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Op-Ed: Espionage, the commodity — How INT is hitting on social media

Sydney - Even in an old spy novel, “spies everywhere” was a bit of a joke. Now, espionage is getting so mainstream that agencies are actually warning the public, officially. Social media, that great asset to civilization, is on the front line.

Are secret agents using LinkedIn to get information?

LinkedIn is the professional networking site where people go to network, join discussion groups or look for jobs. It also seems to contain a hot-bed of spies, seeking data.

U.S. says China is carrying out a spy campaign on LinkedIn

The U.S. has expressed concerns that Chinese spy agencies are generating fake LinkedIn accounts and are using these to attempt to recruit people with access to the U.S. government to gain commercial secrets.

LinkedIn adds new feature to let you 'ask for a referral'

LinkedIn is rolling out a new feature that lets jobseekers ask for referrals before submitting an application. The addition is intended to let users make better use of their network of professional connections by involving them in the application process.

Facebook launches job board to make it easier to find work

Facebook's announced the global expansion of its job postings feature, designed to help local businesses and job-seekers connect with each other. The company said it has found one in four people already search for new job postings using its platform.

Microsoft adding LinkedIn-powered 'Resume Assistant' to Word

Microsoft has announced a new feature for Word that helps you craft your resume using examples from LinkedIn. It's one of the first integrations between Office and LinkedIn since Microsoft acquired the company for over $26 billion.

LinkedIn rolls out native video uploads worldwide

LinkedIn has launched its own video sharing platform. The feature is intended to increase engagement amongst LinkedIn users, bringing the professional connections platform closer to a regular social network. The site wants people to post regular updates.

LinkedIn forced to allow AI bots to scrape its data

LinkedIn has been ordered to unblock a startup's access to its data, concluding a legal debate that sets a precedent for the future. LinkedIn sent a cease and desist letter when HiQ Labs started scraping its data. A court allowed the activity to continue.

Google announces new recruiting app to help businesses fill roles

Google has launched a new business app that helps recruiters to find potential candidates for job openings. The company cited research that found businesses routinely struggle to identify ideal hires. It's using technology to help solve the problem.

LinkedIn launches new app that integrates with Windows 10

LinkedIn has announced it is rolling out a new Windows app that lets you get notifications on your PC when people connect with you on the network. The Microsoft-owned platform is now better integrated with Windows, improving your productivity.

Microsoft shutting down its Office file sharing site

Microsoft has announced that it is shutting down, the company's little-known file sharing site that lets you upload and publish Office documents. The closure comes shortly after a major security incident on the site.

LinkedIn tries to be a news site with new 'Trending Storylines'

LinkedIn has announced a new feature that's meant to make it easier to find interesting news. Trending Storylines expands the business-oriented social network's focus to include popular content, increasing its recently reignited rivalry with Facebook.

Facebook's new job board means you don't have to use LinkedIn

Facebook has taken aim at business-oriented social network LinkedIn by announcing a new feature that lets you find and apply for jobs without leaving its app. It directly connects prospective employers and employees, cutting down the time spent searching.

LinkedIn's redesign changes everything for the better

LinkedIn has announced the most significant overhaul of its website since the company's launch. The new interface has been simplified to make LinkedIn's purpose and core features more obvious to users. There's also new messaging and search functions.

Does LinkedIn have a gender bias?

The ‘professional’ social networking site LinkedIn has been accused of having a gender bias. This is through providing more male professionals in its search results than females.

Op-Ed: Microsoft splurges again — this time on LinkedIn

Microsoft is buying social media business LinkedIn for $26B. Will this move add value for Microsoft shareholders or destroy it? The omens are not good.

Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26 bn

Washington - Microsoft said Monday it was buying the professional social network LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in cash, a move that helps refocus the US tech giant around cloud computing and services.

117 million LinkedIn accounts stolen in 2012 now for sale online

Nearly four years after LinkedIn was hacked, the site has now confirmed that over 117 million accounts were affected. The number is vastly more than was previously indicated. The findings came to light after the data was found for sale on the dark web.

LinkedIn is losing its status as a recruiting powerhouse

LinkedIn is at the heart of a fundamental shift, one which is little-known outside of recruitment circles but which is already changing the way top talent acquisition executives find and pursue promising personnel.

Op-Ed: Market savages LinkedIn, proves own analyses wrong

New York City - In one of the truly bizarre events on the market recently, LinkedIn was decimated by the markets after failing to meet analyst expectations. The fact that those expectations were totally off the wall, of course, is no grounds for criticism.

How you can get settlement money from LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently settled a lawsuit over a feature on its site that sent too many emails to members without their agreement.

Report: 80% of B2B marketers want to increase their LinkedIn use

A new report found 80 percent of B2B marketers intend to boost their use of LinkedIn. A total of 91 percent of B2B marketers said social media was important to their business.

What you need to know about LinkedIn's new app

LinkedIn is one of the most important social media networks for B2B professionals, and on Monday the social company announced its entry into the social media management space with a new app called Elevate.

Op-Ed: LinkedIn will now follow you around the Internet

LinkedIn, the social networking site aimed at so-termed career professionals, is extending its advertising reach. Users of the service will start to see adverts based on their profile when they visit other websites.

LinkedIn users suing over feature they say ruined job searches

If you're one of LinkedIn's more than 300 million users, it's possible the professional networking site has helped you get a job.

Op-Ed: LinkedIn college rankings amp up debate over purpose of higher ed

Currently, we obsess over which colleges can help get us a job after graduation...but now LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals, is introducing new college rankings intended to help us find out which colleges can get us WHICH jobs.

LinkedIn wants your contacts to be more than just names

The new app, LinkedIn Connected, aims to turn contacts into connections and give users what they want on their mobile devices.

LinkedIn: Free speech or yuan?

Mountain View - LinkedIn users concerns about freedom of speech are being complicated by reports of communist party ties, mainstream media says.

LinkedIn censoring posts about Tiananmen Square

Mountain View - In a sign of China's growing international clout and Western corporations' growing willingness to play by Beijing's rules, the popular business networking site LinkedIn is blocking content relating to the Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary.

Therapeutic Solutions notes social media marketing possibilities Special

Merrick - Social media methodologies and marketing strategies in preventative medicine proved their value in an interview with Jamie Rockwin, president of Therapeutic Solutions Physical Therapy.
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Linkedin Image

LinkedIn s new interface 19-01-2017
LinkedIn's new interface 19-01-2017
LinkedIn Windows 10 app
LinkedIn Windows 10 app
Microsoft / LinkedIn
LinkedIn Trending Storylines
LinkedIn Trending Storylines
LinkedIn Windows 10 app
LinkedIn Windows 10 app
Microsoft / LinkedIn
LinkedIn s new interface 19-01-2017
LinkedIn's new interface 19-01-2017
LinkedIn s new interface 19-01-2017
LinkedIn's new interface 19-01-2017
LinkedIn released a report detailing the SMB market s social media incorporation.
LinkedIn released a report detailing the SMB market's social media incorporation.
LinkedIn s new interface 19-01-2017
LinkedIn's new interface 19-01-2017
The Elevate app found on LinkedIn
The Elevate app found on LinkedIn
Courtesy LinkedIn
Reid Hoffman  founder of LinkedIn
Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn
Photo by Joi Ito
LinkedIn s new interface 19-01-2017
LinkedIn's new interface 19-01-2017
LinkedIn s new interface 19-01-2017
LinkedIn's new interface 19-01-2017
LinkedIn s new interface 19-01-2017
LinkedIn's new interface 19-01-2017
LinkedIn  Ask for a Referral
LinkedIn "Ask for a Referral"

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