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Lithium News

New battery designed to last for a decade

A new type of flow battery has been designed. The battery stores energy in organic molecules dissolved in neutral pH water. The novel chemistry gives the battery an exceptionally long lifetime.

'Death Star' that eats planets discovered

Analysis of the star located 300 light years from Earth showed materials in the body indicating the star has swallowed some of the planets orbiting it. Similar to our Sun, the star provides clues about our own solar system and what is likely to happen.

Samsung says it can double mobile battery life with graphene

Samsung has announced it has successfully doubled the capacity of the Li-ion batteries used in modern electronics such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. It is achieved by using a new composite material in the cathodes, made of graphene.

New aluminium battery charges phone in just one minute

Scientists have created a new battery that is capable of fully charging a smartphone in just one minute. Made of aluminium, it could replace today's lithium models in the future and is billed as being much safer too.

New method for dating stars

A new, more advanced technique for measuring the ages of large numbers of stars like the sun has been proposed by astrophysicists.

Black holes possible source of lithium but add more hurdles

The universe's lithium supply is, at the most one-third of what it should be. Now, black holes have been considered a source of the element, but that only complicates things more as it deepens the question of how all of it disappears.

Review: Should you invest in uranium?

An American financial analyst is recommending his subscribers to invest in uranium. His arguments are persuasive - if you think money is everything.

Toyota secures future lithium supply for hybrid cars

Toyota Tsusho Corp, a key supplier of batteries for Toyota's hybrid cars, made a partnership deal with Orocobre Ltd, a mining company based in Australia. This deal should secure the fluent supply of lithium to Toyota Motor, who owns 22 percent of Tsusho.

Study Suggests Lithium Added To Water Supply Will Lower Suicide

A Japanese study suggests that putting the drug lithium into water supplies could reduce suicide. The researchers have called on other countries to study the effects.

A Mighty Burp

BP Piscium appears to have swallowed its stellar companion and could be starting a new planet system. The middle aged star is about 1000 light years away from the Earth. Scientists are watching the development closely.

Lightning Lithium Superbike: No Emissions

Electric Bike runs only on Lithium batteries with a top speed of 100 mph, 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds.

Battery Breakthrough? Ten Times More Powerful than Lithium Batteries

EEStor files patents for Ultra Capacitor Batteries that are 10 times more powerful than the existing batteries, costs less and environmentally safe.

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Lithium battery
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