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Luxor News

Ancient tombs found in the city of Luxor in Egypt

Luxor - Italian archaeologists have apparently discovered tombs in the ancient city of Luxor which are believed to be at least 3,000 years old. The interesting find includes human remains and well-preserved canopic jars.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 5 comments

New Egyptian Monuments Discovered at Karnak Temple in Luxor

Cairo - Archaeologists have discovered new ancient treasures in Egypt near Karnak Temple in Luxor on Sunday, according to the ministry of antiquities.
In the Media by Jenna Griffith

3400-yr-old statue of Tutankhamun's grandfather found in Luxor

Luxor - Archaeologists have unearthed a colossal statue of powerful pharaoh Amenhotep III at his 3,400-year-old mortuary temple in southern Egyptian city of Luxor. It is one of the largest of its kind to be discovered by the country's antiquities authority.
In the Media by Subir Ghosh

Six missing pieces from statue of wealthy pharoah found in Luxor

Luxor - Six missing pieces from the colossal double statue of the 18th Dynasty King Amenhotep III and his wife Queen Tiye have been discovered at the king’s mortuary temple on Luxor’s west bank.
In the Media by Subir Ghosh

Ancient road and 12 sphinxes discovered at Luxor

Egyptologists have unearthed twelve ancient sphinx statues at Luxor. The sculptures were found at a newly discovered part of the Avenue of Sphinxes, an ancient road that leads from the temple at Karnak to the temple of the goddess Mut at Luxor.
In the Media by Subir Ghosh - 3 comments

3400-year-old statue found at pharaoh's funerary temple in Luxor

Luxor - It's discovery season in Egypt. Archaeologists have unearthed the upper part of a statue of Pharaoh Amenhotep III at Luxor. The statue is around 3,400 years old. Amenhotep III is believed to be the grandfather of the young King Tutankhamun.
In the Media by Subir Ghosh - 2 comments

Archaeologists unearth 2800-yr-old burial chamber in Egypt

Luxor - A team of archaeologists has found the burial chamber of a priest named Karakhamun at the Theban Necropolis in Egypt. The tomb dates back to Dynasty 25 (c. 755BC) and was uncovered during conservation and restoration work on the west bank of Luxor.
In the Media by Subir Ghosh - 4 comments

Egyptians Living Above Tombs Agree to Go

I can't image living above Tombs, this would definitely remind me of the Movie "Poltergeist" and after seeing that one this would drive me crazy... haha
In the Media by KeithLDick - 3 comments

On The Trail Of Missing Ancient Egyptian Tombs In Luxor

LUXOR, Egypt (dpa) - Archaeological digs in the Valley of the Kings at Luxor are demanding at the best of times. But with 20 kilos of equipment to carry along with them, Helmut Becker and Joerg Fassbinder need mountaineering skills as well. Somewher...
In the Media by Hans Dahne

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Statue of Amenhotep III and sun god Re-Horakhti discovered a the pharaoh s funerary temple at Luxor.
Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egypt
Statue of Amenhotep III and sun god Re-Horakhti discovered a the pharaoh's funerary temple at Luxor.

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