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Wine production to fall worldwide in 2016

Paris - Global wine production this year is expected to be among the lowest for 20 years, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine said Thursday.

Myanmar's storied film industry gears up for a sequel

Yangon - With turquoise columns propping up a pink and yellow portico, Myanmar's art deco style Thwin cinema is a rare relic from a golden age of movie-making that dazzled audiences more than half a century ago.

Lights out, volume down in Bangkok's party heart

Bangkok - With soldiers closing down Bangkok's notorious go-go bars and tourists forced to sneak sips of beer from paper cups, Thailand is dialling down its raucous party scene out of respect for the country's late monarch.

Unwanted gods find new home in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Tucked away on a coastal Hong Kong hillside is a different type of recycling point -- here, thousands of unwanted statues of deities look out to sea, gathered and repaired after their owners discard them.

'Star' gazing before Washington's first Michelin Guide

Washington - The question has had the Washington restaurant scene buzzing since news in May of the US capital's first Michelin Guide -- who will get a coveted star?"Michelin, they're pretty secretive...

Dutch freeze court action against Pokemon Go makers

Den Haag - Dutch authorities said Tuesday they have suspended plans to sue the US makers of Pokemon Go after the company deleted its virtual pets from a protected beach in The Hague.

Tax sugary drinks to fight obesity, says WHO

Geneva - The UN health agency on Tuesday urged countries to start taxing sugary drinks as they fight against an obesity epidemic, pointing to evidence that price hikes can dramatically reduce consumption.

Michelin gives DC a prestigious vote of culinary confidence

Washington - It's a Wednesday night and Rose's Luxury won't open for nearly another hour, but a line is already snaking out from under the brightly colored awning of one of Washington's buzziest restaurants.

How far to go? Photographers divided over graphic war snaps

Bayeux - How far to go in terms of gore and shock value when covering conflict? Capturing violence on camera was hotly debated on the fringes of Bayeux, a major French photography festival.

One in five Japan employees face 'death from overwork': report

Toukyo - A fifth of the Japanese workforce faces the risk of death from overwork, according to a new government survey into the country's notoriously strenuous working culture.

Thirsty Taiwan makes splash on global whisky scene

- An upstart Taiwanese whisky is outshining veteran brands on the global stage as the island fast earns a reputation as a stamping ground for connoisseurs.

London nightlife reels from Fabric closure

London - "Rest in peace" reads a note outside the Fabric nightclub as London revellers mourn the loss of the flagship nightspot -- just the latest music venue to shut its doors in the British capital.

Lagerfeld chastises Kim Kardashian for flaunting her diamonds

Paris - Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld ticked off Kim Kardashian Tuesday for flaunting her wealth, a day after the reality television star was robbed at gunpoint in Paris of $10 million worth of jewellery.

Fancy a chat? Londoners appalled at Tube badges

London - When American Jonathan Dunne began handing out badges encouraging travellers on the London Underground to talk to each other, he had no idea how controversial challenging the unwritten 'no conversation' rule would be.

Dutch 'Black Pete' violates children's rights: ombudswoman

Den Haag - The Dutch children's ombudswoman ruled Friday that "Black Pete," the Christmas sidekick of Saint Nicholas, violates UN conventions and children's rights and could incite bullying and discrimination.

Music school hits right note for Kabul's street children

Kabul - Short and upright in his grey suit, Wahidullah enchants his audience as his fingers dance over the piano keys.

Reshaping the future? Hong Kong's face readers

Hong Kong - Want to improve your performance at work, or solve relationship problems? Li Chau-jing has the solution -- plucking your eyebrows to help achieve those life goals.

Obama's Vietnam noodle visit sparks feeding frenzy

Four months after US President Barack Obama plonked down on a plastic stool at Bun Cha Huong Lien for a bowl of Hanoi's signature pork noodles, the restaurant is cashing in on customers eager to taste what all the fuss is about.

Apple seeks fresh momentum with iPhone launch

San Francisco - With new iPhones hitting the markets Friday, Apple is seeking to regain momentum and set new trends for the smartphone industry and tech sector.

'Fire dragon' draws thousands to Hong Kong festival

Hong Kong - Thousands of festival goers packed a historic neighbourhood of Hong Kong Wednesday night to watch a "fire dragon" lit with incense sticks carried through the streets, recreating a century-old ritual.

Japanese firms wage war on 'smell harassment'

Toukyo - Got stinky colleagues? Japan has a seminar for that.After a long, sweaty summer, some firms in a nation renowned for its cleanliness are declaring all out war on an office plague known as "smell harassment".

New York Fashion Week kicks off in flux

New York - New York officially kicks off the global spring/summer 2017 fashion merry-go-round Thursday, but one thing's clear: fashion week is over as we know it.

Half-Indian 'elephant whisperer' crowned Miss Japan

Toukyo - A half-Indian beauty queen with an elephant trainer's licence was crowned Miss Japan on Monday, striking a fresh blow for racial equality.

Chinese glass bridge, world's longest, closes

Bejing - The world's longest glass bridge, over a scenic canyon in China, has been closed less than two weeks after it opened after being overwhelmed by a swarm of visitors.

Japan woman dies in Pokemon Go car accident

Toukyo - A driver who was allegedly playing Pokemon Go when he hit and killed a woman in Japan has been arrested, police said Wednesday.Media said that Tuesday's incident marked Japan's first fatal vehicle accident involving the popular gaming app.

US judge sides with artist forced to prove painting is not his

Chicago - In a court case with repercussions for the art world and millions of dollars at stake, a US judge ruled Tuesday in favor of an artist who was sued for denying a painting was his.

Canada, Australia privacy watchdogs find Ashley Madison lacked security

Ottawa - The website for cheaters, Ashley Madison, that was hit by a massive hack that exposed millions last year has agreed to bolster its data security after Australian and Canadian investigations found it to be "insufficient or absent," officials said Tuesda...

Shiny new buses challenge chaotic old ways in Tanzania

Dar Es Salaam - Sweaty passengers crammed into battered buses and stuck in traffic jams look on enviously as Tanzania's shiny new commuter buses fly by on the pristine asphalt of dedicated highway lanes.

Summer spells cold showers for Russians as hot water cut

Sanktpeterburg - For Russians it is a sure sign that summer has really come -- the annual, rolling switch-off of municipal hot water that hits homes across the vast country.

Milk tea or 'lai cha': the fuel for Hong Kong's engine

Hong Kong - Some cities are fuelled by coffee. In Hong Kong, it's milk tea that keeps things running - a potent nostalgia-infused caffeine hit, with fierce competition to brew the best in town.
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Inside a furniture store
Inside a furniture store
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
A Japanese torii at dusk at Itsukushima Shrine
A Japanese torii at dusk at Itsukushima Shrine
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Me and my "historical" best friend Martina
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Me and my friends
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Nanjing Road in Shanghai.
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Two friends fishing in a small boat on a river
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Nice ice cream marketing here.
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My Ellis Briggs bike.
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A picture of a couple demonstrating the Napkin Table in action.
The survey findings demonstrate the cross-cutting links between an employer’s support of
The survey findings demonstrate the cross-cutting links between an employer’s support of workplace-wellness initiatives and the likelihood that an employer will take steps towards a healthy lifestyle.
Chrissy Wainright

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