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Luggage News

Major airlines set to ban ‘smart luggage’

The growing array for ‘smart luggage’, popular with business travelers, could be set for a ban for carriage by major airlines over safety fears. This relates to the embedded batteries found inside many smart cases.

Smart luggage innovations for business travelers

Smart luggage is the next big thing for business travelers: from robot cases that follow the owner around to bags fitted with GPS devices, the age of smart technology is set to aid those who clock up a high number of air-miles.

JetBlue passenger urinates on fellow travelers on board flight

Gresham - A passenger on a JetBlue flight bound for Portland, Oregon is accused of allegedly urinating on other passengers, seats, and luggage. Jeff D. Rubin, 27, slept through most of the flight from Anchorage, Alaska, according to a police report.

Chihuahua smuggles itself into airport in owner's suitcase

A Chihuahua has been found hiding in a suitcase in the baggage area of New York's LaGuardia airport, triggering a security alert that led to it being found inside the suitcase it had nestled itself in.

Man naps on moving luggage belt

A Norwegian tourist was caught on X-ray napping on a luggage belt, that was moving, over at Fiumcino airport located in Rome.

Human fetuses found in luggages of two women at Miami airport

Miami - Officials at the Miami International Airport found two human fetuses in the luggage of two women returning to the U.S. from Cuba. The first fetus was found in a sealed jar after it was X-rayed. The second fetus was found when a second jar was opened.

Komodo dragons, rare crocodiles among animals in seized luggage

Bulgarian customs officials in Sofia announced on March 12, 2012 that they had seized several suitcases of live exotic rare animals. The alleged trafficker, a Bulgarian citizen, was traveling via bus from the Czech Republic when his luggage was seized.

TSA agent loses job after leaving note about sex toy in luggage

The TSA has decided to remove an employee from their job after a hand-written note saying “Get Your Freak On, Girl” was left in a woman's luggage with her vibrator.

Tiger cub found in luggage at airport

Bangkok - A Thai woman tried to smuggle a two-month-old tiger cub to Iran by sedating and hiding it among stuffed toys in her luggage.

Manila's premier airport NAIA not accessible until Sunday morning

The Philippine's premier airport, Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), will not allow landing of incoming flights starting sunset Saturday.

Air passengers lost 25 million bags in 2009

With the high percentage of luggage mishandling by major airline companies, air passengers are advised to be extra careful with their checked-in luggage and to make sure that they are properly tagged for easy identification

Smugglers Are Clever, Suitcases Made From Cocaine Woman Arrested

Most of the time when people attempt to smuggle cocaine out of a county they hide the drugs. Not one woman in Chile, she had her cocaine front and center. She attempted to smuggle over 10 kilos of cocaine using the drug as her luggage.

Police: Child found in luggage may have been raped

The 8-year-old girl who was murdered and found inside a luggage bag in a pond may have also been raped, according to the Californian police authorities.

Wordlock: Lock Your Valuables With Words

Wordlock™ luggage lock is an innovative lock uses words instead of numbers as codes, so you can easily remember the lock combination.

Man Bitten By Rattlesnake That Went Along For A Ride

Andy Bacas was unpacking his luggage after a team trip to South Carolina when he felt a sharp bite to his hand. The coach was bitten by a baby caneback rattler who appears to have wanted to get warm . That 'baby snake' was almost a foot long.

Luggage Theft Rates Climb

Do you pack valuables in luggage that will be checked? There could be a chance they will not be there when you arrive at your destination. The months of December, July and August have the largest amount of claims for thefts from checked luggage.

Airport Luggage Problems Soar

Over one million pieces of luggage were reported lost, stolen or damaged from May to June of this year by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. The problem has gotten worse over the years and has reached it's peak.

Lost Luggage Found in Houston Trash Bin

Authorities were trying to figure out Tuesday how dozens of pieces of luggage belonging to air travelers ended up in a trash bin behind a Houston pet store.

Suitcases On Wheels Are The Bane Of Baggage Porters

COLOGNE (dpa) - Wheeled suitcases are the enemy of baggage porters and hotel pages. Travellers do not need to be assisted. Which means they do not have to pay tips. The suitcases can be wheeled comfortably along long airport corridors, drawn by a leash...

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Suitcase  Maker: Henry Likly  Type: Steamer Trunk  Style: Early 1900s  Region of Origin: Rochester  ...
Suitcase, Maker: Henry Likly, Type: Steamer Trunk, Style: Early 1900s, Region of Origin: Rochester, N.Y. Age: 1923
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Hand luggage
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The TSA airport officials check baggage with security scanners.
The TSA airport officials check baggage with security scanners.
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