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Media firms lose control of news as tech platforms rise

Washington - When allegations emerged that Facebook was skewing its trending news stories, many learned about it... on Facebook.

Change brings culinary revolution to Cuba

Havana - At 65, Ramon Alfonso has seen a lot of history in his native Cuba. But this is the first time he has eaten a vegan salad.After decades of communist rule and centuries of eating meat and beans, the island is opening up -- and so are its taste buds.

'Regretting motherhood' debate rages in Germany

Berlin - Is it possible to regret becoming a mother? The question first posed by an Israeli researcher has stirred a debate in Germany like in no other country, shattering a long-held taboo."In Israel, it was settled in a week.

This app can rate one's smile on a scale from zero to 120

Tokyo - Before going to work, flight attendants in Japan can soon assess their smiles through an app developed by a popular Japanese cosmetics company.

Heads up! Seoul launches campaign to keep smartphone users safe

Seoul - Pedestrians glued to their smartphones were given something else to look at this week, as officials in Seoul launched a safety campaign to keep them from walking into busy traffic.

Millions stretch and bend for International Yoga Day

Chandigarh - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called yoga a "people's mass movement" as he took to the mat Tuesday along with millions of others worldwide to celebrate the ancient practice.

For Bethlehem tattoo artist, religion is more than skin deep

Bethlehem - Pilgrims to Bethlehem often return home with candles or rosaries, but for those who see religion as more than skin-deep, tattoo artist Walid Ayash is there to help.The 39-year-old Palestinian specialises in Christian themes.

Killing Nemo: Cyanide threat to tropical fish

Paris - Many of the real-life Nemos swimming in children's fish tanks are caught using cyanide, said research Thursday which highlighted the danger to corals.

Back to back: Dutch expo reveals art's surprising side

Den Haag - For centuries many have pondered what lies behind the Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile, but it was more of a rhetorical question. Now art lovers can literally discover what the back of Da Vinci's masterpiece looks like.

North Korea plant makes kimchi under Kim's 'loving care'

Seoul - North Korea is producing kimchi at a new plant "built under the loving care" of leader Kim Jong-Un, who praised the spicy pickle as "one of the world's five health foods", state media said Friday.

France's new 'Disneyland of wine' sets heads spinning

Paris - It has already been dubbed an "adult Disneyland" and "the amusement park of our dreams" by US college students.

Kenya wakes up to coffee

Nairobi - Africa's best barista doesn't drink coffee, nor even really like it, yet two-time Kenyan champ Martin Shabaya won the Africa round and next month competes at the World Barista Championships.

Japanese man, 96, becomes world's oldest college graduate

Toukyo - A 96-year-old Japanese man is potty at the prospect of breaking more records after being recognised as the world's oldest university graduate with his degree in ceramic arts.

LGBT campaigners say Israel 'pinkwashing' to distract from Palestinian occupation

Telavi - Tens of thousands of revellers took part in Friday's Gay Pride parade in Tel Aviv, an annual event promoted and funded by the city that draws worldwide attention.

Pakistani father of 35 aims for 100 children

Quetta - A Pakistani father of 35 is now searching for a fourth wife as he romps towards his goal of 100 children, a dubious ambition in the conservative Muslim country where polygamy is rare but still practiced.

From pariahs to pets: Dogs find a home in Oman

Muscat - Long seen as unwanted fleabags wandering the streets in search of food, dogs in Oman have become pampered pets thanks to changing attitudes among Muslims towards canine companions.

Believe the hype? How virtual reality could change your life

Taipei - Reducing errors made during surgery, bringing school books to life, enabling us to browse shops from the comfort of home -- virtual reality is not just about gaming, it will change our lives, according to some tech leaders.

Uber raises $3.5 bn from Saudi investment fund

San Francisco - Uber announced that the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia has pumped $3.5 billion into the ride-sharing giant, helping fuel its global expansion plans.

Hermes hit by ostrich farm cruelty claims

Paris - Hermes was thrown onto the defensive over claims of cruelty at a farm that allegedly supplies skins used in its luxury handbags, the second such allegations in a year.

Polish grandpa heads from New York to Portugal... in a kayak

New York - A Polish grandfather left New York Sunday on his third solo trans-Atlantic crossing in a kayak, aiming to arrive in Portugal in time to celebrate his 70th birthday on firm ground in September.

Trans teen in Chicago: From surviving to thriving

Chicago - Sixteen-year-old Arthur Brown is finishing his second year in high school in a suburb of Chicago.

Being transgender: Facts, myths and rights

Washington - Transgender people live under dramatically varying circumstances around the world -- often facing violent repression, but also conquering crucial new rights most notably in Europe and the United States.

Sharp begins selling robot-shaped mobile phone

Osaka - Electronics giant Sharp Corporation has started selling the world’s first robot-shaped mobile phone that can walk, dance and talk at a price of about $2,000.

'Bourgeois' cult of beautiful bodies grows in Cuba

Havana - Inside Armando Yera's gym, toned Cubans in tight spandex are pumping iron in front of mirrored walls and pedaling furiously on stationary bikes, a scene that looks more Miami than Havana.

Koreans snub smartphones in 'Relax Your Brain' contest

Seoul - For 90 minutes, dozens of South Koreans avoided their smartphones and other electronic devices as they took part in an event that encourages people to live a stress-free life in one of the world’s most wired countries.

Swedes' long journey to their final resting place

Stockholm - "You don't leave a chicken in the fridge for several weeks, yet that's exactly what we do with our dead, it's terrible!

1,400 bottles of luxury Burgundy under hammer at 'unique' auction

Geneva - More than 1,400 bottles of "grand crus" from Burgundy's renowned Domaine de la Romanee-Conti wine estate will be auctioned off in Geneva Sunday in a sale expected to make millions.

Are martial arts clubs adding punch to the jihadist cause?

Paris - Combat sports are booming around the world but in France increasingly draw the attention of intelligence services hunting potential jihadists.

Central Park re-opens secret sanctuary after 80 years

New York - Eighty years after it was shut off to the world, New York has reopened a secret woodland sanctuary a stone's throw from Fifth Avenue, just in time for summer.The four-acre (1.

Pimp my ride, Kenya-style

Nairobi - "Turn on the bass, yeah!" shouts Dennis, conductor and ticket tout onboard the Brain Freeze, an eardrum-bursting tricked-out Nairobi bus studded with blue neon lights.
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Paul Wallis
Me and my friends
Me and my friends
Nanjing Road in Shanghai.
Nanjing Road in Shanghai.
Agnieszka Bojczuk
My Ellis Briggs bike.
My Ellis Briggs bike.
Nice ice cream marketing here.
Nice ice cream marketing here.
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Me and my  historical  best friend Martina
Me and my "historical" best friend Martina
Inside a furniture store
Inside a furniture store
A picture of a couple demonstrating the Napkin Table in action.
A picture of a couple demonstrating the Napkin Table in action.
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Hong Kong
A Japanese torii at dusk at Itsukushima Shrine
A Japanese torii at dusk at Itsukushima Shrine
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Two friends fishing in a small boat on a river
Two friends fishing in a small boat on a river
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The survey findings demonstrate the cross-cutting links between an employer’s support of
The survey findings demonstrate the cross-cutting links between an employer’s support of workplace-wellness initiatives and the likelihood that an employer will take steps towards a healthy lifestyle.
Chrissy Wainright
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