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Lincoln News

Missing 3-year-old boy found in an arcade claw machine with toys

A three-year-old boy crawled up into a claw machine and enjoyed playing with the toys inside while his mother searched for him.

Op-Ed: Quebec, Crimea and Lincoln's First Inaugural Address

I’ve recently spent a lot of time considering the language being used by Parti Québécois members here in Canada, and also thinking about what is happening over in Ukraine; very disconnected issues with very different stakes, to say the least.

Op-Ed: What have we learned from Black History Month? Special

Black History Month is celebrated every February in the United States. As the month comes to a close, it is a good time to reflect on what we have learned. Books, documentaries, and feature films are resources for gleaning new information.

Review: New on DVD for March 26 Special

This week’s releases include a family friendly feature; a couple of films about family; significantly different crime dramas; and an Oscar-worthy performance.

Op-Ed: The Academy Awards — Predictions, preferences and predilections

We're two weeks away from the biggest, showiest, most controversial American public spectacle of the year. No, not the presidential inauguration – that's over. I'm talking about Hollywood's annual self-smooching love fest, the Academy Awards.

BAFTAs love 'Lincoln' but leave out Spielberg

London - They are often called the British Academy Awards. They are the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards - or BAFTA. They have entered the discussion as they offer up their best today (Jan. 9).

Joseph Gordon-Levitt cycles his way through 'Premium Rush' Special

In the action-filled, chase thriller 'Premium Rush' (on Blu-ray/DVD), the young star of 'Lincoln' & 'Looper' learned how to convincingly portray a NYC bike messenger from the pros themselves. JG-L even has the battle scars to prove his street cred.

Golden Globes: 'Lincoln' leads with seven nominations

Beverly Hills - Hollywood got up early this morning awaiting news of the Golden Globe nominations. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the nominations at around 5:34 a.m. PT in order to get that news out.

Review: Spielberg's 'Lincoln' triumphs as a backstage political drama Special

Artists often have to let go of their habits in order to grow. Steven Spielberg has learned this several times in his career, and his wonderful new biopic, “Lincoln”, benefits from his willingness to stop being Spielberg and just tell his story.

Lincoln release 16/11/12 promises to be a smash movie

Los Angeles - Steven Spielberg's latest blockbuster is a biographical war drama which centers on the last four months of who many consider America's greatest president, Abraham Lincoln.

Teaser trailer for Lincoln movie released online

The official trailer won't come out until this Thursday, but movie and history lovers already can get their first peek at Steven Spielberg's upcoming presidential biopic, "Lincoln". Dreamworks released a 45-second teaser on YouTube yesterday.

Op-Ed: Tea Party wakes up, targets GOP incumbents

Sydney - If you’ve been wondering where the Tea Party got to, it’s obviously learned a lot from Washington traditions. It wakes up every couple of years for elections and conventions. About a third of GOP Senate nominees are Tea Party-endorsed candidates.

Copy of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation sold for $2.1 million

Washington - A copy of the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation document, signed by President Abraham Lincoln, has been sold for $2.1 million.

Report of first doctor to reach shot President Lincoln uncovered

Washington - Dr. Charles Leale's report on his attempts to save mortally wounded U.S. President Abraham Lincoln in 1865 have been found.

List of top alternative-fuel vehicles offers valuable information

Los Angeles - A ranking of 2012’s hybrid and diesel-powered vehicles released today looks to help consumers make informed selections when shopping for new transportation.

The Gipper nudges out Honest Abe in museum attendance

They are often linked in polls and have the state of Illinois in common. They are President Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln.

29,000-gallon propane tanker on fire in California

Lincoln - Although the California summer has been relatively mild this year, citizens of Lincoln are feeling the heat from a 29,000-gallon propane tanker that caught on fire yesterday.

Visiting the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Special

Springfield - The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois is an “unrivaled destination,” particularly on the 150th anniversary of America’s Civil War.

Interview with Vancouver musician and filmmaker Lincoln Thorne Special

Vancouver - Lincoln Thorne, a musician and filmmaker, grew up in Toronto but now calls Vancouver his home. In this interview he talks about the recently held third Black History in Film festival.

Large quanity of ammonium nitrate unaccounted for in Ontario

Toronto - On May 26 a large quantity of ammonium nitrate was purchased from a Lincoln, Ontario farm−supply store by a man who wasn't who he claimed to be. The police were notified of the purchase on May 31.

Runoff for U.S. Senate seat in Arkansas: Halter v. Lincoln Special

In an effort to defeat US Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-Arkansas), Lt Governor Bill Halter made numerous campaign stops in Arkansas including one in Fayetteville where he was met by smiling supporters waving banners and cheering him on.

George W. Bush Fails History Again

If George Bush Jr. has any serious interest in how history will measure him in the Presidency, he needs to get ready for the bad news. Sixty-five historians have already given their opinions.

Obama To Americans: Do What Abraham Lincoln Would Do

As today marks the birthday of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, US President Barack Obama has urged all Americans to follow Lincoln’s example.

What Do the Star Signs Say About Darwin, Lincoln and Palin?

Astrology is used to plot personality and destiny. Sarah Palin’s birthday was February 10 and Charles Darwin and Abe Lincoln on February 12. If the heavens tell us that people born in the same month have similar ways, are these folks compatible?

Abe Lincoln Really Did Have A Good Side

Abe Lincoln is said to have had a good side. Science has proven that statement true by laser scans of two life masks made from plaster casts of Lincoln's face. Lincoln appears to have had cranial facial microsomia.

Daily Show: Comparing George Bush and Abraham Lincoln

A hilarious look at the recent comparisons of Bush and Lincoln

Updated: Lincoln Memorial Closed Over 'Mysterious Liquid'

"Authorities closed the Lincoln Memorial on Monday after a suspicious liquid was found in a bathroom, authorities said."

Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R-RI) may switch parties

After losing the midterm election, Sen. Chafee contemplates leaving the GOP.

Abraham Lincoln's advice on Email

President Abraham Lincoln's thoughts and habits concerning written/telegraph communications.

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Central Plaza of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.  Springfield  IL
Central Plaza of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. Springfield, IL
The Lincoln Memorial
The Lincoln Memorial
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The fist of America! Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.
Lincoln statue in Union Square Park with Union Station in the background across from Abraham Lincoln...
Lincoln statue in Union Square Park with Union Station in the background across from Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Springfield, IL
The Lincoln Memorial
The Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Cabin at Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.  Springfield  IL
Lincoln Cabin at Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Springfield, IL
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