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Lithium ion batteries News

U.S. plans to launch a nationwide EV supply chain strategy

Washington - U.S. government officials plan to meet with executives from automakers and lithium miners in early May as part of a first-of-its-kind effort to launch a national electric vehicle supply chain strategy.

Lithium-ion batteries must now be in carry-on luggage

The United States Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are forbidding people from storing lithium ion cells or batteries as cargo on passenger planes the two agencies announced.

Global reserves of lithium are limited — Why aren't we recycling?

The U.S. Department of Energy announced the establishment of a Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Prize and a research and development center for the recycling of critical materials such as cobalt and lithium from lithium-ion batteries.

World’s largest lithium deposit secured for Germany

The demand for batteries shows no sign of decreasing as the rise in electronic devices, and with electric mobility options in particular, continues. To create batteries quantities of lithium are required, and Germany has secured a large supply.

Company claims electric cars cheaper than gas models by 2020

The Chinese company Envision Energy claims that it will be capable of making battery packs for less than $100 dollars per kilowatt-hour within the next two years. At this price, electric vehicles (EV) will become cheaper to make than regular cars.

Increasing lithium-ion battery power with nano-sponge

The use of a nano-porous silicon material has enabled researchers to boost the power of lithium-ion batteries by around 50 percent. This is through improving the uptake of lithium ions within the battery.

Dead lithium batteries from EVs create a problem for China

Shanghai - A Shanghai recycling plant will be faced with recycling piles of dead lithium ion batteries after spending years dismantling old television sets and computers. The dead batteries result from China's emphasis on introducing more electric vehicles (EVs).

'No fire risk' lithium batteries launched

Researchers have developed a new type of lithium-ion batteries that are resistant to exploding or catching fire. The new devices are suitable for consumer electronics as well as business applications.

Affordable zinc-air cells could be the future of battery tech

Researchers have developed a breakthrough method to create rechargeable zinc-air batteries. Zinc-air cells are cheap to make and could become the preferred power source for future tech. They've previously been hindered by rechargeability issues.

Samsung steps up battery safety with 'unprecedented' test suite

Samsung has opened up about its failings with the Galaxy Note 7 and how it has responded to the crisis since the phone's global recall. Company executives spoke openly in a report, saying Samsung is committed to greater transparency around battery safety.

Lithium-air batteries could power electric cars

One thing holding back progress with electric cars are the batteries needed to power such vehicles. Considerable promise comes from lithium-air batteries, which enable electric cars to drive farther on a single charge.

New battery can be recharged up to 200,000 times

Irvine - Researchers at the University of California Irvine have developed a nanowire-based battery material that can recharged several hundred thousand times without breakdown or loss of energy.

Lithium battery component poses environmental risk

A component from lithium batteries — used to power laptops and smartphones — has been found to affect the ecosystem by inhibiting a beneficial bacterium that process toxins.

Tech giants accused of using cobalt mined by children

A new report out by Amnesty International claims Apple, Samsung and Sony failed to perform basic checks as required to make sure mining firms are not taking advantage of children by using them in the mining of essential minerals.

Next electric cars could use sand-based batteries

Riverside - The next generation of electric vehicles (EVs) may run on a new lithium ion battery made from beach sand, according to new research at the University of California, Riverside.

Mercedes-Benz will launch the first hybrid with lithium ion batteries

Mercedes-Benz says it has created a breakthrough in car battery technology: It will become the first car company to use Lithium-ion batteries. Currently most cars use nickel-metal hydride batteries.

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Established in the 1980s  and reorganized by FULIN GROUP in 2002  YEMA AUTO is the only Chinese-bran...
Established in the 1980s, and reorganized by FULIN GROUP in 2002, YEMA AUTO is the only Chinese-brand automobile manufacturer in Sichuan Province that has passenger vehicles, buses and new energy vehicles production qualifications.
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File photo: Cutaway rendering of the battery pack in the Chevrolet Volt.
File photo: Cutaway rendering of the battery pack in the Chevrolet Volt.
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