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Lobsters News

Two toned lobster caught in Maine

A lobsterman of the coast of Maine caught an almost perfectly two-tone lobster - orange and brown. Scientists say the odd of this happening are 1 in 50 million.

Study suggests that crustaceans 'feel pain'

It has been a point 'hotly' debated throughout the worlds of science and cooking: when a lobster is dropped into a steaming pan of water, does it 'feel pain'? A new research study suggests that crustaceans do sense pain.

Rare orange lobster caught last week in the Bay of Fundy

Alma - A rare orange lobster was caught off the northeast coast of North America last week. The lobster was caught in a trap, but will be spared the boiling pot.

A look at the increased appearance of rare multi-colored lobsters

In recent months there have been numerous reports of fishermen finding a variety of colored lobsters in their nets. According to subject matter experts, many of these colored lobsters are rare.

Rare orange lobsters delivered in New England restaurant shipment

Mansfield - A Massachusetts restaurant found six rare orange lobsters in a recent shipment. At first, workers thought they had arrived already cooked and someone had been playing a joke on them.

Plastics Suspect In Lobster Illness

A debilitating shell disease affecting lobsters from Long Island Sound to Maine may be caused by environmental alkyphenols, formed primarily by the breakdown of hard transparent plastics.

Group Pays $3,400 To Free 300 Maine Lobsters

An animal rights group has spent nearly $3400 to purchase 300 lobsters in an attempt to 'set them free', claiming that they were 'God's creatures'.

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Lobsters Image

Lobster roll served on a toasted bun with lemon mayonaise  butter and fries.
Lobster roll served on a toasted bun with lemon mayonaise, butter and fries.
Screenshot of one of the six rare orange lobsters found in a Massachusetts  restaurant shipment
Screenshot of one of the six rare orange lobsters found in a Massachusetts' restaurant shipment
CBS News
Cooked lobster from Halifax  Nova Scotia  Canada
Cooked lobster from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada