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Trump in brutal 'facelift' attack on female journalist

Washington - Donald Trump unleashed a brutal personal attack Thursday on respected female television host Mika Brzezinski in the latest, stunning salvo in the president's ongoing war with the media.

Trump launches personal attack on 'crazy, low IQ' female journalist

Washington - President Donald Trump on Thursday launched a brutal personal attack on MSNBC journalist Mika Brzezinski, after she sharply criticized his administration's dysfunction in a segment on her show.

CNN, MSNBC and Fox News banned from Scranton YMCA gym

Scranton - The Greater Scranton YMCA has banned its members from watching CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC while using the gym because viewing those stations was causing too many political arguments that verged on becoming violent.

Op-Ed: Homophobic clerk Kim Davis not eligible for GoFundMe Campaign

It looks as if bigot-of-the-month Kim Davis and her ilk have been kicked to the curb by GoFundMe. Davis is warming a cot in a local Kentucky jail after a district court judge held her in contempt for not complying with federal law.

Op-Ed: Brian Williams goes to MSNBC while inaccurate Fox News stays same

Brian Williams will not be returning as anchorman for NBC Nightly News. Instead, he will be joining MSNBC as anchor for breaking news stories and special reports. NBC veteran Lester Holt, who has been filling in for Williams will now be chief anchor.

Brian Williams returns, but not as NBC nightly news anchor

Brian Williams will return to NBC, but not in his previous role as Nightly News anchor. NBC suspended after Mr. Williams was found to exaggerate his role in a helicopter attack in Iraq.

Op-Ed: Liberal media blames libertarians for Las Vegas killing

The liberal media has responded to shooting in Las Vegas by doing what they do, blaming outside sources for murder, instead of the perpetrator.

Op-Ed: Dave Brat must stay on-message, MSNBC's first Brat hatchet job

It didn't take long, and it was right after his victory that MSNBC ran one of the most dishonest pieces of journalism in recent memory, when it interviewed Dave Brat and selectively edited it down to a gratuitous hit job.

Video: Justin Bieber trumps Congresswoman for newsworthiness

Miami - Apparently it's now official — Justin Bieber is the, repeat, THE most important news on MSNBC and he now tops absolutely anything else, including the NSA. A host interrupted a congresswoman to report on the Bieb's latest misdoings.

Op-Ed: MSNBC cuts off NSA interview for 'breaking news' of Bieber arrest

By now, the whole world knows how pop sensation Justin Bieber went and got himself arrested after getting wasted and drag racing an arrest-me-yellow Lamborghini down in Miami Beach.

Op-Ed: MSNBC's Harris-Perry is way over line with Romney baby jokes

Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC has issued a brief apology, she did so on Monday, for what was one of the more tasteless pieces of journalism of 2013. She didn't simply make fun of Mitt Romney, not really, no — she made fun of Romney's son. A baby.

CNN sunk to fifth place in ratings last week

Atlanta - U.S. news outlet CNN fell to fifth place last week behind cable network leader Fox News, runner-up MSNBC and two normally lower rated information-related networks HLN (owned by CNN) and CNBC.

Op-Ed: Testy, angry GOP sparring with media

Washington - On Wednesday, Sen. Harry Reid lit into CNN's Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash for asking basically, "what about the babies" as a reason for Reid to give the GOP what they wanted. Thursday, GOP lawmakers returned the favor by yelling at MSNBC anchors.

Alec Baldwin to host new weekly show on MSNBC

According to an unknown senior source for cable news, it seems like actor Alec Baldwin (55) is set to host a new weekly show for MSNBC.

Video: Russell Brand reduces US TV anchors to nervous wrecks live

Russell Brand is an English comedian, author and movie star, known for being rather outspoken, especially when interviewed on TV. He completely floored the MSNBC anchors when interviewed about his upcoming world comedy tour.

Video: NBC's David Gregory investigated for showing gun magazine

Washington - 'Meet the Press' anchor David Gregory is being investigated by Washington D.C. police after he showed a high-capacity gun magazine that is illegal under Washington D.C. law.

