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Liquor News

Eight die in Philippines after drinking coconut wine

Manila - Eight people died and hundreds were taken to hospitals in the Philippines after drinking coconut wine believed to contain high levels of methanol, authorities said Monday.

Legal marijuana is set to outsell liquor in Canada by 2020

Canada became the second country to legalize marijuana on Tuesday evening. Canada's legal marijuana market will be a $6.5 billion industry by 2020, according to a new report from CIBC, one of the country's largest banks.

Toxic liquor kills 24 in Pakistan: police

Islamabad - Twenty-four people, mostly Christians, were killed and dozens more sickened after consuming toxic liquor on Christmas Eve in central Pakistan, police said Tuesday, the latest case of deadly alchohol poisoning in the conservative Muslim country.

Indian policemen suspended over deadly moonshine

New Delhi - Indian authorities have suspended 15 police officers for negligence after 16 people died from drinking suspected toxic liquor in a state which recently introduced prohibition, an official said Friday.

British man sold fake liquor that contained urine

Blackpool - Nicholas Stewart, 35, from Blackpool, has been branded a danger to public health, after he sold colored urine as alcohol.

Bullets and booze: Oklahoma gun range gets liquor license

Oklahoma City - While the owner promises those drinking won't be allowed to shoot, the controversial news is out: a start-up gun range, currently under construction, has been authorized to sell alcohol by the Oklahoma City Council.

Philippine distiller Emperador boosts Spain investments

Manila - Emperador, the Philippines' largest liquor-maker, said on Friday it has increased its investments in Spain by acquiring half of brandy producer Bodega Las Copas for 60 million euros ($82 million).The deal with Spanish sherry, wine and brandy-maker Gonz...

Drinking without the dreaded hangover

It seems as though there is always a new way to get high. The three main means are – pop a pill, smoke a joint, or take a drink. Man in all his wisdom seeks new ways to experiment with loosening of the mind, releasing the creativity, or easing the pain.

Bootleg liquor kills dozens in India

Over the course of three days forty-two people in northern India has died in hospitals after drinking toxic bootleg liquor.

Spanish MPs to lose subsidy on 'gin & tonics' in Parliament cafés

Madrid - Turns out Spanish politicians have had access to discounted booze at the café and restaurant in the Spanish Parliament in Madrid. Public outrage has prompted a committee to put a stop to the benefit.

Review: New luxury rum 'Panamonte' to hit U.S. stores this summer Special

Panama City - Panamonte XXV Reserva Preciosa, a limited-run, 25-year-old Panamanian aguardiente taking the rum community by storm, will hit U.S. stores as early as June.

Inmates file suit, blame alcohol for their crimes

Boise - Five Idaho inmates have filed a lawsuit against eight beer, wine and liquor companies claiming alcohol is responsible for them being sent to prison.

Czech Republic bans hard-liquor sales after wave of poisonings

Prague - At least 19 people are dead, another 24 are in hospital, some blinded, others in induced comas to try to save them, after drinking methanol-laced alcohol, sold in bars, restaurants and stores. And it has forced the Czech government to take strong action.

Ont. convenience stores petition Queen's Park to sell beer, wine

Toronto - Ontario convenience stores in 20 cities are petitioning Queen's Park to be allowed to sell beer and wine in their stores. The Ontario Convenience Stores Association (OCSA) has collected 112,500 names from more than 200 communities.

Video: Shell's fake rig spews liquor over guests at PR event Special

Seattle - A recently uploaded video shows a Shell launch event gone horribly wrong: a small fake oil rig designed to pour drinks malfunctioned and ended up spraying fancily dressed guests with liquor like an out-of-control hose. Some believe it's a hoax.

Dutch man to sell off his $8 million collection of rare booze

While most of us have a few bottles of liquor tucked away in our cabinets, one Dutch man is putting all other boozehounds to shame with his collection of rare alcohols valued at $8 million.

Authorities confiscate 44 gallons of moonshine

These days as most narcotics units are chasing meth and other drugs, moonshine happens to shine at the center of a recent arrest in Alabama.

Ecuador observes 3-day alcohol ban

Quito - Following the deaths of 21 people from alcohol poisoning, an emergency 72-hour prohibition of alcohol was enacted by the Ecuadorian government.

Sheriff's deputy fires shots at robbery victim

A liquor store clerk who had just been held up by a gunman might have thought he was safe when the robbers left, but then a sheriff's deputy arrived and fired shots at him.

Police seize diaper-wrapped bottles of liquor

RCMP seized 53 bottles of illegal liquor which were on a chartered flight headed to a small Labrador community. The bottles had been wrapped in diapers to prevent them from breaking.

Moonshine kills 17 in Kenya

Nairobi - At least 17 people have been poisoned and killed by moonshine, and a dozen more have been blinded, in Kenya's largest slum.

Toxic liquor kills at least 120 in Western India

More than 120 people have died in India's Gujarat state after drinking tainted home-brewed alcohol. Hundreds of others have been hospitalized.

VuQo, Not Your Average Buko

Milk, oil, cosmetic, candy, medicine, jewelry and even improvised explosive. It just proves that the coconut tree has many uses.

Dwindling numbers as traditional profession under threat in India Special

The 'Goan Treasure' feni, brewed by Madame Rosa Distillery, Goa is participating at the prestigious International Spirits Challenge 2009 (ISC) event in London. The event, dubbed as the "Oscars of the liquor brands."

Cheers to National Margarita Day

There seems to be a "happy day" for just about everything. And today, we're celebrating National Margarita Day. Turns out we love this particular cocktail, and it loves us. Drink up!

School Bus Driver Makes Unscheduled Liquor Stop

A school bus driver made an unscheduled stop at a liquor store, then allegedly asked a student to help hide her purchases when police stopped her, the district superintendent said.

Op-Ed: Liquor sailing through the illegal route in India

It is sunset in Goa and some businesses close shop for the day and for others it is time to start.Darkness is creeping in and the Tourism Department’s artificial high mast lights are waiting to be switched on.

Could Smirnoff Ice Be Sold At 7/11 In Maryland?

Could looking at the beer case cause a few double takes in Maryland soon? Governor Martin O'Malley is holding off on a bill that would label carbonated alcoholic beverages like Smirnoff Ice in the same category as beer.

New Brunswick liquor Stores Adopt Biodegradable Bags

New Brunswick Liquor is one of the province's largest retailers and has put out a tender for biodegradable bags; the tender is for 4.4 million bags. NB stores are gradually making the change.

Do you Speak…Champagne?

Where does champagne come from and why does it have bubbles? What does a French monk named Dom Perignon have to do with it all? Read on for some bubbles, froth and knowledge.
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Screenshot from video showing a mini-rig malfunctioning at a Shell event  spraying liquor on guests
Screenshot from video showing a mini-rig malfunctioning at a Shell event, spraying liquor on guests
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Shots of vodka
Shots of vodka
A liquor store in Breckenridge  Colorado  USA.
A liquor store in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA.
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The old North Toronto Railway Station
The old North Toronto Railway Station is now home to the LCBO's flagship liquor store. Venetian clock tower is modelled on Campanile di San Marco in Saint Mark's Square in Venice.
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