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Macedonia News

Macedonian police abused migrants: HRW

Skopje - Human Rights Watch on Monday accused Macedonian police of having mistreating migrants and asylum seekers in transit through its territory on their way to the European Union.

Macedonia mulls anti-migrant border fence: minister

Budapest - Macedonia's foreign minister said Thursday his country may follow Hungary's example and build a border fence to stem the influx of migrants and refugees trekking through the Balkans to reach western Europe.

Unending flow of migrants cross the Greece-Macedonia border

Gevgelija - Hundreds of migrants were pouring over the frontier between Greece and Macedonia on Tuesday as they made their way towards the European Union following a day of tensions with police.

Tensions high on Greece-Macedonia border with thousands of migrants

Gevgelija - Tensions were running high at the border between Greece and Macedonia on Monday with police stepping in to keep order amid the crowd of thousands massed at the frontier to journey to the European Union.

5,600 migrants crossed into Macedonia from Greece on Thursday: UN

Ginebra - Some 5,600 people crossed into Macedonia from Greece on Thursday, a jump over previous days that highlights the ever-rising numbers of migrants moving through Europe, the UN said on Friday.

Migrant wave enters EU member Hungary after Macedonia hold-up

Budapest - More than 1,000 migrants and refugees arrived in EU member Hungary late Monday, the first of around 7,000 who found their gruelling journey to Europe blocked when Macedonia declared a state of emergency last week.

More migrants heading for EU as crisis deepens

Presevo - At least 2,000 more migrants flooded overnight into Serbia in a desperate journey to try and go on to Hungary, the door into the European Union, a UN official said Monday.

Thousands of migrants cross Macedonia, Serbia heading for EU

Presevo - Thousands of migrants, mostly Syrian refugees, travelled through Macedonia and Serbia on Sunday towards western Europe, as Italy's foreign minister said the escalating crisis threatened the bloc's "soul".

Macedonia allows all 1,500 migrants at border to enter from Greece

Gevgelija - More than 1,500 mostly Syrian refugees, trapped in a no-man's land for three days, entered Macedonia from Greece on Saturday, after police allowed them to pass despite earlier trying to hold back the crowd using stun grenades.

Refugees break into Macedonia as migrant crisis escalates

Gevgelija - Hundreds of refugees broke through barbed wire fencing bordering Macedonia despite a heavy police presence Saturday in another dramatic chapter of Europe's escalating migrant crisis.

Barbed wire and stun grenades welcome refugees to Macedonia

Rent - For the 3,000 refugees and migrants stuck on Greece's border with Macedonia, being beaten back violently by police on Friday was just the latest indignity in a gruelling journey to new lives in Europe.

Five migrants hurt in clashes at Greek-Macedonian border

Rent - At least five people were hurt Friday when Macedonian police threw noise grenades to drive back migrants from the country's border with Greece, the latest flashpoint in Europe's growing refugee crisis.

Macedonia declares state of emergency over migrant influx

Gevgelija - Macedonia declared a state of emergency on the border with Greece on Thursday and said it would draft in the army to help control the influx of migrants crossing the frontier.

Macedonia appeals for more trains to transport migrants

Skopje - Macedonia warned Wednesday it is running out of trains to transport the thousands of Syrian refugees heading toward the EU, and said it has urged its neighbours to help combat the "alarming situation".

Hope and despair for migrants on Europe's long march

Rent - Beyond the fields of sunflowers on the other side of the railway tracks outside a small village in northern Greece, hundreds of refugees gather on a patch of litter-strewn earth beneath the beating sun, uncertain of what happens next.

Three children among four killed in Macedonia storm

Skopje - A storm in northwestern Macedonia left at least four people dead, including three children, and injured 16 others, government said Tuesday.The torrential rain and strong winds that swept Tetovo town late Monday uprooted trees and caused flooding.

EU wins deal to end Macedonia political crisis

Skopje - EU enlargement commissioner Johannes Hahn brokered a deal between the Macedonian government and opposition early Wednesday to end a political crisis which had paralysed the country for months.

Greece, Macedonia work to solve name row

Skopje - Greece and Macedonia on Wednesday agreed a set of measures to build trust between the two countries, in a bid to solve a 20-year long name dispute that has blocked Macedonian EU and NATO membership.

Macedonia backs law to cope with flood of migrants

Skopje - Macedonian lawmakers on Thursday amended the country's asylum law in a bid to better cope with the thousands of migrants who have been pouring in the Balkan country, heading towards the EU.

Thousands protest in Macedonia demanding PM's resignation

Skopje - Several thousand people protested in Macedonia's capital Skopje on Saturday demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, AFP reporters said, with negotiations over the country's deep political crisis in a deadlock.

EU 'disappointed' in failed Macedonia crisis talks

Brussels - EU enlargement commissioner Johannes Hahn said he was "very disappointed" with the attitude of certain parties to resolve a deep crisis in Macedonia after political talks in Brussels ended without a deal.

Macedonia to hold polls in 2016 to end political crisis: EU

Skopeia - Macedonia's political leaders agreed Tuesday to hold elections in early 2016 in order to overcome a deep political crisis, EU enlargement commissioner Johannes Hahn said.

Kosovans mourn rebels killed in Macedonia shootout

Pristina - Several thousand people attended the funeral Tuesday of eight ethnic Albanian gunmen killed in clashes with security forces in Macedonia earlier this month.

Macedonian PM plane makes emergency landing in Zurich

Skopeia - A jet carrying Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski made an emergency landing in Zurich on Thursday due to technical problems but no one was hurt in the incident, a spokesman said.

Albania threatens to veto Macedonia's NATO bid

Tirana - Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama threatened on Wednesday that his country would veto Macedonia's NATO candidacy, arguing it did not respect the rights of its ethnic Albanian minority.

Macedonia crisis talks yield no breakthroughs

Skopeia - Talks between Macedonia's embattled premier and the opposition failed to yield any breakthroughs Wednesday toward ending the political crisis that has paralysed the small Balkan country.

Fresh Macedonia protests as leaders to meet on crisis

Skopeia - Rival political camps in Macedonia staged a third day of protests Tuesday as the embattled prime minister and the opposition leader prepared to hold talks to try to end the crisis.

Tens of thousands rally for Macedonia PM as opposition digs in

Skopeia - Tens of thousands of supporters of embattled Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski took to the streets of the capital in a show of strength on Monday, a day after a huge opposition protest called on him to resign.

Tens of thousands rally for Macedonia PM as opposition digs in

Skopeia - Tens of thousands of supporters of embattled Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski took to the streets of the capital in a show of strength on Monday, a day after a huge opposition protest called on him to resign.

Macedonia PM rallies supporters as protesters dig in

Skopeia - Macedonian opposition supporters set up a protest camp outside the offices of embattled Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski as thousands of his supporters were expected to turn out for a counter rally on Monday night.
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