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Researchers create malware to highlight medical device risk Special

A recent article by The Washington Post, Hospital viruses: Fake cancerous nodes in CT scans, created by malware, trick radiologists, details a study where a malware was deployed to intercept and alter CT scans. A leading expert reveals more.

Scanning the brains of infants to predict disabilities

Toronto - A new way of assessing a premature infant’s brain, following birth, can predict whether the child will go onto develop a disability. The research has been empirically tested and there is a high level of predictability.

This prehistoric puppy tells the story of canine evolution

Frozen in Siberian permafrost, this puppy died more than 12,000 years ago and is remarkably well-preserved. In fact, it's so well-preserved that scientists have performed an autopsy, in the hopes that it will solve the mysteries of canine evolution.

Scientists find evidence of 'Christmas Spirit' using MRI scans

London - The British Medical Journal has a long-standing tradition of publishing "holiday-themed" research during this joyful time of year. Now, while some of the studies may seem unusual, they are real, including one study looking for the Christmas spirit.

Here's how almost dying in a plane crash affects your brain

When a plane flying several thousand feet above the Atlantic ran out of fuel, everyone on board was afraid they were about to die. Air Transat Flight 236 developed a fuel leak in 2001, making an emergency crash landing after plummeting thousands of feet.

Op-Ed: Invasion of the mind — A machine that can scan dreams?

Berkeley - Could it be that the “surveillance society” has gone a bit further overboard than anyone realizes? A new machine is claimed to be able to scan dreams. It can in fact reconstruct faces, if people think of them.

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