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Locusts News

Kenya's locust hunters on tireless quest to halt ancient pest

Meru - As dawn breaks in central Kenya, a helicopter lifts off in a race to find roosting locusts before the sun warms their bodies and sends them on a ravenous flight through farmland.

An irresistible scent makes locusts swarm, study finds

Apo - The coronavirus isn't the only plague making headlines this year -- locusts are devastating crops in several parts of the world, and now scientists are discovering why the pest forms destructive swarms.On its own, a locust is fairly harmless.

Pakistan battles locusts by turning them into chicken feed

Lahore - Chickens in Pakistan have been feasting on captured locusts under an initiative to combat swarms of the insects that are threatening food supplies in the impoverished country.

Indian drones pursue locusts as swarms destroy swathes of crops

New Delhi - Huge swarms of desert locusts are destroying crops across western and central India, prompting authorities Tuesday to step up their response to the country's worst plague in nearly three decades.

New, larger locust swarm hits Africa amid COVID-19 threat

Parts of Africa, already dealing with the COVID-19 virus are again dealing with a second plague of locusts that pushes the coronavirus into second place in many areas. The second wave of locusts is 20 times larger than the outbreak in February.

Pakistan struggles to combat devastating locust plague

Punjab - Pakistan's farmers are struggling to combat the worst locust plague in nearly three decades as insect swarms decimate entire harvests in the country's agricultural heartlands and send food prices soaring.

Outbreak of locusts in east Africa nears biblical proportions

The United Nations secretary-general has appealed for “speedy and generous” financial assistance to curb an outbreak of locusts in the eastern African desert, which may be nearing biblical proportions.

Locusts the latest curse of East Africa weather extremes

Nairobi - Billions of locusts swarming through East Africa are the result of extreme weather swings and could prove catastrophic for a region still reeling from drought and deadly floods, experts said Friday.

Swarms of locusts threaten food security in Kenya: govt

Nairobi - Large swarms of desert locusts are spreading through Kenya, after wreaking havoc in Somalia and Ethiopia, posing a significant threat to food security, the agriculture minister said Friday.

Nerve cells linked to locust swarming

Nottingham - Researchers have linked nerve cells found in desert locusts that trigger ‘gang-like' gregarious behavior when they come together in a crowd. The research informs about brain chemicals and the control of behavior.

Parasites used to control locust populations

A Chinese study suggests that migratory locusts are less likely to aggregate into crop-devastating swarms when infected by a parasite.

Locust study points toward new treatment for stroke and migraine

A similarity in brain disturbance between insects and people suffering from migraines, stroke and epilepsy points the way toward new drug therapies to address these conditions.

Locusts Eat Their Own

In seemingly spontaneous fashion, as many as 10 billion critters can suddenly swarm the air and carpet the ground, blazing destructive paths that bring starvation and economic ruin.

Locust Infest Northeastern Kenya

Locusts are infesting the northwestern region of Kenya. it is likely that the locusts have moved there from nearby Somalia after causing considerable damage there. The Kenyan government is on the scene.

Locusts Swarm Somalia Increasing Country's Woes

As if war and hunger were not enough now locusts have descend upon Somalia and are complicating an already extreme situation. Precious crops are being destroyed and the already existing hunger will only get worse.


Yemen prepares to face potential locust swarms, following the warning by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

Locusts Swarm Yucatan Peninsula

Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula has again been overtaken by swarms of migrating locusts to the dismay of local farmers.

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Locusts Image

Locust swarm on February 3  2020.
Photo: Sven Torfinn
Locust swarm on February 3, 2020. Photo: Sven Torfinn
FAO / Newsroom
DesertLocust is considered the most destructive migratory pest in the world. Photo by Sven Torfinn
DesertLocust is considered the most destructive migratory pest in the world. Photo by Sven Torfinn
FAO / Newsroom / Sven Torfinn

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