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Facebook to bring in new 'Like' button

After carrying out research with representative users of its service, Facebook will change the design of its "like" button.

Facebook ready for global rollout of new 'Like' button

According to reports, Facebook is on the verge of launching its new Reactions feature across the world. A revised form of the 'Like' button, Reactions lets users express emotions including "Love", "Wow", "Angry" , "Sad" and "Haha".

Twitter users unhappy as 'Favourites' relaunched as 'Likes'

Twitter has removed the ability to favourite a tweet by clicking the star icon and replaced it with "Likes" signified by hearts. Described as a "universal symbol" that makes the network more accessible, many users are unhappy.

Facebook announces six new emotions to sit alongside 'Like'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently confirmed the company is working on adding a "dislike" button to the social network, although he never put it as such. Today, the new options were unveiled and they're rather different than what people expected.

Facebook confirms it is working on a 'dislike' button

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed the social network is developing a new "Dislike" button as an alternative to the ubiquitous "Like." The company is working to make the new option a better way to "express empathy" for certain topics.

Posting on social media will ruin your life, study finds

A study has confirmed the idea that obsessing over creating the "perfect" social media post will end up ruining your life, finding that 60 percent of people have missed an experience because they were trying too hard to take a picture or post about it.

'What's on your mind?' Anti-Facebook video goes viral

Oslo - Three brothers have put together a short film, outlining the miseries of life in the Facebook age. It seems to have struck a chord, as in less than a month, the video has received almost 7 million views.

Study: Cockroaches can live longer with bizarre behavior

Cockroaches are known to live through extreme conditions such as surviving a nuclear explosion. Now they seem to have developed an aversion towards sugar.

No Gift Like Music performs free of charge for those in need Special

London - No Gift Like Music is a UK organisation. Its aim is to provide live and recorded music to those most vulnerable at no charge to them.

President Obama's Facebook page sees large spike in 'Likes'

The Obama campaign recently saw a huge spike in "Likes" one day this week after the President's team invested in "Sponsored Stories" to appear in Facebook news feeds.

Like-A-Hug gives you a hug when someone 'likes' you on Facebook

MIT designers have developed a vest that hugs you when you get a "Like" on Facebook. According to the designers, the Like-A-Hug is a "wearable social media" that allows you to "feel the warmth, support, or love that we feel when we receive hugs."

Judge rules 'Like' button not protected under First Amendment

Norfolk - A U.S. judge has recently ruled Facebook's popular 'Like' button is not protected under the First Amendment as a form of expression.

Israeli couple name daughter after Facebook

Although it appears that the human race can't possibly become anymore obsessed with Facebook, an Israeli couple have taken it one step further by naming their daughter Like.

A Girl Like Me

Color is more than skin deep for young African-American women struggling to define themselves. An inspiring and eye opening video.

What Star Wars would be like on the Wii

The following CONCEPT video gives an insight as to how cool Star Wars on the Wii would be.

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Twitter s new  Like  button
Twitter's new "Like" button
Screenshot of Twitter's Twitter feed
Book cover of  Crazy Like Us - the globalization of the American Psyche   by Ethan Watters
Book cover of "Crazy Like Us - the globalization of the American Psyche," by Ethan Watters
Screenshot of a Facebook page
Screenshot of a Facebook page
Screenshot of video demo of new Facebook Reactions buttons  posted by Facebook engineer Chris Cox
Screenshot of video demo of new Facebook Reactions buttons, posted by Facebook engineer Chris Cox
Chris Cox, Facebook
An impression of the Facebook  Like  button
An impression of the Facebook 'Like' button

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