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Lizard News

Lizard found in organic salad winds up as class mascot

Princeton - Buy an organic salad, get a free lizard. That's what happened when Sally Mabon unwrapped a bundle of tatsoi greens — she and her kindergartener, Faye, wound up with a three-inch-long green anole lizard tucked inside.

Scientists: Strange lizard-like reptile is earliest known turtle

Scientists have now solved an important piece of the turtle evolution puzzle. Recent fossil evidence has helped paleontologists prove that turtles share a recent common ancestor with birds, lizards, and crocodiles.

New chameleon species discovered in Madagascar

Madagascar, noted for its rich diversity of species, has revealed new secrets: eleven new species of reptile have been discovered on the island in recent years. These have been collated in a new science paper.

Lizard Squad attacks Malaysia Airlines website, replaces homepage

Hacking group Lizard Squad took control of the Malaysia Airlines website homepage for a while earlier today, replacing it with a high-profile mocking of the disasters that have struck the troubled company in the past year.

Lizard saved from fire, revived with oxygen

Firefighters rushed to the rescue of Thorn the bearded dragon. Feared dead, they managed to revive him with oxygen from a cylinder, kiss of life not used.

Saskatchewan scientists working to protect blood-spurting lizard

The Greater Short-Horned Lizard is certainly a unique reptile — to defend itself against predators, it shoots blood from its eyes. However, the impressive lizard is rarely seen and scientists are trying to help remove its "at-risk" status.

The origin of all dragon myths: Komodo Dragons of Indonesia

Komodo dragons are the world’s largest living lizards. They grow to 10 feet long and run fast like a dog. They would have been a great candidate for the inspiration behind the mythical dragons in Europe, but Europeans didn't discover them until 1910.

Photo: Blogger spots alien 'lizard' creature on NASA Mars photo

A Japanese blogger claims to have spotted a lizard running loose on the Martian landscape in a NASA photo. The blogger alerted the website, UFO Sightings Daily, and incredibly, the "discovery" of "life" on Mars has sparked frenzied speculation.

Bride postpones wedding so pet lizard can get chemo

London - British bride Lizzie Griffiths chose between her bearded dragon and her future husband. The lizard came first, so he could have chemotherapy on his facial tumors.

The first feathered winged dinosaur had black feathers

New research into one of the creatures which connects dinosaurs to birds, the Microraptor, indicates that the crow-like creature had black feathers. The discovery is an important one for evolutionary science.

New species of self-cloning lizard a treat for Vietnamese diners Special

Riverside - Vietnamese customers have been enjoying a lizard common in the menu of restaurants around the Mekong River Delta. It turns out that lizard is a self-reproducing, endemic, all-female new species.

'Spiderman' Lizard Latest Pet Craze in Britain

The Mwanza Flat-Headed Rock Agama, a Kenyan reptile with color hues and segments uncannily similar to the famed Marvel Comics superhero, is fast becoming a pet craze in the UK. Spidey fans have been flocking to exotic pet stores to snatch up their own.

Vet extracts toy lizard from real lizard

Seven-year-old Finley Collins thought that her pet 12-inch bearded dragon might be giving birth when she noticed an unusual protrusion near the lizard's tail. Good thing they took it to the vet.

Limbless lizard found in India

A new species of limbless lizard has been found in a forested area in eastern India, an Indian zoologist said Monday.

Caught in the Act! Ancient Lizard Morphed into a Snake

Exciting news for paleontologists! The first-ever lizard in transition to a snake has been found, offering a window into the history of evolution.

New Fossil Reveals Gliding Lizard

The National Academy of Sciences unveiled today a newly discovered fossil of a very peculiar lizard. The fossil reveals that the ancient tree living lizard coasted through the air using a wing-like membrane stretched across elongated ribs.

Lizard causes standstill along Malacca's thoroughfare

Giant monitor lizard creeps it's way into tourist's rest house.

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Lizard Image

Lizard Squad attacked the Malaysia Airlines website  replacing the homepage.
Lizard Squad attacked the Malaysia Airlines website, replacing the homepage.
Bearded dragon
Bearded dragon
Greg Hume
Komodo Dragon (Free Wallpaper)
Komodo Dragon (Free Wallpaper)
Lizard Squad attacked the Malaysia Airlines website  replacing the homepage.
Lizard Squad attacked the Malaysia Airlines website, replacing the homepage.
The Cape Melville Leaf-tailed Gecko (Saltuarius eximius)
The Cape Melville Leaf-tailed Gecko (Saltuarius eximius)
Conrad Hoskin
The Greater Short-Horned Lizard
The Greater Short-Horned Lizard
Starlingjon (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Bearded dragon - who could resist this face?
Bearded dragon - who could resist this face?
André Karwath aka Aka
Lizard invasion
Lizard invasion

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