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Apple launches new faster iMacs, updates MacBook Pro

Apple has launched a new upgraded iMac family that includes expanded availability of 4K displays and more power across the board. The company added to the release a set of major hardware upgrades for MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops.

Complains pile up about $1,300 monitor that won't work near Wi-Fi

LG has admitted that an issue with its flagship monitor leaves the display unusable if placed within two metres of a Wi-Fi router. The Apple-endorsed UltraFine 5K appears to lack electromagnetic shielding, making it susceptible to interference.

Apple to launch MacBook Pro with 32GB of RAM this year

Apple is said to be planning a new premium MacBook Pro model that includes truly high-end hardware. It comes after criticism of the 2016 version which features low-power processors and limited memory, making it unsuitable for professional work.

Apple promises update to fix MacBook Pro battery problems

Apple is preparing to release a software update for the MacBook Pro that should address some of the battery problems customers have been experiencing. It comes after the company investigated issues that led to the laptop failing Consumer Reports' tests.

Apple removes MacBook 'time remaining' battery life estimate

Apple has responded to the widespread complaints about the battery performance of its new MacBook Pro PC by removing the "time remaining" estimate from macOS. Some users have criticised Apple for silencing the complaints by hiding the inaccurate figure.

'Disappointing' MacBook sees 'more and more' switch to Surface

Microsoft has claimed that "more and more" people are switching from Apple's MacBook to a Surface device. Surface has just had its most successful year yet on the back of new devices and strong appeal. Microsoft said sales are breaking records.

Apple solves MacBook Pro's port problem by making dongles cheaper

Apple has cut the price of its MacBook dongles in response to growing customer frustration at the lack of built-in ports on the company's new MacBook Pro. Apple has done away with "legacy" connectors, even though most are still modern standards.

Apple's MacBook Pro has no SD card slot because it's 'cumbersome'

Apple has explained why it has dropped the humble SD card slot from its new $1,499 MacBook Pro. The company said the highly controversial change was made because the slot is "cumbersome" and gradually being replaced by wireless standards.

Apple unveils its new 'groundbreaking' MacBook Pro

Apple has announced its long-anticipated refresh of the MacBook Pro. The new model comes with heavily upgraded performance, a thinner and lighter design and a unique capacitive touch strip above the keyboard called the Touch Bar.

Apple's heavily upgraded MacBook Pro to feature Touch ID sensor

Apple's range of next-generation 2016 MacBook Pro laptops will include a power button that doubles as a fingerprint sensor, according to a growing number of reports. For the first time, Apple will also offer a touchscreen display to modernise the MacBook.

MacBook Pro anti-reflective coating staining some screens

Some Retina MacBook Pro owners are complaining that the anti-reflective coating on the screens of their laptop is wearing off, leaving the screen appearing stained.

Man puts MacBook Pro in oven, fixes its overheating problem

A man managed to fix his struggling MacBook Pro by putting it in the oven and baking it. Sterling Hirsh, a programmer for tech website iFixit, published an article on Dec. 29 chronicling his trials and tribulations over the last year with his MacBook Pro.

Apple most likely working on wireless charging for peripherals

Wireless charging hasn't taken off with tremendous popularity. Well, not yet anyways, but the race to go wireless will be on very soon.

Apple's 2014 MacBook Pro line gets specifications updates

Leaked images supposedly coming out of an Apple store in China shows updates for specifications and prices for the 13-inch and 15-inch models of Apple's MacBook Pro lineup.

Apple's next-generation devices may include a fingerprint scanner

The delay of the iPhone 5S could be explained with what Apple has in store for us next. With no iPhone 5S announcement at the WWDC, it looks like Apple has good intentions with something big planned.

Apple unveils new MacBook Pro with Retina display

Apple revealed details of its next-generation MacBook Pro featuring Retina display technology. It's also being called the lightest MacBook Pro ever made and is available today.

Apple unveils upgraded MacBook Pros

Apple has been busy this spring, rolling out the new iPad and a new iPhone operating system last week. Apple added to its line of product launches today, unveiling a more powerful, faster MacBook Pro Laptop.

Apple upgrades MacBook Pro with multi-touch feature and Penryn processor

Apple has upgraded both its MacBook Pro and MacBook computers. It has added multi-touch facility and Core 2 Duo Penryn processors for MacBook Pro, and added Penryn processors for the MacBooks using no multi-touch feature.

Next-gen Apple MacBook Pros to gain multi-touch trackpad

Rumors are circulating about Apple's possible multi-touch trackpad being added to Apple's other line of notebooks to come. Just like how iSight video cams were becoming common on Apple's early computers, it may do the same with its trackpad feature.

PC World: Macbook Pro is the "Fastest Windows Vista Laptop" of 2007

PC World reviewed different laptop models and says MacBook Pro is the fastest laptop running Microsoft Windows Vista programs even among computers with dedicated Vista only OS. MacBook with its Leopard OS can run both Vista and Mac programs.

Macbook pro tough enough to survive a bullet?

Apparently, this guy's notebook took a bullet, and lived to tell a tale.

Core 2 Duo MacBook to launch November 13?

Just a couple of weeks after the MacBook Pro was upgraded with Intel’s Core 2 Duo chip, an online vendor is offering a 13.3-inch Core 2 Duo MacBook for pre-sale, upstaging any Apple announcement. Is it for real, just a misprint or a malicious trick?

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Yutaka Tsutano
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
A rendering by Martin Hajek showing how Apple could implement an  OLED touch bar  on the 2016 MacBoo...
A rendering by Martin Hajek showing how Apple could implement an "OLED touch bar" on the 2016 MacBook Pro
Martin Hajek
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
The MacBook Pro from Apple  using retina display technology
The MacBook Pro from Apple, using retina display technology
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
A MacBook Pro s anti-reflective coating is starting to wear off
A MacBook Pro's anti-reflective coating is starting to wear off
The next-gen MacBook Pro with retina display technology
The next-gen MacBook Pro with retina display technology
Courtesy Apple
Iain Patterson
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)

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