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Patient of Burlington Medical Clinic Lands on the Dr. Oz Show Special

Burlington - Kerry Rommens has a pretty unique adventure story on how she lost nearly 100 lbs. The patient of Wharton Medical Clinic in Burlington, ON, set out to improve her health and appearance only a couple of years ago.

Man claims he lost two stone on the Long Breath Diet

A new diet gaining widespread exposure in Japan could help people who are struggling to lose weight. The Long Breath Diet involves breathing exercises for just two minutes per day.

New CDC report says 80% of Americans don’t exercise enough

Nearly 80 percent of American adults do not get enough exercise, so says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in a new report.

Man loses over 90 pounds to ride roller coaster

A man in Richmond, Virginia, decided that he was going to lose a bunch of weight so he could ride one of his favorite amusement park rides.

Can testosterone help you with weight loss?

A new study suggests that men with low testosterone levels can lose weight by taking testosterone supplements, but not everyone is convinced.

Feeding Tubes are the new trend in weight loss

The process called Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition, or KEN for short, is sweeping across America as the new diet trend for those who desire to lose weight in a short amount of time.

Op-Ed: Would you start exercising and lose weight if you had some energy

This has stunned me for years: A lot of otherwise bright people avoid information about taking care of themselves. For the most part it's because even though they know they should, they don't.

Op-Ed: Jennifer Nicole Lee offers new fitness plan for busy moms

As a busy mom of 5 children I have found it hard to lose weight and keep in shape. Jennifer Nicole Lee has become famous as a housewife who conquered that trial and is now an international weight loss celebrity.

Op-Ed: Anti-aging foursome part one: Hyaluronic Acid

There is a product that's been around since 1985 that claims you can take a slug at bedtime and lose weight while sleeping. The product is being heavily advertised on the radio and you may be tempted to give it a try. But wait, I made a good discovery.

Need to lose weight? Get paid by the government to do it

Gianluca Buonanno, the mayor of Varallo in the foothills of the Italian Alps, wants to motivate his fellow townspeople to lose weight. He proposes to pay them for the weight they lose. Sounds ridiculous? Maybe. Maybe not.

UK Women Spend £150,000 Trying To Lose Weight

A UK weight loss poll showed that women spend more than £150,000 (US$309,853) on weight loss programs during their lifetime. The same poll also showed they gain back most of the weight lost.

Donate Calories and Feed A Starving Child With New Website

Motivation to lose weight can be hard to find. You know all the facts, health statistics, family history, etc. and it still doesn't push you. One man is hoping his new website gives you another reason to get healthy.

Shaq Helps Kids Battle and Lose Weight

Shaquille O'Neal is taking on a big challenge that the country has seem to just let go. He is wanting to help overweight children lose weight. He wants physical education mandatory in all schools. His new television show is meant as a wake up call to the

Lose Weight and Help the Environment at the Same Time

A soon to be released diet book will tell its readers how to lose weight while reducing their carbon foot print at the same time. American chef Laura Stec will explain how this is possible in her new book "Global Warming Diet."

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Kerry Rommens (third in on left) has lost nearly 100lbs. Today she appeared on the Dr. Oz Show talki...
Kerry Rommens (third in on left) has lost nearly 100lbs. Today she appeared on the Dr. Oz Show talking about her success story.
The Dr. Oz Production Team - 2013

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