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Walkie, no talkie: Japan city launches pedestrian smartphone ban

Kamisoyagi - A Tokyo suburb on Wednesday imposed Japan's first ban on a habit seen around the world: pedestrians glued to their phone screens while walking, sometimes dangerously oblivious to their surroundings.

Young Italians pick cows over clubbing in Italy

Dizzasco - While her friends sleep off hangovers, 23-year-old Vanessa Peduzzi is doing a dawn check on her livestock, one of a growing number of Italian youths ditching the fast lane for a farmer's life.

Microsoft to permanently close all retail stores

San Francisco - Microsoft said Friday it will close all of its stores and move its retail operations online, keeping just four locations and transforming them into "experience centers.

Google adds fact-check to images

San Francisco - Google said Monday it was adding fact-check labels to images as part of its efforts to stem visually misleading information.

Pandemic pushes Japan geisha to get online

Hakone - Japanese geisha "Chacha" sits on her knees with her fingertips neatly placed on the wooden floor, gracefully bowing to an audience sitting not in front of her but miles away, watching online.

Chatting with Lawrence Zarian: Lifestyle and fashion expert Special

Lifestyle and fashion expert Lawrence Zarian ("Home & Family") chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his career in the entertainment business and life during quarantine.

CES global gadget fest on track despite pandemic

San Francisco - Consumer Electronics Show organizers said Wednesday that they are going ahead with plans to bring together people from around the world at a massive annual gathering in Las Vegas.

Japanese bathhouses awash with post-lockdown customers

Kitakata - Masazumi Kato sighed deeply as he lowered himself into a tub at a public bathhouse in a Tokyo suburb, enjoying a return to a Japanese tradition largely off-limits during the city's coronavirus lockdown.

Gobble gobble: Pac-Man turns 40

Apo - Forty years ago, a new video game featuring a bright yellow, dot-chomping, ghost-dodging character called Pac-Man appeared in Tokyo. It would become the most successful arcade game of all time.

Cooped up Belgians in a flap for chickens

Wavre - Whether it's for fresh eggs or to entertain children feeling cooped up in coronavirus lockdown, a craze for keeping chickens is sweeping Belgium.

Uber losses widen but appetite grows for Eats

San Francisco - Uber said Thursday its losses widened in the first quarter as the pandemic bit hard into ridesharing but that it saw signs of recovery and a booming appetite for its Eats meal delivery helping it through the crisis.

Yachts, wine cellars, private jets: isolating with the super-rich

London - Stranded on superyachts or confined to their sprawling mansions worrying about their wine cellars, the world's super rich have invited ridicule throughout the coronavirus pandemic with their apparent insensitivity to the plight of ordinary people.

Apple boosts revenues, profits dip in pandemic-hit quarter

San Francisco - Apple on Thursday reported profit slipped as it boosted revenue from services and wearables in a pandemic-cobbled start to the year for the iPhone maker.Profit dipped to $11.2 billion on sales of $58.

Facebook surges on user growth in pandemic, sees murky outlok

San Francisco - Facebook on Wednesday reported a sharp jump in usage as the global pandemic unfolded, in a quarterly update that sparked a rally in shares of the social network despite its warning of turbulence in the coming months.

Facebook takes aim at Zoom with video chat upgrade

San Francisco - Facebook on Friday unveiled a new video chat service with virtual "rooms" where people can pop in to visit friends, aiming at users turning to the popular Zoom platform during the pandemic.

In locked down Britain, the beloved pub quiz moves online

London - Much of the world is in lockdown, there's a killer virus on the loose, but right now there's only one question that needs answering: who was Madonna's first husband?

Apple Music expands to 52 new countries in global services push

San Francisco - Apple Music is being expanded to 52 additional countries and territories in a push to broaden service revenue streams for the iPhone maker, the company said Tuesday.

Facebook offers a hug — from a distance — with emoji update

San Francisco - Facebook is reaching out to give the world a hug -- in the form of an emoji people can share while staying safely apart.

In da (digital) club: Life under quarantine fuels parties online

New York - With New York's nightlife spots closed digital dance parties are all the rave, as DJs stream sets while revelers don their nipple pasties and disco-ball facemasks for clubs online.

TikTok pledges $250 mn for COVID-19 relief

Washington - TikTok, the fast-growing mobile video app, pledged Thursday to contribute $250 million to coronavirus relief efforts around the world.

Sheltered-in cut off from Snapchat

San Francisco - The Snapchatapplication popular with young smartphone users went offline Wednesday for undetermined reasons, the company said."We're aware many Snapchatters are having trouble using the app.

New breed of US survivalists prepped for collapse

Mathias - The narrow, worn track in West Virginia, close to the foothills of the Appalachians, leads to a camp set back in the woods, where a group of US survivalists began preparing for the collapse of civilization long before the arrival of the new coronavirus...

With megaphones, Brazil orders Rio beach-goers home

Rio De Janeiro - Anyone hoping to escape wall-to-wall coronavirus coverage with a day at the beach can forget about it in Rio de Janeiro, where authorities armed with megaphones blared out messages Monday ordering everyone home.

Daredevil Nik Wallenda walks tightrope across active volcano

Managua - American daredevil Nik Wallenda walked a tightrope across the crater of an active volcano in Nicaragua Wednesday, taking half an hour to traverse the boiling lake of lava spewing toxic gases.

Twitter tests vanishing tweets to keep up with Snapchat, Facebook

San Francisco - Twitter said Wednesday it is testing a way for users to "think aloud" with tweets that vanish after a day instead of having posts linger.

Sequins, skin and politics as Rio carnival opens

Rio De Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro kicked off its annual carnival parades Sunday in a swirl of glitter, sequins and barely covered skin, an over-the-top spectacle that this year is packed with political commentary on Brazil's far-right government.

Culture war rages amid the glitter at Rio carnival

Rio De Janeiro - The sanctuary at her evangelical mega-church in Rio de Janeiro is where Eleonor Teresa Sousa comes to feel closer to God, and farther from the sin of a city gearing up for carnival.

'Jetman' stuns with Iron Man-style flight over Dubai

Dubai - Daredevil Vince Reffet has soared into the skies above Dubai in the latest "Jetman" stunt, taking off from the ground and climbing to 1,800metres (nearly 6,000 feet) in a feat reminiscent of Marvel's "Iron Man" and hailed as a world first.

Same-sex couple to waltz into Vienna's history books

Vienna - When Sophie Grau and Iris Klopfer take to the floor as two of the debutants at Vienna's prestigious Opera Ball on Thursday, they will be dancing their way into history.

Body work: Russia's 'biohackers' push boundaries

Moscow - Gripping a scalpel, Vladislav Zaitsev makes an incision in the fold of skin between his client's thumb and index finger and pushes in a small glass cylinder.
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Two friends fishing in a small boat on a river
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The survey findings demonstrate the cross-cutting links between an employer’s support of
The survey findings demonstrate the cross-cutting links between an employer’s support of workplace-wellness initiatives and the likelihood that an employer will take steps towards a healthy lifestyle.
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