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San Francisco to pay nearly $3 million to family of lost patient

San Francisco has agreed to pay nearly all of a $3 million legal settlement with the family of a woman who was found dead 17 days after disappearing from a room at the city's main hospital last year.

Lost region of brain rediscovered

Scientists have found a region of the brain which has been forgotten about for almost a century. And it isn't just some little grey blob, it is a massive part of the brain situated at the back of the head.

Norwegian farmer finds lost engagement ring 35 years later

In May 1979, farmer Jan Kristian Kristiansen and his fiancee Britt were both working in the fields when Kristiansen realized his simple gold engagement band, engraved "Your Britt," was no longer on his finger. It has finally been found, 35 years later.

Lost something? $2 million check found on Madrid's Metro

Madrid - If you were traveling on line 5 of Madrid's Metro recently, and just happened to lose a check made out for $2 million (€1.48 million), you are in luck. It has been found.

GoPro Hero camera lost at sea, found by spear-fisherman (video)

Kitesurfer Jens Knof lost his brand new GoPro Hero in the water while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Two and a half months later, a spear-fisherman found it. All was intact, including the footage.

Insurance company says Musician Timbaland's claim is bogus

According to legal documents filed by an insurance company, Timbaland is trying to get one over on them by filing a bogus $1.8 million claim over a missing watch.

Owner of camera which traveled from Maui to Taiwan has been found

On March 23, Hawaii News Now published an article with photos, looking for the owner of an underwater camera which had traveled on its own from Maui all the way to Taiwan. The happy owner has now been found, and five years later can see her photos.

Review: Lost TV series — Time travel, drama and action on Netflix Special

When I was a child, I was introduced to time travel after reading A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. I'm not particularly a fan of science fiction but I do love the genre of time travel.

Harold Perrineau's confessions of Pope from 'Sons Of Anarchy' Special

Harold Perrineau, a one-time cast member of 'Oz' and 'Lost,' chats about his role as Damon Pope on the biker series 'Sons Of Anarchy.' He reveals what it's like portraying an ex-drug kingpin gone legit on 'SOA' & a bass player on the comic 'Wedding Band.'

Uber-producer Shawn Ryan launches a sub series with 'Last Resort' Special

Along with co-executive producer and writer Karl Gadjusek, Ryan ('The Shield') has created the tension-filled, action-packed 'Last Resort' -- a series about a nuclear missile sub Captain and his XO who go on the run to bring their crew to an exotic island

Almost 3,000 guns lost or stolen in UK

According to figures that were obtained by the BBC, around 3,000 guns were stolen or reported lost by people who were registered to hold them in the past five years.

Helping cats find their way back home in Nova Scotia Special

Halifax - Tracey Galusha has been using Facebook to help lost cats from across Nova Scotia make it back to their homes and families.

Lost actor D. Hutchison, 51, and 16-year-old aspiring singer wed

Actor Doug Hutchison has married 16-year-old Courtney Stodden. He is best known as Horace Goodspeed, the leader of the "Dharma Initiative" on Lost and he also played the role of a serial killer on The X-Files

Brazilian sci-fi show 3% makes waves online Special

Brazilian pilot 3% promises to bring sci-fi to the small screen. The creative team takes a do-it-yourself approach incorporating social media in hopes of picking up funding for the premiere season.

Bearded woman and long-lost son reunite

Bakersfield - While he was growing up, Richard Lorenc had wondered about the identity of his mother, but he never suspected she would have been a bearded lady who worked in sideshows and had a world record.

With Lost on disc, Evangeline Lilly recalls her final island days Special

Canadian Evangeline Lilly, the show's seductive con on the run, reveals her feelings about 'Lost' as Season 6 and every episode of the entire series are released on Blu-ray and DVD. Also out this week: NCIS, Gossip Girl, 90210, Simpsons, Ben 10 & more.

Baby humpback whale mistakes buoy for mom, dies of starvation

A baby humpback whale became separated from its mother and was found in St Ives Bay, Cornwall trying to suckle a marker buoy.

