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Loneliness News

Decreasing social media use reduces feelings of loneliness

The use of social media is a mixed-bag. It can bring people together and creating a sense of community. It can also enhance a sense of loneliness and be a trigger for depression. A new study recommends limitations on social media use.

Is Alzheimer's disease associated with loneliness?

New research, based on small sample of adults, indicates that cortical amyloid levels in the brain a marker of preclinical Alzheimer disease has an associated with self-reported loneliness.

Why loneliness might kill you sooner

Chicago - Being alone can be bad for your health, according to a new study. Here the impact on health is assessed as greater than that of obesity. However, has this really been proven?

GameCrush helps gamers battle loneliness Special

A new website allows those who are avid video game enthusiasts to battle their loneliness by playing games with girls online. Meanwhile, women can earn a little bit of cash during these rough economic times. This new website is called GameCrush.

Op-Ed: Researchers say Facebook users are more narcissistic

If you spend hours on Facebook, you may be more narcissistic than the average person, a new study found. But these users might also be lonely.

Loneliness causes breast cancer as much as cigarette smoking

A new study released this week shows that loneliness is one of the causes of breast cancer. Fear and anxious conditions can increase the risk of cancer-related tumors.

Research Points to Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Companionship, feelings of connectedness, and blood pressure control cited in supportive research on the health benefits of owning pets.

Scientists Find Enzyme That Improves Memory and Cures Loneliness in Mice

University of Illinois researchers have found that isolating mice causes changes in brain enzymes, influencing loneliness and memory problems. They now say increasing enzyme levels, problems could be either alleviated or solved.

Loneliness Link with Alzheimer's

A large US study suggests that loneliness contributes to the chances of getting Alzheimer's disease.

Loneliness and Technology

Are new advances in technology bringing us closer together or pushing us apart?

Plague Of Loneliness Reaches Gregarious Spain

MADRID (dpa) - It seems an unlikely problem to affect people in traditionally gregarious and family-oriented country like Spain: loneliness.Yet new research shows that one of the most serious social problems of northern Europe has reached the south as ...

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File photo: Homelessness in Toronto
File photo: Homelessness in Toronto

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