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'Divergent' set to dominate

UPDATE #2: It looks like "Divergent" will reap around $53-58 million for the weekend as the next trilogy is born. It took in $22.8 million on Friday.

Cocaine Hidden But No Longer With Rain In Spain

If that old song about the rain in Spain lying mainly on the plain had something to say about diction and protocol, one man went even further when he tried to get through customs sporting a leg cast made entirely of cocaine! Read on but…watch out.

Binge Drinking in Scotland a Serious Problem

In an attempt to stem the rising problems associated with alcohol abuse, Scotland has established some new drinking laws. Will they help? Only time and enforced sobriety will tell.

Octopus Floods Tank at Aquarium: All Await Her Next Act

An inquisitive octopus some now call Flo managed to disassemble a valve at the top of her tank at the Santa Monica Aquarium, flooding the place with some 200 gallons of seawater. Read on for more about her wet and very weird tale.

Blind Mechanic Never In The Dark

A Dutch mechanic has repaired cars for thirty years, despite being totally blind. Read all about how he diagnoses problems by using his hearing and sense of touch.

Hang From Tree and Live Longer: New Fitness Plan

Huang Fugui, 64, of Chengdu, China has devised a new way to stay fit; if one can live through the regimen, that is. He created his own gymnastic program using only a rope and a tree (and a few prayers).

Love Blooms Among Badly Burned Koala Bears

The aftermath of the devastating Australian brush fires that claimed more than 180 lives hardly seems the proper setting for a love story, but somehow it is. Read this heart-warming tale of love and hope between two badly burned, rescued koalas.

Louvre Museum Presents The 'Funeral of Mona Lisa'

As part of a project on behalf of the Louvre, contemporary art is brought face to face with the masterpieces of old. Meet Franco-Chinese artist, Yan Pei-Ming, and his controversial centerpiece for the exhibition.

Student Accuses Mother of Torture

A student dialed police and claimed his mother psychologically tortured him because she asked him to take a bath once a week, tidy up his room and help with the rent!! Read on, but only if you are clean and fairly neat.

Couple Under Glass in Hotel Room: Voyeurs Welcome

Reminiscent of that rare delicacy, Pheasant Under Glass, this London couple has volunteered to go on display at a hotel in New York City. Why is the question and you really should read on for some non-answers.

Exorcist Called to Hospital: Staff Reports Ghost

The workers at the new Royal Hospital in Derby, England have a rather disturbing problem. Some staff members have been terrified by the presence of a black-clad figure that is said to stalk the hospital wards and corridors. Read on, but don’t ask me.

Hairpieces For Dogs: Going Too Far?

One California firm run by two sisters offers to prepare your favorite pooch for a night on the town with a range of hairpieces especially designed for animals. Read on, whether you prefer bobs, French twists or that old stand-by, the pony-tail.

UFOs Blamed for Mysterious Destruction of Wind Turbines

In Conisholme, Lincolnshire, England, the mysterious destruction of wind turbines has been attributed to UFOs. Read on for more details, but pay close attention to the skies outside your window.

New Study Reveals That Monkeys Can Do Simple Math

According to a new study, while monkeys may never be able to pass college math tests, they can perform mental addition remarkably well. Read on and watch those figures!

Skier Loses Pants: One Very Cold Misadventure

In keeping with that old adage about losing one’s shirt, this unfortunate skier took it a few steps further. Read on for the bare, embarrassing and very cold facts.

Italian Homeless Get Caviar for Christmas

In keeping with the spirit of the season but going just a little bit over the top, the homeless in Milan will enjoy a rare holiday treat; choice beluga caviar confiscated from traffickers! Read this tale of giving and get a little warm and fuzzy all over.

Horse Sells His Abstract Paintings and Has His Own Art Exhibit

Cholla, the painting horse, is no one-trick pony. He is after all, a horse, but his paintings sell for quite a bit of money and he is slated to have his own exhibition in the spring. Read on, and Jackson Pollack, move over!

Wolf In Poster’s Clothing: A New Thrifty Twist on an Old Fable

Du Hebing, a clever Chinese shepherd, has become quite an online hit with his thrifty way to control his flock of sheep. He uses the picture of a “wolf” instead of a sheepdog to herd them, and it works. Read on for more about these stupid sheep.

Pre-chewed Pencils Improve School Children's Concentration

A British design company has launched a new product to help children concentrate in school. Well, the product isn’t new, but its condition is, namely, pre-chewed pencils! Enter a new realm of classroom decorum, but leave all distractions behind.

Planned Parenthood Holiday Gift:Health Vouchers

In keeping with the giving spirit of the season and for those who are uninsured and cannot afford health care, Planned Parenthood of Indiana is offering holiday vouchers for basic health care. Read on for details, some merry, some no.

Reindeer Droppings Christmas Ornaments: Now I Have Heard Everything!

At the Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, Illinois, a Christmas tree ornament made from reindeer droppings hangs on a display as a fund- raiser. It is not known how the reindeer in question feel about this, but read on anyway.

Free Flip-Flops For Drunk Women: Taxpayer’s Bailiwick?

In what pressure groups refer to as an “idiotic waste of money,” a Devon seaside resort is spending thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money on flip-flops to help drunken women walk home. Read on and maybe in the end you’ll be sorrier than safe.

Runaway Hamster Alive and Well In England

Against all odds, a runaway hamster has been found alive after evading a team of eight firemen armed with a chocolate-coated camera. Read all about Fudgie’s nine-day misadventure that ended well for both the hamster and those who love him.

Reluctant Groom Sets Wedding Room Ablaze

Misunderstanding the words of that old song, “I Don’t Want to Set The World on Fire, I Just Want to Start a Flame in Your Heart,” this reluctant groom set fire to the hotel where he was to marry. Could the man be…hesitant to make a commitment?

Forgetful Dog Lover Finds Lost Pet

It was a happy ending for an older Chinese man who was reunited with his beloved dog after a month’s separation due to the fact that he left the animal in his car and forgot where he parked it. Read all about this amazing reunion.

Woman’s Hair Almost Nine Feet Tall: Rapunzel, Move Over

Read all about this South Florida woman who now has hair longer than she is tall! Her odd saga started twenty years and many brushes and combs ago.

Man Eats Wife's Passport: Few Appetizers Available

A Russian man is facing serious jail time after tearing up and then eating all the pieces of his ex-wife's passport during an argument. Read on, no matter how you may feel about eating in between meals.

Chinese Entrepreneur Sells Wife's Breast Milk Online

In light of the recent baby formula milk scandal, one thrifty Chinese man is doing his duty by selling his wife's excess breast milk online. Read this tale of frugality gone a bit amuck even if you may be lactose-intolerant.

World's First Testicle Cookbook: Cross Your Legs and Pray

They say that one man’s meat is another’s well, you know, but before any terrible images come a-crashing, don't think about human private parts. Still, if the thought is enough to make you lose your appetite, it is understandable. Read on, if you dare

Would-Be Romeo Arrested: A Kidnapping by Any Other Name

This absurd tale of kidnap-rescue would seem to come straight out of the pages of a dime-store novel plot but it didn’t. Read all about this love-struck banker and his attempts to make a co-worker love him.
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