Op-Ed: The most anticipated entertainment in 2010

It's easy to list what we loved about 2009, but what about the coming year? What films, albums and TV shows should get us salivating for 2010? Digital Journal profiles Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Lost's final season, Aguilera's return and more.

Clyde the cat comes home after three years

Clyde, a Himalayan cat, was reunited with it's owner Wednesday after it strayed 3800 km into the Australian outback. He was on the prowl for three years.

Microchipped Dog Found After Nine Years and 1,200 Miles

It is a very sad and dreadful thing when a pet runs away but it was a delight when owners were reunited with their microchipped dog after a very long time and distance.

Business Laptops Need Better Security Protection

Business people are choosing laptops over desktops at record numbers. The business laptop user also tends to lose their laptops at the airport. Reports of lost and stolen laptops come in at a rate of 12,000 per week. How does one keep that laptop safe?

Man Finds Cash in Store Twice, Returns it Twice

A man visited the local Home Depot store in Auburn, Maine, and found a wallet filled with cash on the floor on two separate occasions. He returned it to the store and to the rightful owners.

Woman Finds $97,000 in Restroom, Returns it to Owner

A Florida woman found $97,000 in a bag in the restroom of a restaurant. She found the owner of the lost bag, an elderly woman, and returned all the woman's money and belongings.

Obama pledges to renew information superhighway

Obama promised that he and his economic team will develop a comprehensive economic recovery plan that will create at least 2.5 million jobs. One part of the plan will be to improve broadband connections across the U.S.

Study: More than 10,000 laptops go missing at U.S. airports each week

According to the Ponemon Institute's survey, nearly 10,000 laptops are lost at U.S. airports each week, and two-thirds of them are never recovered.

Lost divers failed to follow instructions, company says

The claims of an experienced British diver and his American girlfriend are being questioned by rescuers after the divers were winched to safety after being stranded for 19 hours in the seas off the Great Barrier Reef.

Brazil priest flying party balloons lost at sea

On Tuesday authorities say a Brazilian priest went missing after he tried to set a world record for a flight using helium-filled balloons.

Op-Ed: How Americans Have Lost The War

Well? This is the end. The mightiest military known to man has been defeated. All the funding. All the training. All the dedication. All for nothing. Well, perhaps not all for nothing but, to what end? Where do we go from here, pray tell?

Lost: Where has Michael been?

The science fiction TV program "Lost" is now in it's fourth season. A program that always leaves you wondering just what is going on. What is the meaning of an incident and most certainly what will happen the next week.

Sprint Nextel posts $29.5 billion loss

Sprint Nextel's new chief executive Daniel R. Hesse is a straight forward guy and he tells it like it is but this past Thursday investors were not happy at all with what they heard.
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Forgotten region of brain rediscovered
Forgotten region of brain rediscovered
Yeatman et al
Malcolm Lowry  English poet and novelist. Best known for his 1947 novel Under the Volcano
Malcolm Lowry, English poet and novelist. Best known for his 1947 novel Under the Volcano
UBC Library
A U.S. Navy helicopter lands on the flight deck of amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard afte...
A U.S. Navy helicopter lands on the flight deck of amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard after helping with search and recovery operations at the scene of the sunken ferry Sewol near Jindo island.
Adam D. Wainwright-U.S. Navy/Wikimedia Commons
Harold Perrineau with his  Lost  (Season One) cast mates
Harold Perrineau with his 'Lost' (Season One) cast mates
Chillagoe Smelters looking south  the powerhouse chimney in the fore ground and high on the hill is ...
Chillagoe Smelters looking south, the powerhouse chimney in the fore ground and high on the hill is the main smelter flue and chimney.
Duncan T Ray
The owner of a lost camera that traveled from Maui to Taiwan has now been found.
The owner of a lost camera that traveled from Maui to Taiwan has now been found.
Video screen capture
Aerial photograph of ditches at Fazenda Parana
Aerial photograph of ditches at Fazenda Parana
Edison Caetano, Antiquity Journal
Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly found in Queensland  Australia.
Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly found in Queensland, Australia.
Vicki Nunn
Warner Bros