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'Chaos' backdoor lets attackers gain control of Linux servers

A backdoor that exploits raw Linux sockets is giving attackers control of servers, security researchers have warned. They found malware is infecting systems by guessing passwords used to protect remote control systems. It works by monitoring socket data.

Ubuntu 17.10 delivers new desktop and cloud enhancements

Canonical has launched Ubuntu 17.10, a significant milestone for the Linux OS. On the desktop, Ubuntu now comes with GNOME preinstalled by default, replacing Canonical's own Unity experience. There's also changes aimed at developers working in the cloud.

Flaw in WPA2 protocol leaves Wi-Fi vulnerable to attack

Belgian researchers have discovered a flaw in a widely used system for securing Wi-Fi communications that could allow hackers to read information that was previously understood to be encrypted, or infect websites with malware, they said on Monday.

This Linux-powered phone wants to give you back your privacy

Purism has announced a crowdfunding campaign for a Linux-powered smartphone. The company is known for its Linux laptops. It's now turning its attention to creating an open-source mobile device designed to put you in control of your data.

Ubuntu's new desktop will have an always-visible dock

Canonical, the makers of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, has started to release details of the upcoming desktop environment shift in Ubuntu 17.10. Months after the decision to drop its own Unity desktop was announced, the new GNOME look is taking shape.

Microsoft brings Linux to the Windows Store as it embraces devs

Microsoft has announced that the Ubuntu Linux distribution is now available within the Windows Store. It lets you access Linux terminal features from your Windows PC, without dual-booting. It's a reflection of Microsoft's changing attitude to developers.

WikiLeaks reveals CIA malware for hacking Linux computers

The CIA has developed strains of malware specifically designed to target Linux computers. The existence of the malware, known as OutlawCountry, was revealed by WikiLeaks. It demonstrates the CIA is intent on accessing all kinds of computer system.

Ubuntu to abandon its 'One Linux' plans in unprecedented step

Ubuntu maker Canonical has dropped a bombshell announcement on the Linux community by revealing it is ceasing development of its Unity 8 desktop environment. The move spells the end for Ubuntu Phone and will see the company's 'One Linux' plans abandoned.

Row over 'very limited' Linux PCs escalates in Munich

Munich - A dispute has erupted in Munich over the city's plans to revert back to Microsoft Windows-based computers after years of using Linux. The city's head of IT has now said there's no need to switch, insisting the unpopular Linux machines are working fine.

Microsoft says Linux is no longer 'cancer,' joining Foundation

Microsoft has seemingly completed its transition to being a company that cares about open-source by joining the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member. The move would have been unthinkable for the famously closed company only a few years ago.

'Most serious' Linux privilege-escalation bug ever discovered

Security researchers have warned that a privilege-escalation bug found in the Linux operating system could be the "most serious" of its kind ever discovered. It has been present in the kernel for nine years and is being actively exploited by attackers.

Report: Linux security must be upgraded to protect future tech

Researchers have detailed a series of security risks in the Linux kernel that threaten to put the future of the Internet of Things at risk. Developers told the 2016 Linux Security Summit that Linux needs a "total rethink" to remain safe to use.

Lenovo denies conspiring with Microsoft to block Linux on its PCs

Lenovo has come under fire for appearing to block installations of alternate operating systems on its Windows-powered flagship laptops. The systems are locked down from the factory, preventing users from choosing their own software to run.

Linux, the world's most widespread OS, turns 25 years old

While Linux may not be the first operating system you think of, it is one of the most significant computing platforms ever developed. Linux powers everything from the world's largest supercomputers to Android phones. Today, it turns 25 years old.

Microsoft's new open source mission sees PowerShell come to Linux

Microsoft is continuing its commitment to supporting other platforms by bringing its previously Windows-exclusive PowerShell scripting language to Linux and Mac OS X. It has also open-sourced PowerShell as part of its new company-wide open ethos.

