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Apple solves MacBook Pro's port problem by making dongles cheaper

Apple has cut the price of its MacBook dongles in response to growing customer frustration at the lack of built-in ports on the company's new MacBook Pro. Apple has done away with "legacy" connectors, even though most are still modern standards.

Op-Ed: Does Apple still care for Mac? Insights on Mac's upcoming future

2016 was quite a bad year for Mac users, and many keep asking if Apple still cares about the underwhelming future of what now seems to be a second-rate product.

Apple's MacBook Pro has no SD card slot because it's 'cumbersome'

Apple has explained why it has dropped the humble SD card slot from its new $1,499 MacBook Pro. The company said the highly controversial change was made because the slot is "cumbersome" and gradually being replaced by wireless standards.

Apple unveils its new 'groundbreaking' MacBook Pro

Apple has announced its long-anticipated refresh of the MacBook Pro. The new model comes with heavily upgraded performance, a thinner and lighter design and a unique capacitive touch strip above the keyboard called the Touch Bar.

Report: Apple planning an e-ink keyboard for its 2018 MacBooks

Apple is working on a radical reimagining of the traditional keyboard that will see it replace ordinary key caps with tiny e-ink displays. The keyboard will be able to display characters in any language and switch to other modes, such as emoji input.

Apple's heavily upgraded MacBook Pro to feature Touch ID sensor

Apple's range of next-generation 2016 MacBook Pro laptops will include a power button that doubles as a fingerprint sensor, according to a growing number of reports. For the first time, Apple will also offer a touchscreen display to modernise the MacBook.

Xiaomi's Mi Notebook Air is thinner, lighter than the MacBook Air

Xiaomi has unveiled its first laptop, a device that is designed to rival Apple's MacBook Air even with its name. The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is thinner and lighter than the MacBook and comes with powerful hardware inside for an aggressive price.

Xiaomi might launch a MacBook rival next week

Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi is rapidly expanding into new regions and product ranges. The company has scheduled a launch event for next week where it is widely expected to unveil a premium Windows laptop to rival Apple's MacBook Air.

Apple bumps up MacBook battery life with refreshed range

Apple has quietly refreshed its line of MacBook computers with incremental hardware improvements. MacBooks now come with the latest Intel processors, improved graphics performance, faster storage and a longer battery life.

Apple announces recall of potentially faulty USB-C cables

Apple has announced it will be replacing USB-C cables supplied with its MacBook laptops that may be defective. The cables can break and stop working correctly due to a "design issue."

Tim Cook still adamant Apple won't merge iPad and MacBook

Tim Cook has made it clear that people should not expect Apple to reveal a hybrid device anytime soon. The company is known for defiantly resisting the large numbers of convertible devices in the market at the moment by keeping iPad and Mac separate.

2015 MacBook set to hit stores May 25

Apple announced their latest version of the MacBook in late February, released it for sale online in late April, and it’s now set to hit stores later this month, May 25 to be exact.

MacBook Pro anti-reflective coating staining some screens

Some Retina MacBook Pro owners are complaining that the anti-reflective coating on the screens of their laptop is wearing off, leaving the screen appearing stained.

Apple details the Apple Watch, new Macbook and more

Though the public has known about the Apple Watch for months, the tech giant finally unveiled everything there is to know about the smartwatch.

Man puts MacBook Pro in oven, fixes its overheating problem

A man managed to fix his struggling MacBook Pro by putting it in the oven and baking it. Sterling Hirsh, a programmer for tech website iFixit, published an article on Dec. 29 chronicling his trials and tribulations over the last year with his MacBook Pro.

Apple most likely working on wireless charging for peripherals

Wireless charging hasn't taken off with tremendous popularity. Well, not yet anyways, but the race to go wireless will be on very soon.

Apple's 2014 MacBook Pro line gets specifications updates

Leaked images supposedly coming out of an Apple store in China shows updates for specifications and prices for the 13-inch and 15-inch models of Apple's MacBook Pro lineup.

Apple announces iOS 8

Apple unveiled the new features of iOS 8, an update to its operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Monday at the Worldwide Developers conference.

Apple's next-generation devices may include a fingerprint scanner

The delay of the iPhone 5S could be explained with what Apple has in store for us next. With no iPhone 5S announcement at the WWDC, it looks like Apple has good intentions with something big planned.

Apple unveils new MacBook Pro with Retina display

Apple revealed details of its next-generation MacBook Pro featuring Retina display technology. It's also being called the lightest MacBook Pro ever made and is available today.

Apple will possibly release $799 MacBook Air in 3Q of this year

Apple computer products and technology devices have been long known for superior quality as well as hefty price tags. However, in a move only seen prior with things like the iPod, the company is considering cutting the price of its MacBook Air to $799.

Apple updates MacBook Airs in conjunction with Mac OS X Lion

Apple unveiled the second update to its MacBook Air line in nine months today. This latest update brings much desired hardware changes, while leaving the Air's beautiful aesthetics largely untouched.

MacBook owner remotely captures criminal on camera

Oakland - A designer from California had his Apple MacBook stolen just days after moving into his new apartment in Oakland. The man was one step ahead though, using theft-tracking software to (quite literally) capture the criminal.

Essential Digital Gear for the Year: Impressive tech for home Special

In the second installment of's guide for the year's greatest gadgets, we review the tech ideal for around the home. We look at tablet PCs, DSLR cameras, and peripherals for iPhone lovers.

Apple unveils new MacBook Air notebooks, available today

At a press conference today, Apple showed off its new MacBook Air notebook computers, available with 11-inch or 13-inch screens. They are available today starting at $999.

Apple unveils Safari 4, new MacBook Pro, and more on Snow Leopard

Apple amongst other launches, Apple has announced the release of Safari 4, new MacBook Pro, upgrades on most other MacBooks and more information on the Snow Leopard operating system.

Apple announces new iPhone 3G S

At the Worldwide Developers Conference today, Apple announced the launch of the next-generation iPhone 3G S, hitting shelves June 19. It comes with faster processor speed, improved battery life, a video recorder, voice control and iPhone OS 3.0.

Microsoft Uses MacBook in Promo Video

Earlier this month Microsoft Research released a promotional video which featured a MacBook covered with stickers hiding the Apple Logo.

MacBook Air: Just Hot Air?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced MacBook Air as one of the premium products at MacWorld this year. But despite its overall sex appeal, it has many limitations and it won’t be easy on your wallet according to ZDNet.

Apple's Rumoured Plans for 2008: iPhone, Skinny MacBooks and Beatles on iTunes

Apple’s Macworld Conference is a month away and already the rumours are swirling: A tablet PC? An improved iPhone? The Beatles catalogue on iTunes? discusses what you can expect from Apple in 2008.
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The NomadKey phone charger
The NomadKey phone charger
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Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
The new 2015 MacBook has only a single USB Type-C port for connectivity
The new 2015 MacBook has only a single USB Type-C port for connectivity
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
A rendering by Martin Hajek showing how Apple could implement an  OLED touch bar  on the 2016 MacBoo...
A rendering by Martin Hajek showing how Apple could implement an "OLED touch bar" on the 2016 MacBook Pro
Martin Hajek
Apple  refreshed MacBook line-up  19/04/2016
Apple' refreshed MacBook line-up, 19/04/2016
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
Apple MacBook Pro (2016)
A man using notebook computer
A man using notebook computer
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