Chris Matthews: 'I'm so glad we had that storm last week'

New York - MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews may be in hot water after declaring during Tuesday's election night coverage that he was happy that the United States had Hurricane Sandy hit its east coast last week, which resulted in at least $50 billion in damages.

SNL mocks MSNBC's presidential debate analysis

The 'Saturday Night Live' team focused their attention on MSBNC's coverage of the presidential debate this week, showcasing the colorful voices that contribute regularly to the news network's analysis.

Jon Stewart rips Obama and Matthews

From a most unlikely source comes a tirade of displeasure with President Obama's performance at the first Presidential debate.

Op-Ed: American mainstream media in the tank

New York - The White House blames the current Middle East embassy crisis on an anti-Muslim film allegedly made by a faceless felon and a few cohorts. However, the White House needs help selling the Obama campaign’s story. From stage left, enters mainstream media.

Will MSNBC's Joe Scarborough run for president in 2016?

New York - Will MSNBC host and former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough run for president in 2016? A recent news article suggested that his new memoir will be his way to test the waters of possibly running in four years.

CNN sticks with 'nonpartisan, quality journalism' despite decline

TV ratings for the second-quarter of 2012 have been released and the news for the cable news network CNN is not good. The ratings for CNN have fallen 35 percent, their lowest since 1991. CNN blamed the low numbers on a lack of major news.

Op-Ed: MSNBC caught in selective editing again

MSNBC can't seem to get it straight, nor does it seem they can continue to get away with selective editing, while campaigning for the current President.

Op-Ed: MSM journalists don't know what the Bilderberg Group is?

Luke Rudkowski, citizen journalist, is not shy. In the videos, he interviews journalists from CNN, Fox and MSNBC about the Bilderberg Group.

Chris Hayes 'uncomfortable' calling fallen soldiers 'heroes'

MSNBC's Chris Hayes sparked controversy and debate when on the eve of Memorial Day, he said that he feels "uncomfortable" calling soldiers killed in action "heroes" because the term is "rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war."

Study: Fox News viewers worst-informed

A new nationwide study shows that Americans who get their news from the Fox News Channel are worse off than those who watch no news at all.

Op-Ed: Where are people getting their news fix?

The mainstream media networks are feeling a drop in viewership these days. Where is the average person getting their news? Is the Internet taking over the major reportage and why?

Current TV dismisses Keith Olbermann, Eliot Spitzer new host

New York - Keith Olbermann, former left-leaning television anchor for MSNBC, has been fired by Al Gore's television project Current TV. The network claims that Olbermann failed to honor his five-year $50 million contract, which he denies.

Op-Ed: MSNBC racism charge a straw dog?

MSNBC has again been taking shots at Herman Cain in an apparent attempt to discredit his rise in the polls. Now the charge by MSNBC is that Cain is only a soporific for the GOP to feel good about themselves.

Michael Moore endorses Obama tax plan, says America is Liberal

Appearing on MSNBC's 'Rachel Maddow Show' on Monday, filmmaker and Liberal activist Michael Moore expressed his pleasure with President Obama's push to implement taxes on upper income Americans.
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Mainstream media losing its viewership.
Mainstream media losing its viewership.
Screen capture from video
MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry is  the only tenured professor in the United States — and one of a...
MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry is "the only tenured professor in the United States — and one of a very small number of African-American women — who serves as a cable news host," the New York Times states.
Tulane Publications
The Greater Scranton YMCA banned cable news networks in its gym
The Greater Scranton YMCA banned cable news networks in its gym
Andrew Watson, Wikimedia Commons
NBC’s David Gregory interviews NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre about his organization’s stance on gun v...
NBC’s David Gregory interviews NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre about his organization’s stance on gun violence in America
MSNBC analyst Mark Halperin
MSNBC analyst Mark Halperin
Keith Olbermann.
Keith Olbermann.
MSNBC Screenshot
Tiger Woods recently apologized for his extra-marital relations
Tiger Woods recently apologized for his extra-marital relations
YouTube screenshot/MSNBC
MSNBC website screenshot
MSNBC website screenshot

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