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Lingerie News

'True Love Tester' bra unhooks only for true love

A new innovative bra designed in Japan uses Bluetooth to only unhook itself for the "true love" in your life, according to the claim of its manufacturer.

Japanese bra only unhooks for true love, say makers

Tokyo - In a long-awaited fusion between hot-blooded hormones and cold-headed engineering, a Japanese lingerie company has produced a bra they claim will only unlock when the wearer is really in love.

Disney lingerie debuts in Japan

An online retailer in Japan is selling lingerie sets based on four Disney Princesses in the annual Disney Fantasy Shop catalog. Lingerie inspired by Disney Princess characters is on sale for a limited time in Japan.

Actress Penélope Cruz directs 'Agent Provocateur' lingerie ad

Spanish film star Penélope Cruz has made her directing debut, making a video advert for the "Agent Provocateur" line of lingerie, starring Spanish actor and heartthrob Miguel Ángel Silvestre along with a bevy of beautiful girls.

Anti-rape lingerie for women developed in India

Three Indian engineers have invented a lingerie that they claim is able to protect women from rape. The anti-rape lingerie is fitted with modules of GPS, GSM and pressure sensors. It is capable of sending alerts to the victim's parents and police.

Lingerie ad featuring Photoshopped genitalia wins awards

A provocative ad campaign for lingerie company Jane Pain features manipulated photos of female genitalia, with the tag line reading "What you can't see is all you want to see." The campaign won the 2012 Lapiz de Oro, Argentina's highest advertising prize.

Lingerie worker sues boss who fired her because she was 'too hot'

A woman says she is suing a lingerie company that fired her because she was "too hot" to work for the company. Laura Odes says her boss at Native Intimates, a Fifth Avenue garment business owned by Orthodox Jews, told her that her breasts were too big. solves women's bra buying nightmares Special

Tel Aviv - Orit Hashay has founded, an on-line bra buying service for women who are fed up of paying loads of money, and ending up with their breasts looking squashed, droopy, enlarged, lopsided and the rest. Men read on, Orit has a message for you too.

Missouri History Museum seeking women's underpants

Saint Louis - Have some old, potentially embarrassing underwear hidden away in the back of your dresser drawers? Good news: the Missouri History Museum will take them off your hands.

Op-Ed: Heartily enjoying the silence on Valentine's

For me, Valentine's Day is a merely cold day in February. I don't hold the vitriol some do towards it, spitting about its being "a Hallmark holiday," nor do I heave sighs and get depressed. For what?

Op-Ed: Lingerie Basketball League making waves in Los Angeles

Los Angeles - While the LA Lakers usually attract thousands of basketball fanatics in the state of California, they now have some serious competition - the Lingerie Basketball League (LBL).

Chinese company uses Princess Diana lookalike in underwear ads

Shenzhen - Billboards erected in China show a Princess Diana lookalike wearing only lingerie and the words "Feel the Romance of British Royalty."

Lane Bryant denies making Victoria's Secret parody skeleton ad

Tucson - Despite the protests over the failure of networks to run the Lane Bryant lingerie ads last month, LB does not want customers to think they are behind the new Victoria's Secret parody "skeleton commercial" being shown on TV and around the Internet.

Op-Ed: Lane Bryant lingerie ad that Fox, ABC refuse to air

Fox and ABC refuse to air Lane Bryant's full figured women's Lingerie ads as originally created during Dancing With the Stars and American Idol, until much editing was done- in what appears to be a discriminatory decision directed at plus-size women.

Saudi women asked to boycott lingerie shops employing male staff

Women in Saudi Arabia are being asked to join a two-week boycott of lingerie shops in the Middle Eastern kingdom that employ male staff to serve female customers.

A scantily-clad Angela Merkel in German advertising campaign

The beautiful Angela can be seen adorning the walls of Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm wearing mauve underwear in an advertising hoarding of 200 m² in the company of other leading German politicians posing as boxers.

Saudi Arabia Women Launch Boycott

In public, women in Saudi Arabia are required to wear black robes and black head coverings. This is not required in the home, where sexy lingerie is allowed.

UK Postman is Caught Wearing A Red Thong And A String Of Missing Post

A cunning and rather kinky British postman was caught with his pants down recently. If they had been is own undies it wouldn't have been so bad, but what he happened to be wearing was a ladies thong

Sri Lanka Lingerie Plant to be Carbon Neutral Pioneer

MAS Holdings is Sri Lanka's largest apparel company and claims to have created the first lingerie manufacturing facility that will reduce carbon emissions and eventually become carbon neutral.

Laundry Room Thief Caught With 1,300 Pieces Of Lingerie

A Colorado man has been arrested for stealing over 1,300 bras, panties and pantyhose from women who used public laundry facilities near Colorado State University.

Men Banned From Selling Lingerie In Dubai

Across the Arab Muslim world, men are now being banned from working in shops that sell women's lingerie.

"My Playstation Made Me Do It" Claims Cross Dressing Lingerie Robber

45-year-old Robert Boyd disguised himself in a wig, hat and sunglasses. He was on a mission. Armed with a knife he entered the "Orchid" lingerie store and made off with dozens of panties, bras and garterbelts. His defense??

Tough Men in Panties, A Secret Life? Not Just Sex

Very revealing interview with business owner, Ross of PantiesForMen, tells all - common myths of men in lingerie, what type and the desires of _millions_ of straight men who wear, or wish to wear, women's panties. Ladies take notice.

Porn Star Jenna Jameson to host Lingerie Bowl V

Famed porn-star Jenna Jameson will help host the Lingerie Bowl with former Chicago Bears defensive lineman William "The Refrigerator" Perry.

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Penelope Cruz had her directing debut  making a video advert for a range of lingerie that she and he...
Penelope Cruz had her directing debut, making a video advert for a range of lingerie that she and her sister Monica designed for Agent Provocateur.
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