stations in one area of China are now able to get something rather unusual from a vending machine – live crabs.

Marijuana on the Streets: Pain Relief From Vending Machines

According to a recent news item from the BBC, marijuana vending machines are about to be unveiled in California in the United States. The machines are meant to distribute the drug for pain relief uses only.

Get in Shape by Defying Gravity

In the resort town of Saratoga Springs, NY, health clubs are finding the benefits of gravity machines as a way for their members to get fit.
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People are at the heart of digital transformation.
People are at the heart of digital transformation.
Work outs at theclub in Bristol produce electricity.
Work outs at theclub in Bristol produce electricity.
Work outs at theclub in Bristol produce electricity.
Work outs at theclub in Bristol produce electricity.

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