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Longevity News

Any amount of running leads to a longer life: Study

A new medical study finds that any amount of running is linked to significantly lower risk of early death. Even a small amount of running will improve population health and boost longevity.

Putin's 20-year stint upstaged by long-serving leaders

Paris - Vladimir Putin has held power for 20 years but he is still well behind the record terms of Cuba's late Fidel Castro and North Korea's founder Kim Il Sung.

Judas Priest talks North American tour, motivations and longevity Special

Huntington - Rob Halford, the lead singer of the iconic heavy metal group Judas Priest, chatted with Digital Journal about their "Firepower" North American tour, their new album and the digital transformation of the heavy metal industry.

'World's oldest person' dies in Japan at 117

Apo - A 117-year-old Japanese woman, thought to be the world's oldest person, has died, a local official told AFP Sunday.

The world's longest-serving leaders

Paris - Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev shocked the nation Tuesday when he announced he would be resigning after nearly 30 years in power.

The world's longest-serving leaders

Paris - Vladimir Putin is widely expected to win Russia's presidential election on Sunday, giving him a fourth term that would take him to nearly a quarter-century as the head of state or government.

Italy's '100 club' to reveal its secrets

Acciaroli - Some of the secrets of an Italian village that has long fascinated scientists because of its high number of active centenarians are set to be revealed this weekend.

World's oldest man dies at 112 in Japan

Toukyo - The world's oldest man, Sakari Momoi, has died in Japan at the ripe old age of 112, an official said Tuesday.

The secret to longevity may be found in the bowhead whale

Possibly the longest-living mammal on Earth is the bowhead whale. Sometimes living more than 200-years, the bowhead has only recently been studied in depth. Now, the complete genetic blueprint of this giant of the sea has been mapped.

Human dietary supplement linked to longer life in mice

Paris - An over-the-counter supplement designed to ease osteoarthritis prolonged the lifespan of lab mice by nearly a tenth, scientists said Tuesday.

Report: Americans hold positive attitudes on aging populations

In a new study published by the Pew Research Center, American attitudes toward aging and their projected prospects in their golden years are seen as firmly positive.

Study: Worldwide dementia cases will triple by 2050

London - The numbers of worldwide dementia sufferers increased by 22 percent over the last three years according to a new study published Thursday. By 2050, there could be almost 150 million sufferers globally.

Long-form series on Slate examines the science of longevity

In Laura Helmuth's longevity series on Slate, she explores why we live so long in a long-form examination and invites the Slate audience to share their stories on what saved their lives.

Famed NCAA coach Andy Enfield shares his 'second act' with Slate

Following on Slate's Second Acts editorial theme, tech start-up wiz Andy Enfield explains how his experiences led him to coach an NCAA basketball team into the Sweet 16.

'Second Acts' editorial series celebrates life-pivots on Slate

F Scott Fitzgerald said 'There are no second acts in American lives,' and a crowd-sourcing and editorial series from Slate is seeking to debunk the famous Fitzgerald position.

Video: Pearl Cantrell, 105, says bacon is the key to longevity

A 105-year-old Texas woman, Pearl Cantrell, says the secret to longevity is bacon. Her 81-year-old son Billy Allen shares his mother's secret: She begins her day with a cup of "coffee pudding," that is, coffee with milk, sugar, biscuit and bacon.

Op-Ed: Can exercise and diet help you live longer?

Many are the claims attributed to exercise, but do its benefits count for anything in the long run, or are we better off without it? And does our diet really kill us?

Does our personality determine how long we live for?

New York - Reasons for living to one hundred years old have been attributed to diet, low cholesterol and lifestyle factors. Now new research indicates that having a happy personality may also contribute to a long-life.

Op-Ed: Recent PD/dementia research proves more research is needed

What are we as patients to conclude from Parkinson's disease research that comes to the conclusion that "more research is needed"?

Op-Ed: Yet another useless lifestyle study

According to the ‘Daily Express’, women should raise their glasses to a healthier old age, but we’ve heard it all before – and just the opposite.

The secret to longevity shared by 87-year-old Portland ‘star’ Special

Portland - Life expectancy is decreasing in the United States with the average life span approximately 78 years , according to recent reports. But there are folks who defy the odds, living joyously beyond that age.

Report: Genetic markers for exceptional longevity identified

Boston - Researchers from Boston University and the Institute of Biomedical Technology of Milan, Italy, discovered a series of genetic markers which are particularly common in people who live 100 years or more.

Study: Cutting calories promotes long life

Studies have consistently found that lowering caloric intake has anti-aging benefits. Less complex organisms can live double, even triple the lifespan if calories are restricted.

Scientists Find 'Fountain of Youth'

Scientists have recently found what they consider might be an answer for longevity or "the fountain of youth." They have found in caves bats that live longer than mice and discovered what may lead to finding therapies to increase human life span.

Only 3% of Americans Live Healthy Lives

Some people think it is possible to live up to 150 years old. It wouldn’t take a lot of medications to do it either. Read how one man’s secret to longevity; a recipe, if nothing else, for good health if not 150 years of life.

Eat well, exercise for a long and healthy life

Scientific research is reinforcing what common sense has been telling us for sometime now. Eat right and shake a leg if you want to live a long and healthy life.

Working Yourself to Death Might Be a Good Idea

Sick and tired of working already, and you are only 55. Don’t give up early, scientists say. The longer you work and work to achieve, the better for your life span.

Age Is Between The Ears: Overcome The Brain And Move That Body

The vitality of youth is something that many people visualise in terms of physical attributes, lending to the mindset that as we age, we lose muscle mass, mobility and just deteriorate. However, research shows that activity is the fountain of youth.

Growth Hormone's Link to Starvation May be Longevity Clue

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have determined that starvation blocks the effects of growth hormone via a mechanism that may have implications in treating diabetes and extending life span.

Study Says Golfers Live Longer

The death rate for golfers is 40 per cent lower than for other people of the same sex, age and socioeconomic status, which correspond to a 5 year increase in life expectancy.
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Figure 1. Phylogeny of Mammals Used in
Codon-Based Maximum Likelihood Comparison
of Selective Pres...
Figure 1. Phylogeny of Mammals Used in Codon-Based Maximum Likelihood Comparison of Selective Pressure Variation The number of candidate genes under positive selection on each lineage is indicated.
Keane et al., 2015, Cell Reports 10, 112–122
Mammoth Mountain in Siberia s Sakha Republic.
Mammoth Mountain in Siberia's Sakha Republic.
Professor Brouchkov stands near the area where the bacterium was found.
Professor Brouchkov stands near the area where the bacterium was found.
Aubrey de Grey in full flow during a 2009 presentation.
Aubrey de Grey in full flow during a 2009 presentation.

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