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Tripoli cafes offer Libyans taste of normality

Tripoli - Weaving between tables at a seaside restaurant in Libya's capital bearing freshly baked rosemary bread, Abdelmuttaleb Twigiri shuttles between the wood-fired oven and his customers in a blur of hospitality.

'You're never alone': Russia celebrates its communal flats

Sanktpeterburg - A leftover from the Soviet era, the communal flat or "kommunalka" with bathroom and kitchen shared by a dozen or so residents is very much alive in Russia's historic city of Saint Petersburg.

Toilets with free Wi-fi, ATMs soon to sprout across Beijing

At least 100 toilets with free Wi-fi access and automated teller machines will soon sprout across the Chinese capital of Beijing.

Malaysian capital to be one of world's most connected cities

The Malaysian government is implementing an ambitious three-year plan to transform the capital Kuala Lumpur into one of world’s most connected cities.

Rio exhibit celebrates Brazil's 'first' man in flight

Rio De Janeiro - One of Brazil's most famous and eccentric heroes, the aviation pioneer Santos Dumont, lifts off again with an exhibition in Rio's new Museum of Tomorrow.

When technology bites back

Paris - From the 1912 sinking of RMS Titanic to the Chernobyl nuclear accident 30 years ago, technology has repeatedly confounded the confidence of its creators.

Israeli jazz taking giant steps as talent returns home

Telavi - When saxophonist Eli Degibri left Israel at the age of 18 to study jazz at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, he knew he'd come back home one day.

A Chinese eye delivers new perspectives on Europe's migrant crisis

Florence - Liu Xiaodong, the acclaimed Chinese contemporary artist, has put Europe's migrant crisis at the centre of an exhibition of new work which goes on show from Friday in Florence.

'Father of African photography' wows a new generation

Paris - They came in their best clothes and queued in their hundreds every day outside the little mud-walled house in Bamako to be immortalised by "the master".

Sudan's top girl band eyes world tour 45 years on

Khartoum - Stepping onto a Khartoum stage and launching into their first song, The Nightingales -- Sudan's best-loved girl band -- still raise whoops and cheers from adoring fans, 45 years after their debut.

Halal makeup: Muslim beauty without the beast

Paris - A bearded imam may have seemed out of place at this week's In-Cosmetics expo in Paris, an annual showcase for the world's leading beauty and personal care products.

Cambodian passenger train rumbles back to life

Phnom Penh - Packed passenger trains are rolling out of Cambodia's capital for the first time in over a decade this week, as a railway service running down to the country's southern coast resumes after years of suspension.

Salute! Italy toasts booming wine trade

Verona - As he swirls a glass of yellowy green wine made from the trendy pecorino grape, Fabio Centini purrs with enthusiasm.

Uber settles California background check suit for $10 mn

San Francisco - Ridesharing service Uber said it agreed to pay $10 million to settle a California lawsuit accusing it of misleading the public about the thoroughness of its driver background checks.

Spanish port becomes global 'smart city' laboratory

Santander - In Spain's historic port of Santander, parking is no longer a headache, rubbish bins never overflow and grass is watered only when needed since this northern resort town became a testing ground for "smart cities" around the world.

Antarctica: International relations in a cold climate

Puerto Williams - Winter is coming, and like many scientists posted in Antarctica, Bogdan Gavrylyuk is looking forward to going home.

Activists intensify drive vs China dog meat festival

Beijing - This year’s dog meat festival in China is still two months away but local and international animal rights activists are already heightening their campaign against the event.

Goodbye vodka? Russians toast craft beer revolution

Moscow - Bearded hipsters and bespectacled 20-somethings sip pale ales and dark stouts at Garden Beer, one of Moscow's new craft beer bars serving "made in Russia" brews to an increasingly discerning clientele.

In Washington, there's more than politics on the menu

Washington - Mary Ackley, who lives in the US capital, had to keep an open mind while pursuing her dream of becoming a farmer. So she went underground.

Chinese 'parachute kids' flock to U.S. schools

Murrieta - Growing up in mainland China, Hailun "Helen" Zhou always knew that she would finish her high school education in America, whatever the cost.

Size matters at Japan phallus festival

Kawasaki - Japanese revellers carried giant phalluses through the streets of Kawasaki on Sunday to worship the humble penis and fertility in one of the world's most unusual festivals.

Young Croatian ready for his shot at NBA fame

Jerusalem - In front of a rowdy crowd and with a top basketball executive from the United States watching the game, an absurdly tall 18-year-old from Croatia took shots at his future.They went in -- several times.

Calls for French women's minister to quit over veil 'slavery' row

Paris - France's women's rights minister faced growing criticism on Thursday, including calls on social media to resign, after comparing women who wear the Muslim headscarf and veil to "negroes who supported slavery".

Britain's remaining milkmen keeping tradition afloat

Saint Albans - Once a daily sight on every British street, a dwindling but resilient band of milkmen still go out at the crack of dawn to deliver bottles of fresh milk to the nation's doorsteps.

French minister compares veiled women to 'negroes who supported slavery'

Paris - A French government minister on Wednesday compared women who wear the veil to "negroes who supported slavery" amid a backlash against the growing trend for Muslim-orientated fashion.

China clamping down on streets, projects with foreign names

Evocative English names like “Manhattan,” “Venice,” “Central Park” and "Chateau Edinburgh" will soon become things of the past, at least in China.

Myanmar pagoda re-clad with gold as devotees look to gain spiritual credit

Yangon - Teetering on bamboo scaffolding, expert craftsmen are busy attaching blocks of gold to a Buddhist pagoda in downtown Yangon, burnishing one of the city's major landmarks and racking up spiritual credit for devotees.

Dreams of fame at the School of Go

Seoul - For the past two years, 12-year-old Cho Sung-Bin has spent nearly all his waking hours focused on a wooden board covered with black and white stones, honing the skills he hopes to translate into a lucrative career as a professional Go player."It's fun....

As unrest worsens, more Hong Kong citizens escape to U.S.

Over the past three years, more residents of Hong Kong are fleeing the Chinese autonomous territory to escape the rising social tensions and low job prospects with the United States their preferred destination.

Israel sees heady future for medical marijuana

Telavi - With its moat, wall, barbed wire, armed guards and security cameras, the facility could be mistaken for a military base if it weren't for the pungent odour of marijuana in the air.
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Two friends fishing in a small boat on a river
Two friends fishing in a small boat on a river
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Me and my "historical" best friend Martina
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A Japanese torii at dusk at Itsukushima Shrine
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A picture of a couple demonstrating the Napkin Table in action.
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Me and my friends
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Hong Kong
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Nanjing Road in Shanghai.
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Nice ice cream marketing here.
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My Ellis Briggs bike.
The survey findings demonstrate the cross-cutting links between an employer’s support of
The survey findings demonstrate the cross-cutting links between an employer’s support of workplace-wellness initiatives and the likelihood that an employer will take steps towards a healthy lifestyle.
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