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'Dolphin Tale 2' swims into theaters with 'No Good Deed'

This is the weekend when Hollywood wouldn't mind a pleasant surprise. That would be in the form of "Dolphin Tale 2." The family-friendly film is out and simply because of the theater count, it could end on top.

Oscars: Governors Ball Preview serves it up Special

As the annual Governors Ball Red Carpet Preview takes place, the minute the curtain is open, most press head right toward Chef Wolfgang Puck.

Directors pick 'Argo'

In a year when nothing is certain, Ben Affleck won the Directors Guild Of America's top pick for motion picture of the year. With this award, and all the others, can it be upset come Oscar time?

MTV to honor Johnny Depp with 'Generation' award on June 3

When Johnny Depp accepts his just announced "Generation Award" from MTV, how will he look when he picks it up? Judging from what he prefers of late, white powder and heavy make-up.

Exhausted 'Black Friday' worker drives into a canal

Palm Beach - An unnamed department store employee lost control of her car early Friday morning while heading home after a late-night shift at a local Target.

Surfer, Preppy, Goth, Huh? A Teen's Insight on Teen Cliques

Today, especially in households with teens, the words "preppy", "goth", and "skater" have become all too common vocabulary. What is the fuel behind these groups? Take a minute and see things through a teenage eye.

The Quest for the Holy Ale

There’s more to beer than just cracking a cold one after mowing the lawn. Digital Journal goes around the world to discover the beers you have to try before you die Digital Journal — For too long, beer has been stereotyped as a drink to be chugged, .

The Steroid Generation

(Digital Journal) — Throughout my life, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet everyone from the “Conan the Barbarians” to the “Stay-Puft Marshmallow Men.” My diagnosis: Steroids do just as bad a number on you as anything else you can cram into a

Racy, Sexy and Kinky: Toronto Celebrates Everything To Do With Sex

TORONTO (Digital Journal) — It’s like a convention for the curious minds, an exhibition for experimentalists, a hologram of horniness. It’s the Everything to Do With Sex Show, and now in its fifth year in Toronto, is one of the highest attended co

Celebs, Fashionistas and Music Converge at Holt Renfrew's 'Vinyl' Gala

Ex-Fugee Wyclef Jean poses for photographers with Mary Pompili, Vice President of Marketing for Holt Renfrew, as she greets arriving celebrities. — Photo djc Features TORONTO (djc Features) — With the combination of celebs, fashionistas and booze .

Scalpel Please: The Search for Never-Ending Beauty

Plastic surgery isn't just for Hollywood anymore. The search for never-ending beauty has moved from TV to reality, as procedure have increased threefold.

New York Court Backs Gay Marriage

NEW YORK (BBC) - A New York court has ruled in favour of gay marriages saying that failure to do so would breach the equal rights laws written into the state's constitution. In its ruling the court in the town of New Paltz also dismissed the charges...

Same Sex Marriage Issue Divides France

PARIS (voa) - A French mayor performed the country's first homosexual wedding last Saturday, despite the threat of government sanctions and widespread political opposition. But, elsewhere in France, city halls are not as willing to defy the law or main...

Holt Couture: Canada's Holt Renfrew, Where Art, Design and Fashion Intersect

Digital Journal — The words “Canada” and “high fashion” are not frequently uttered in the same breath. There is one exception to this rule, however, and that is Holt Renfrew. Just approach the national retailer’s massive, multilevel flagship

Toronto Fashion Week attracts Canada's Best Talent

TORONTO (djc) - On Monday night, fashionistas crowded the doorway underneath the glowing sign for Carlu – Toronto’s newest event theatre – smoking, chatting on cell phones and checking each other out. Inside the theatre, on the seventh floor, Toront

Holt Renfrew Dazzles Toronto with Vanity Fair Gala

TORONTO (djc) - As if the whirlwind of Hollywood-style glitz and glamour surrounding the Toronto International Film Festival wasn’t enough — the recent spectacular Flick gala, courtesy of Holt Renfrew, Vanity Fair magazine and Bombay Sapphire, may hav

Leaving the Amish Life Behind

Apple Creek, Ohio, USA - (voa) - The choice between living the rustic Amish lifestyle, or joining the fast-paced, convenient modern world, has always been an option for Amish teens. Many continue to embrace the security of their strict communities, whe...