Internet bug lets hackers intercept your browsing to send malware

A major vulnerability in Linux has been discovered that allows hackers to intercept connections to websites and inject malicious code into their source. It affects several major publishers, giving attackers an easy way to infect machines.

Google strengthens Android security by toughening its Linux core

Google has detailed improvements it is making to Android's Linux kernel with Nougat that will give the operating system greater protection against malware and hackers. It will reduce the number of potential attack areas, limiting the effects of malware.

Microsoft launches all-new Skype app for Linux desktops

Microsoft has unveiled a completely rebuilt version of Skype for Linux, bringing the previously abandoned app up to the standard of its Windows and Mac counterparts. The new release is faster, more responsive and supportive of new features.

Canonical launches Ubuntu 16.04 with more secure 'snappy' apps

Canonical has released Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, the sixth long-term support release of the popular Linux distribution. The headline feature is a new way to package apps that makes them more secure as well as several improvements to storage.

Man who 'deleted his company' with code bug reveals it was a hoax

The man who last week claimed to have deleted his entire business by running a single line of buggy code on his servers has revealed his original post was a hoax. The self-promotion effort was inspired by a real incident several years ago though.

Man 'deletes his entire company' with a single line of code

A man has managed to delete his entire company after accidentally running a command on his servers. The command removed every file stored on the servers that previously held customer websites the company was responsible for hosting.

Seven-year old Linux bug potentially devastating to devices

A potentially devastating vulnerability in one of the core components of the Linux operating system threatens to leave billions of computers, servers, routers and other embedded hardware open to remote attack. It has been left unpatched for years.

Canonical to 'reinvent' personal computing with new Ubuntu tablet

Canonical, creators of the Ubuntu operating system, have announced a new tablet to showcase the platform's "Convergence" feature. It makes switching between desktop and mobile computing simpler with intuitive apps and window controls.

66% of Android devices at risk as zero-day flaw found in Linux

A zero-day flaw found in the Linux kernel has put as many as 66 percent of Android devices at risk of exploit by hackers and malware creators. The bug also affects millions of desktop computers and Linux servers around the world.

Op-Ed: Ian Murdock, developer of Debian, dead at 42

San Francisco - Ian Murdock, the founder of the Debian project is dead. The cause of death has not yet been announced but before his death he had a confrontation with police. He was just 42 years old.

Pressing backspace 28 times will unlock most Linux PCs

A strange bug has been discovered in the Linux operating system that gives hackers an easy way into computers if they have physical access. Pressing the backspace key 28 times while on the login screen will override the need for a password.

Calls for German city that ditched Windows to return to Microsoft

Munich - In 2004, the German city of Munich shut down its Windows systems and switched to the open-source Linux instead. Now, it has reportedly had enough. Senior IT members have called Linux "cumbersome" and "limited" and urged the mayor to bring back Windows.

Is it a new stable version for Elementary OS this time?

Visitors reaching the Elementary OS (operating system) website are greeted by a countdown screen, which, at the time of writing this article, has a little over four days remaining.

Raspberry Pi 2 unveiled; updated minicomputer now runs Windows 10

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched an updated version of its acclaimed credit-card sized computer featuring upgraded hardware and much more power than its predecessor, giving it the ability to run a version of Windows 10 later this year.

Shellshock computer virus detected

A serious computer bug that could affect hundreds of millions of computers, servers and devices has been discovered. The main devices at risk are those that run Linux systems and Apple's Mac operating system.
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Elementary OS Countdown Screen
Elementary OS Countdown Screen
Linus Torvalds  creator of Linux  with Dirk Hohndel  VMware chief open source software officer  at L...
Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux, with Dirk Hohndel, VMware chief open source software officer, at LinuxCon 2016
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Skype for Linux
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Canonical's Ubuntu Linux-based operating system
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Ubuntu in the Windows Store
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Ubuntu 17.10 with GNOME desktop
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