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Global warming to cause 'catastrophic' species loss: study

Paris - Global warming will cause "catastrophic" biodiversity loss across the world if greenhouse gas emissions aren't curbed, with some ecosystems liable to collapse as soon as 2030, according to new research into where and when die-offs may occur.

US, EU 'owe half the cost' of repairing climate damage

Paris - The United States and Europe bear more than half the cost of repairing the damage already wrought by climate change, a coalition of environmental groups said Monday.

Permanent data loss at Google as lightning strikes four times

Energy-charged atmospheric clouds destroyed a tiny slice of Google's energy-charged digital cloud last Thursday as a data centre in Belgium was struck by lightning four times, wiping disks of data into a state that makes them non-recoverable.

Apple gives free month of iCloud to Greeks who can't pay renewal

Apple has granted Greek iCloud subscribers a free month of usage after the financial crisis in the country meant that Apple would have been unable to take payment for the subscription service and users would have lost their stored data.

Apple starts free replacement program for iMac 3TB hard drives

Apple has launched a replacement program for defective 3TB hard drives used in its flagship 27-inch iMacs for the 2013 season. The offer is being made across the world as Apple has found that the hard drives can fail under specific circumstances.

You can now find your lost Android phone by Googling it online

You can now find a lost Android phone online with a simple Google search. The new feature is incorporated directly into search results when you type "find my phone" into the Google search bar, if location services are enabled on the phone.

Samsung reports profit 60 percent less than last year

Samsung Electronics is reporting another substantial profit loss for the third quarter of the year, developing an increasing trend that has continued for the past four quarters.

World Series of Poker match ends in astonishing loss

Even when you know when to hold 'em and fold 'em, an excellent poker hand doesn't necessarily guarantee a win. One professional at a recent World Series of Poker tournament learned that lesson the hard way.

Canada phasing out door-to-door mail delivery to urban centres

Canada Post will stop offering door-to-door delivery of regular mail to urban residents over the next five years, it's been announced. One-third of Canadians receive mail at their door but will soon have to get their mail via community mailboxes.

U.S. plans to arrest 2 former JPMorgan employees over $6B loss

New York - Authorities are planning to arrest two former JPMorgan Chase employees suspected of masking the size of a multi-billion-dollar trading loss.

Death toll in Moore Oklahoma less than expected

Moore Oklahoma took a direct hit from an EF-5 tornado. Live video coverage courtesy of WPIX 11 News from the air in a news chopper! Pray for the people of Oklahoma. I'm lucky, I have a warm bed to sleep in tonight!

850 further job cuts announced by Lloyds bank

Lloyds Banking Group announced that it plans on cutting 850 more jobs, as well as closing down a large office located in Essex.

Video: 'Sesame Street' teaches children about loss, grief

A video from the "Sesame Street" episode "Farewell, Mr Hooper," first aired on Nov. 24, 1983, has gone viral in the wake of the Newtown, Conn. tragedy. It shows the moment Big Bird learns that Mr Hooper, who owned Sesame Street's Hooper Store, had died.

Nintendo reports loss of $132 million

During its first fiscal quarter, which ended on June 30, Nintendo reported an operating loss of over one-hundred million dollars.

Microsoft records first ever loss

The technology company Microsoft has recorded its first ever loss in its history, as the firm posted its quarterly accounts.

Shared grief: Israeli and Palestinian families mourn together

Tel Aviv - The Parents Circle - Families Forum unites the families of both Palestinians and Israelis who have lost loved ones in the conflict between them.

USPS announces net loss of $3.3 billion in 1Q of new fiscal year

The financially struggling USPS is one step closer to gasping for survival as it announced a $3.3 billion net loss yesterday for the last fiscal quarter.

Nokia to cut another 3,500 jobs

The Finnish telephone manufacturer Nokia is to cut another 3,500 jobs as part of its ongoing billion-euro cost-cutting plan.

Sopranos' star arrested in Florida on a DUI charge

Tampa - Driving under the influence has another Hollywood star in the spotlight this week. Joseph Gannascoli, who played a gay mafia character on the Sopranos' was allegedly drinking and driving when he was stopped by police officers in Tampa Florida.

Nigerian fans satisfied with team's loss to Argentina Special

Nigerian soccer fans back home expressed satisfaction with the 1-0 loss Nigeria's Super Eagles suffered in the hands of the Argentine national team on Saturday.

NBC Foresees Loss With Winter Olympics

For the first time in history the network hosting the Olympic Games will not pocket any money. That's the word from Dick Ebersol, the chairman of NBC Universal Sports and the executive producer of the network’s Olympics broadcasts.

Blue Whales Suffering From Hearing Loss

New research shows that blue whales have to 'sing' and 'chatter' longer and more often in order to compete with noise from ships, oil drilling and other forms of noise pollution.

Daimler takes $1.51 bn Q2 loss

Daimler AG posted a €1.06 billion ($1.51 billion) loss in the second quarter as the recession hurt car and truck sales.

Petro-Canada registers $47-million loss

Petro-Canada said it fell to a loss in the first quarter of 2009 due to mark-to-market valuations and foreign currency losses on the company's long-term debt.

AIG posts biggest loss in U.S corporate history

Insurance giant AIG posted an historic loss of $61.7 billion for the fourth quarter of 2008. The loss is the largest ever to be reported by a U.S. company.

Yahoo reports a Fourth Quarter Loss

Yahoo posted a loss for the final quarter of 2008 as the economic downturn hit its advertising revenue. Yahoo reported a net loss of $303 million compared to a profit of $206 million a year ago.

Major ice-shelf loss for Canada

Canada lost a big chunk of ice-shelf, a quarter of the ice covered area that was part of an island for thousands of years.

Recent Study Indicates Lost Sense of Smell May Signal Alzheimer's

A recent study, conducted over a five year period asked participants to identify a dozen different scents. Of those that scored lowest, 50 per cent were likely to develop cognitive impairment leading to Alzheimer's Disease.

Sony set to make loss on initial PS3 sales

Sony, despite problems with production, are set to lower price to encourage sales. But could this all fall to "bits" if microsoft plan to lower xbox 360 prices?

ID Theft on the Rise - Quiz

You may think that becoming an identity theif is hard work. But it's really quite easy. In fact, anybody could do it; your neighbors, your co-workers, even people you might call close friends...scary thought.
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