Internet in Daily Life: Divorces

"Our d-i-v-o-r-c-e becomes final today . . ." Splitting from a spouse is never an easy thing, emotionally, but in many divorces, the Internet has made the process more efficient and cheaper. Lindsey Short, a past president of the Academy of Matrimo...

Forget Playing Bridge and Bingo, Seniors are Walking Down the Aisle Again

TORONTO, Ontario - Marilyn Grace knew she couldn’t keep all of her 13 cats once she had to sell her house and move into a “shoebox” apartment. Dick Holyer also knew retirement life wouldn’t be so rosy when his wife of 30 years left him. He thoug

Changing Images In The Trendy Districts Of Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN (dpa) - A videotheque named "Private Corner", a sex shop and striptease bars set the tone in the Istegade, in Copenhagen's Vesterbro district.Yet the seedy street is also the centre of an emerging sub- culture. The old red-light image of the...

Germany's CDU In Disarray Over Pro-Gay Single Mother

HAMBURG (dpa) - Germany's otherwise lacklustre general election campaign has received a sudden injection of controversy with conservative standard-bearer Edmund Stoiber's choice of a pro-gay single mother to be his main campaign voice for family values...

'Mega Churches' Bring In Huge Congregations

WASHINGTON (voa) - The United States is a big country, and Americans seem to reflect that in the way they approach their lives. Whether it's a cinema complex that houses a dozen different movie theaters, or a sport utility vehicle that seats eight and ...

France In Shock After Elimination From World Cup

PARIS (voa) - The defending World Cup soccer champion has been eliminated from this year's competition. France lost to Denmark 2-0 Tuesday to finish with no wins, a tie and two losses. This is the first time since 1966 that a defending champion fai...

Hollywood Goes To Copenhagen, Denmark Celebrates Arne Jacobsen

COPENHAGEN (dpa) - Many conservative Copenhagen residents were not impressed when the high-rise Royal Hotel designed by Arne Jacobsen opened its doors to the public for the first time in 1961.Critics found the 22-storey building too cold and functional...

Heavyweights Tackle The Discrimination Of The Lean And Mean

SAN FRANCISCO (dpa) - Like many of her fellow Californians, Amanda Wylie admits to being a fitness fanatic. She goes boxing, jogging, does yoga or aerobics, and lifts weights five times a week.Yet the 29-year-old's weight of 114 kilos does not match he...

Tango Or Techno - Music Therapy Is A Matter Of Taste

Tango or techno, a symphony or gospel - the right music gets under the skin and has a much stronger impact than words or images. But what really counts is the individual musical taste.Only the right choice of music can make itself felt in the legs, hea...

Love Can Blind Women To The Dangers Of Falling Into Debt

Keeping a cool head in business matters is easier said than done. It's even more difficult to be cautious and make a cold calculation when the other partner in a financial transaction is the man you love.That is the experience of an increasing number o...

Consumers Rediscover The Cosmetics That Captivated Cleopatra

Queen Cleopatra's enthusiasm for a bath in asses' milk shows that the ancient Egyptians knew about the beauty benefits of natural products. Two thousand years later, the modern world is rediscovering this principle."There is a strongly growing demand f...

Ukrainians Know Cholesterol, But They Still Love Their Pork Fat

KIEV (dpa) - Ukrainian pop star Iryna Bilyk had trouble getting through customs when she visited New York last month, but it wasn't because of the international war on terrorism."It was my drummer Feodr. He had listed a kilogram of salo (pork fat)...

''Destroyed'' And ''Distressed'' - Jeans Make A Comeback

HAMBURG (dpa) - In recent years, jeans have been in the fashion doghouse. They remained popular for casual wear, but were off the catwalks and unseen in glossy fashion magazines.But that has changed. Suddenly jeans are an object of desire yet again, al...
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