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Livestock News

Restricted Hajj hits Somalia's livestock economy

Mugadishu - The annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca is a time for celebration, not least among Somalia's livestock herders and traders who export millions of livestock to feed pilgrims.

China aims to phase out sale of live poultry at food markets

Bejing - China on Friday vowed to gradually phase out the slaughter and sale of live poultry at food markets, in a move welcomed by animal rights activists amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Football pitch of rainforest destroyed every six seconds

Paris - Vast tracts of pristine rainforest on three continents went up in smoke last year, with an area roughly the size of Switzerland cut down or burned to make way for cattle and commercial crops, researchers said Tuesday.

Australia's farmers count cost after bushfires wipe out livestock

In the wake of ferocious bushfires that tore through Kangaroo Island, local farmer Rick Morris has endured the gruelling task of burying 400 sheep killed when most of his sprawling property went up in flames.

Sheep rescued from capsized ship await adoption in Romania

Peris - The 180 sheep rescued from a cargo ship that capsized carrying 14,600 animals are staying in a shelter in Romania as they wait to be moved to sanctuaries or adopted, an activist group said Wednesday.

After drought, floods compound Somalia's year of climate misery

Beledweyne - As Somalia withered from drought early this year, and her goats dropped dead from thirst, Maka Abdi Ali begged for rain. When the skies finally opened, nature was unmerciful.

This little piggy went to court: German piglets 'sue over castration'

Berlin - Little piggies go to market, but in Germany they also go to court.

Germany on alert as swine fever nears border

Berlin - Sniffer dogs, drones and electrified fences: Germany is deploying a full array of defences to stop boars from bringing swine fever into the country and avert a disaster for its thriving pork industry.

Rescuers scramble to save sheep after Romania capsize

Bucharest - Romanian emergency teams managed to save 26 sheep on Tuesday, two days after a vessel carrying 14,600 animals sank off the Romanian coast.

Thousands of sheep feared dead in Romania capsize

Bucharest - Thousands of sheep were feared dead Monday a day after a vessel overturned off the Romanian coast, leading to renewed calls for a ban on the controversial sea transport of livestock.

Thousands of sheep feared dead after vessel capsizes off Romania

Bucharest - Thousands of sheep were feared dead Monday a day after a vessel carrying almost 15,000 of them overturned off the Romanian coast, leading to renewed calls for a ban on the controversial sea transport of livestock.

Ship with 14,600 sheep aboard capsizes off Romania

Bucharest - Rescuers were struggling Sunday to save 14,600 sheep loaded on a cargo ship that capsized in the Black Sea off the coast of Romania, they said.

East Timor says swine fever outbreak kills hundreds of hogs

Dili - East Timor on Thursday confirmed that hundreds of hogs have died in an outbreak of African swine fever, after the disease has killed pigs from China to Slovakia, pushing up pork prices worldwide.

Pig farmers pessimistic as China tries to talk down swine fever

Bejing - Sun Dawu sighs sadly when asked about the death of thousands of his pigs, killed by the African swine fever outbreak that has been decimating hog herds across China.

China bans S. Korea pig imports on swine fever fears

Bejing - China has banned pig imports from South Korea after Seoul became the latest to report an outbreak of the African swine fever that has destroyed hog herds and pushed up prices globally.

Shipping sheep in summer heat, Romania defies EU

Constanta - Under the burning sun in Romania's Midia port on the Black Sea, the Lady Maria stands ready to embark its passengers -- thousands of sheep to be shipped to Libya for the Eid al-Adha holiday.

Hunger for beef offers rewards and risks for Nigeria's pastoralists

Lagos - With over 200 million people and an emerging middle class, Nigeria is witnessing a boom in demand for meat that offers potential but also risks for the semi-nomadic herders who provide most of its beef.

France's 'wolf brigade': Alps guards with licence to kill

Breil-sur-roya - As the sun sets over the southern French Alps on a cool evening in early June, a flock of sheep huddle in an enclosure at an altitude of 1,500 metres.

Culling of male chicks: A widespread and controversial practice

Paris - The systematic eradication of male chicks is a common practice in the poultry industry, which says it is the only viable option for birds that have no economic value.

German court allows slaughter of male chicks to continue

Berlin - Germany's top administrative court ruled Thursday that the slaughtering of male chicks may continue in the poultry industry until a method is found to determine the sex of an embryo in the egg.

'Fake news' fuelling ethno-religious crisis in Nigeria: experts

Lagos - Misinformation risks worsening ethnic and religious tensions in Nigeria, media commentators and researchers say, at a time of heightened concern about internal security and fragile community relations.

Farmers and nomads take to violence in drought-stricken Chad

Ab - The chief medical officer at Adre hospital takes a routine phone call: a patient has been admitted with gunshot wounds and needs emergency surgery.

Extent of the damage from Midwest floods could top $3 billion

At least 1 million acres (405,000 hectares) of U.S. farmland were flooded after the “bomb cyclone” storm left wide swaths of nine major grain producing states under water this month.

Raising cattle a risky business for Venezuela ranchers

Barinas - Rotting hides on the road are all that is left of three butchered cows. Such carnage is common in Venezuela's cattle country, where thieves, squatters and government policy threaten a vital food resource.

De-moo-cracy: Swiss farmer's quest to save cow horns goes to vote

Suisse - Concern over the cruelty of removing a cow's horns had not been one of Switzerland's most pressing political issues.

France begins vaccinating cows, sheep against anthrax

Lyon - The eastern French region of Hautes-Alpes says it has begun vaccinating cows and sheep against anthrax after an outbreak of the fatal disease in the region.

'No grass': Europe's livestock sector stricken by drought

Paris - "Our cows have been living off hay cut in June, there isn't any grass," says Jean-Guillaume Hannequin, a farmer in eastern France, who like his counterparts across much of northern Europe is wondering how he will feed his animals this winter.

China culls thousands of pigs as African swine fever spreads

Bejing - More than 14,500 pigs have been culled in an eastern Chinese city, officials said Wednesday, as the world's largest pork producer scrambles to contain an outbreak of African swine fever.

Latvia slaughters pigs after African swine fever outbreak

Riga - Latvia's government on Friday voted to fund the disposal of pig carcasses after a pork producer decided to exterminate all of its livestock when the animals contracted African swine fever.

Iraqi farmers fight to save cattle from drought

- Iraqi farmer Sayyed Sattar knows he'll soon have to let some of his buffalo go as he surveys the herd bathing in a dwindling pond close to the holy city of Najaf.
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A pastoralist in northern Somalia  a region hit hard by drought. He lost almost half of his sheep fl...
A pastoralist in northern Somalia, a region hit hard by drought. He lost almost half of his sheep flock that originally numbered 70.
UNICEF/Sebastian Rich
A couple of sheep dig into some hay in a net.
A couple of sheep dig into some hay in a net.
A few animals  including an orphan foal  were part of a  petting farm .
A few animals, including an orphan foal, were part of a "petting farm".
South Africa s farming sector is struggling to adapt to the nation s worst drought in 20 years.
South Africa's farming sector is struggling to adapt to the nation's worst drought in 20 years.
CCTV Africa

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