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Linda carty News

Op-Ed: Linda Carty's amen corner is back in the UK

Convicted murderess Linda Carty has a new advocate. The face may have changed, but the lies remain depressingly familiar as her non-story is once again touted to UK viewers.

Op-Ed: Clive Stafford Smith — The Baron Münchhausen of Death Row

Founder and head honcho of Reprieve, Clive Stafford Smith, has a new book coming out on the American criminal justice system. Unsurprisingly, it is called "Injustice". Be sure not to read it.

Review: Reprieve releases new video about consular assistance

London - The London based pressure group Reprieve has released a new video for the benefit of British citizens who fall foul of the law abroad. Alas, some are beyond redemption.

Op-Ed: Jerry Guerinot shoots from the hip Special

Houston - According to his former client Linda Carty, Jerry Guerinot is the worst lawyer in Texas if not America. Here, we take a more objective look at the attorney who was unfortunate enough to defend the most guilty murderess in America.

Op-Ed: Linda Carty's other lawyer sets the record straight Special

Houston - Two years ago, Clive Stafford Smith's Reprieve organisation launched a campaign on behalf of Linda Carty, who was and remains on death row in Texas. That campaign has been more enthusiastic than truthful.

Op-Ed: The British woman on Death Row

Houston - Last night, Channel 4 screened a documentary about convicted murderess Linda Carty; with major contributions from Clive Stafford Smith, it could only have been an exercise in special pleading.

Op-Ed: Poisonous injection, a lethal way to die

London - If Clive Stafford Smith ever decides to quit the legal profession, he would make a good stand up comedian, come to think of it, he already does.

Op-Ed: Is Michael Luvaglio a victim or villain?

Having lost in the courts, convicted murderer Michael Luvaglio is seeking to retry his case in the court of public opinion, but like many others who protest their innocence, he is not to be trusted.

Op-Ed: Linda Carty and the march of the gullible

London - The case of convicted murderess Linda Carty is back in the news in Britain; this is a short article setting out the true facts about her case as opposed to the propaganda which is swallowed uncritically by the well-meaning and the gullible.

UK grandmother on Texas Death Row makes final plea Special

Gatesville - The Supreme Court refused to review the case of a British woman condemned to die by lethal injection at Huntsville Prison. Linda Carty was sentenced to death for the capital murder of a young Texas mother whose baby she then kidnapped for her own.

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Joana Rodriguez.
Joana Rodriguez.
A Reprieve supporter stands atop the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square in September 2009 with a cardb...
A Reprieve supporter stands atop the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square in September 2009 with a cardboard cut out of convicted murderess Linda Carty.
In the documentary by Werner Herzog  Death Row. Portraits   Linda Carty protests her innocence from ...
In the documentary by Werner Herzog 'Death Row. Portraits' Linda Carty protests her innocence from behind bullet-proof glass.

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