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Lohan News

Lindsay Lohan hires private investigator

Actress Lindsay Lohan does not plan on waiting to get sued by Tiffany Mitchell, and that is why she has decided to hire a private investigator.
In the Media by Owen Weldon - 2 comments

Lindsay Lohan makes 'insensitive' tweet about Hurricane Sandy

Lindsay Lohan's recent Hurricane Sandy tweet, an attempt to raise spirits and alleviate fears, has seemingly exploded in her face.
In the Media by Can Tran - 1 comment

Actress Lindsay Lohan requests film crew to undress for her scene

Lindsay Lohan was so nervous about filming a sex scene that she requested the film crew to strip down to their underwear so she would feel more comfortable.
In the Media by Owen Weldon - 8 comments

Lindsay Lohan will not face charges in alleged hit-and-run

Lindsay Lohan is not going to be facing any criminal charges relating to an allegation that her vehicle struck a lounge manager.
In the Media by Owen Weldon - 2 comments

Video: Lindsay Lohan's 'Changing Face,' 25 yrs in 60 secs

A new viral video chronicling Lindsay Lohan's changing face over the years has been released and posted to YouTube. The video shows Lohan's dramatically morphing face from infancy to age 25 years all in 60 seconds.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 4 comments

TopFinds: The Bangkok flood crisis, Lohan to pose for Playboy

Floods inundate areas of Bangkok. An airship causes UFO hysteria in China. Actor Lindsay Lohan is reportedly offered a Playboy deal. These are the top stories from around the world.
In the Media by David Silverberg

News articles on jobs attract more ad clicks than celeb stories

Popular articles on Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber don't reel in as many ad dollars as they do eyeballs, a new study has found. The most profitable online news articles focused on topics such as unemployment, the Gulf oil spill and recalls.
In the Media by David Silverberg - 1 comment

Report: Lindsay Lohan to be treated for meth addiction

Lynwood - A celebrity news site is reporting that the fallen starlet will receive treatment for methamphetamine addiction and bipolar disorder after her release from prison.
In the Media by Tar De Moutonnoir - 12 comments

Judge orders Lindsay Lohan to stay in Los Angeles with anklet

Los Angeles - Late to yet another court appearance, Lindsay Lohan was ordered by a judge yesterday to wear an alcohol-monitoring anklet at all times and to stay in Los Angeles.
In the Media by Chris Stewart - 1 comment

E-Trade talking babies coming to a movie theater near you

Los Angeles - Know those E-Trade talking babies on television commercials? Well, now they are going Hollywood. 20th Century Fox is looking into making a motion picture surrounding the E-Trade talking babies.
In the Media by Andrew Moran - 1 comment

E -Trade being sued over talking baby commercial

Lindsay Lohan is suing financial company E-Trade for $100 million, because she claims the “milkaholic” baby in its latest commercial, also named Lindsay, was modeled after her.
In the Media by Laura Trowbridge - 4 comments

Op-Ed: Lindsay Lohan to Appear Nude in New Movie

Lindsay Lohan will reportedly appear nude in her upcoming low budget independent film "Florence". It is said that is doing so to revive her career and establish herself as a serious mature actress.
In the Media by Steve Bellah - 1 comment

Lindsay Lohan's mother's show to debut in summer

Lindsay Lohan's mother's reality show will debut this summer and will be about Dina, Lindsay's mom, and her daughter Ali and will take viewers inside the Lohans’ Long Island home.
In the Media by Owen Weldon - 1 comment

Woman sues Lohan for distress from car chase

A woman who was in the car that Lindsay Lohan chased is suing the star for unspecified damages. The woman claims that the incident caused her to lose her job and she suffered emotional trauma.
In the Media by Owen Weldon - 1 comment

Lohan friend sues blogger for defamation

A judged cleared the way Wednesday for a celebrity blogger to be questioned about his report claiming Lindsay Lohan's friend planted cocaine found in the actress's car after a crash.
In the Media by RobotGod - 2 comments

Lohan Finally Surrenders to Police

In connection with the Memorial Day crash, Lohan surrenders herself to police. Is this part of her making restitution and will she see jail time as a result? Only time and a good judge will tell....
In the Media by Posthappy - 7 comments

Maxim Top 100 Review

Every year Maxim magazine fans wait in anticipation for the Maxim Top 100 to grace the shelves of the local magazine stands. This is one issue men cannot claim is for the articles!
In the Media by Samantha A. Torrence - 20 comments

Lindsey Lohan's Mom In Talks With E! To Star In Her Own TV Show

Tentatively titled "Mom-ager", the show will focus on Dina's ongoing efforts to make her two remaining children, Ali, 14, and Cody, 11, into stars. After all, she's done such a marvelous job raising Lindsey, right?
In the Media by Pamela Jean - 1 comment

Lindsay Lohan Admits She Likes the Paparazzi

This Mean Girl is dreading the day that no one wants her photo.
In the Media by Lisa Angotti - 2 comments

Lindsay Lohan's Dad Finds God, and a Baldwin Brother

Two who were infamous for their substance abusing ways have turned their lives around to help out troubled teens.
In the Media by Lisa Angotti - 3 comments

Actress Anne Hathaway: I'm Not a Saint, I am like Lindsey Lohan

Anne Hathaway say she is not a Saint, she is more like Lindsey Lohan
In the Media by Chris V. Thangham - 7 comments

Lindsay Lohan's father reaches out

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly rebuilding her relationship with her estranged father.
In the Media by ArtemisIII - 3 comments

'Lonelygirl15' actress filming movie with Lindsay Lohan

Play the 15 minute Fame Game on YouTube and landing yourself a part in a feature film
In the Media by Steve in the UK - 1 comment

Paris Hilton Sex is Best

IT'S official: Paris Hilton is better in bed than Kimberley Stewart and Lindsay Lohan – with Tara Reid falling far behind in last place.
In the Media by crmblogman - 2 comments

Lindsay Lohan Deep Freezes Her Appendix

After Lindsay Lohan had her appendix removed a couple of weeks ago, she became terrified it would somehow end up on eBay.
In the Media by geozone - 9 comments

Lindsay Lohan Attending AA

Lindsay Lohan has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, her publicist said Friday. "She started attending some, and I think it's a positive thing," Leslie Sloane told The Associated Press.
In the Media by Andrew Majewski - 5 comments

Poor Lindsay Lohan :-(

The poor lady who has suffered from all of the Hollywood diseases -- anorexia, drug and alcohol abuse, cat fight-itis -- now is rumoured to be cutting herself.
In the Media by BlueButterfly - 12 comments

Lindsay Lohan calls Paris Hilton a C*nt

It's Here First.... Lindsay tries to back track but it's clear, Lindsay is using the paparazzi the same way Brandon and Paris did with the Firecrotch rant. WARNING: We have not deleted the offensive word. Listen at your own risk
In the Media by friend18 - 6 comments

Lindsay Lohan involved in car accident

Once again the young actress proves she shouldn't be behind the wheel.
In the Media by Bob Norman

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Lindsay died her haird red after finishing a movie.
Lindsay died her haird red after finishing a movie.

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