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Bank of Canada raises benchmark interest rate to 1.5 percent

Ottawa - The Bank of Canada raised its benchmark interest rate Wednesday by 1.5 percent, fully behind an economy that it predicts will remain resilient even as it faces an even bigger bite from deepening trade tensions.

Canadian loonie hits new low

Ottawa - During 2015 the Canadian dollar — the Loonie — has lost 17 percent of its value against the U.S. dollar. Yesterday it closed below 72 cents U.S., the lowest value since the spring of 2004.

Canadian dollar drops below 80 cents U.S.

Ottawa - A Reuters poll predicted that the loonie, or Canadian dollar, is likely to decline even further in the coming months. The weakness of the dollar is tied to low oil prices and weak economic outlook for the near future.

Op-Ed: Loonie dives after Bank of Canada rate cut

Ottawa - After Canada's central bank, the Bank of Canada, cut the bank rate from 1.0 percent to .75 percent, the Canadian dollar, the loonie, fell to its lowest level against the US dollar since 2011.

Bell Canada, Aliant seeking to charge $1 for local payphone use

Toronto - In this day and age of advanced mobile phones, are payphones becoming obsolete? Despite the outlook, Bell Canada and Bell Aliant are seeking to double the cost of local payphone use from 50 cents to $1.

Canadian loonie near parity with US dollar

The Canadian loonie's climb to parity with the US dollar should hold steady throughout the rest of 2010 but experts predict that it is vulnerable to a pullback before spring.

Canadian Loonie rises above U.S. dollar, contracts back to parity

Toronto - In the early morning trading session, the Canadian loonie rose as high as 1.0014 cents U.S. before contracting to 99.67 cents U.S. and it's expected the Canadian dollar will remain at parity as the U.S. dollar devalues.

Canadian Dollar Drops Below 80 Cents

The uncertainty surrounding global economic conditions is being balked for the sinking loonie as the Canadian dollar fell below 80 cents U.S.

Canadian Dollar Trading Below 80 Cents U.S.

The Loonie is being pulled down by falling world markets and declining oil prices and is trading below 80 cents U.S. today.

Loonie Hits 15 Month Low

The loonie is taking a dive and is hitting a 15 month low; economic data suggesting Canada's economy is crawling blamed.

The Loonie Keeps It Up

The Loonie is on another upward spiral against the United States dollar. Opening Monday at 100.05 it jumped slightly from Friday's closing rate. As the U.S. dollar loses value the Canadian dollar gains.

Canada Records Job Losses as Loonie Drops

Job losses, according to Statistic Canada in December for the first time in seven months did not effect the unemployment rate which remained at 5.9 per cent. The loonie took a slight drop.

The Bouncing Loonie

If you were planning on cashing in on the American dollar when it bounces back hopefully you've already grabbed your fist full of greenbacks. The Loonie closed neck and neck with the United States dollar on Friday.

Canada's International Travel Deficit Rises, Cross Border Shopping Blamed

Canada's international travel deficit climbed to its highest level ever in the third quarter of 2007, as spending by Canadians in the United States reached record levels. Cross-border shopping, due to high loonie, drove up the deficit.

High Flying Loonie Drives Up Cocaine Sales

The loonie is flying high and the illegal drug trade, at least the cocaine trade, is booming. The supply is short and the price high in the US but in Canada, the illegal business is doing well -- the supply is plentiful and the price is affordable.

Good News For The Loonie

With the rising Loonie do you have plans to cash in? Experts are saying now is the time instead of hoping for the dollar to do worse. The smart move is to buy those American greenbacks now and wait for the dollar to rise again before cashing them in.

The Mighty Canadian Loonie Rises Again

The Loonie will not lose its footing as it ran back up the scale Tuesday morning after a short dive on Monday. Closing at Monday at $1.02(US) the mighty Canadian dollar rose back to $1.0362 by 8:05 a.m.

Op-Ed: The Loonie Gains, The Dollar Slumps

What does the strong loonie mean to those in the United States? While Canadians are well aware of their stronger loonie are Americans as aware of the decline of their currency? On Friday the loonie rose yet again above the dollar up to 100.52.

Run Loonie Run!

Canada's loonie has broken the US dollar. Okay broken is the wrong word, it's passed the dollar for the first time in 31 years on Thursday. The loonie made it to $1.001 in trading on Thursday morning up from Wednesday's close of 99.58 cents.

Strong Loonie Causes Porsche to Lower Prices

The strong Canadian loonie and the drive across the border by Canadians to buy a car has caused Porsche to lower the prices on its 2008 models, Now is the time to buy that dream car.

The Little Loonie That Could Did It!

The American dollar today was worth less than the Canadian loonie for a time. The loonie topped at at US$1.0008 before resting at 99.87 cents US by day's close. The strong Canadian loonie is the kind of news energy and import sectors smile on.

Loonie Is Heading Upward

The loonie continues to raise in value. Friday it slid to 97.08 cents US by 1:20 p.m. after a morning high of 97.24 cents US. Some in the biz think by the end of the year the loonie will be viewed at the same value as the United States dollar.

It's Your Birthday Loonie

The loonie turns 20 this week. Way back in its humble beginnings it was only worth 75 cents to the American dollar. Times have changed. Now it is approaching the same value only needing 7 cents to tie the value.

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