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Lives behind grim coronavirus numbers

Rome - As the coronavirus death toll spirals in country after country, the sheer scale of the pandemic sweeping the globe can sometimes obscure the individual tragedies.

Technology is changing disaster relief and saving human lives

Disaster responses now revolve around technology. Driven by big data and the almost universal spread of smartphones, it's now apps like Facebook and Twitter that are most useful to both the aid workers helping disaster victims and those people themselves.

There's a village where dementia patients can lead a normal life

There is a Dutch village that allows those with dementia to live normal lives, while at the same time receiving proper care.

Mother survives after having no pulse for 45 minutes

Boca Raton - It looked like Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro had died giving birth after a cesarean section. She had no pulse for 45 minutes.The doctors refused to give up on reviving her, however, and now the new mother is now at home, caring for her infant.

Firefighter creating app for Google Glass that could save lives

Patrick Jackson, a firefighter who is also a self-taught programmer in Rocky Mount, N.C., is creating an app for Google Glass that may change the way firefighters do their jobs.

Summer heat claims at least two lives in one weekend

Las Vegas - Other parts of the world suffer from thunderstorms and pouring rain, over on the Southern West coast heat has claimed the lives of two people this weekend.

Artificial jellyfish could potentially save lives

Scientists have created an artificial jellyfish that could potentially save lives in the future. The jellyfish is made out of transparent elastic silicone, which could help form future organic organs.

The PS3 may soon be saving lives

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. announced today that PS3s will soon be able to connect to Stanford University's Folding@home program, which will use the combined power of thousands of consoles to run simulations of protein folding.

Car Safety can kill

Car safety is something we may not really think about when buying a car but imagaine the scenario you are driving along with your wife Mary in the passenger seat and little Jimmy and Daisy in the back all of sudden a car comes out of know where you bra...

Dog-owners 'lead healthier lives'

If you want to live a healthier life get a dog, research suggests.

How the Pilgrams shaped our sex Lives

Our forefathers bequeathed us with some serious hang-ups

Counting African Lives Lost in First Weeks

More than a million babies die accross Africa every year in thier first month of life

"Pot Docs" Put Selves at Risk to Ease Patients' Suffering

Doctors are risking their careers to help save people that are in need.

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