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Review: Canaan Cox releases knockout music video for country single 'Lie' Special

Up-and-coming country singer-songwriter Canaan Cox has released his brand new music video for his mid-tempo single "Lie."

Study shows full bladder makes people better liars

People who have full bladders may be more convincing when they tell lies. That is according to a new California State University study.

US politician says women might lie about rape to get abortion

A US politician's suggestion that women might lie about rape and incest in order to get an abortion has resulted in controversy, and a video of his remarks has gone viral on YouTube.

Woman in rabbit killing 'crush video' apologizes

An Asian woman filmed killing a rabbit by sitting on it has issued an apology online. The woman's apology has been met with criticism from individuals, animal activist groups and online communities, who are not convinced, and believe it to be a lie.

Rep. Wilson says one apology enough, House may vote on rebuke

Rep. Joe Wilson stated Sept. 13, "I am not going to apologize again." In the wake of his shouting "You lie!" during Pres. Obama's speech, and this latest statement, the House of Representatives is likely to vote to formally rebuke him.

Joe Wilson banks $1 million after 'You lie!' comment to Obama

Republican South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson, who heckled President Barack Obama last week during his speech to the House, raised $1 million since the fiasco.

Rep. Joe Wilson apologizes for calling president a liar

South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson shouted "you lie" as President Obama clarified that illegal aliens would not be provided health care coverage. Wilson apologized for his "lack of civility."

Op-Ed: The 'No Shame Culture' of America

Taking blame and saying “I'm sorry, I did it, I'm to blame” doesn't seem to be the rule for behavior these days. In fact people just shift blame or talk in neutral tones. But where is responsibility in a “no shame” culture?

Recent survey shows majority of high school students lie, cheat

Los Angeles based ethics firm Josephson Institute conducted a survey of over 29,000 students at 100 randomly chosen public and private high schools nationwide and the results were somewhat disturbing.

Video Shows Bush Lied About 'Giving Up Golf For Soldiers'

United States President, George W. Bush, previously claimed he gave up his golf in August 2003 to honor the fallen soldiers in Iraq, but a video shows he played golf just two months later.

Study: Octopuses Lie, Cheat and Kill for Sex

Marine researchers from the University of California have found octopuses acting strangely wild and violent. They have found ample "jealousy murders," octopus spies and a rare sex encounter among the octopuses found in Indonesia.

Italian Court gives women license to lie

Italy’s highest appeal court has passed a landmark ruling allowing married women who commit adultery to have the right to lie to protect their honor. They say bending the truth justifies concealing extramarital relationships.

Newsweek Confirms That "Tom" From MySpace Is Lying About His Age

Tom, the smiling guy at the dry erase board who automatically becomes your first friend on MySpace is busted lying about his age. When the site launched in 2003 he claimed he was 27. As it turns out he's much older than that.

Hugh Hefner Told Gal Pal Elle Of A Lie

Playboy legend Hugh Hefner has been caught telling a big fat fib to one of his girlfriends by praising the author of an Elle magazine article instead of slamming her as he promised he would.

Stealth lie detector measures stress levels over the phone

An Israeli company has developed a lie detector that could be used on the phone.

New Documentary Claims Global Warming is a Lie

The great global warming swindle. Channel 4 Thursday, March 8th at 9 P.M.

Skype Can Tell When You Are Lying

Skype has recently included an extra feature, a Lie Detector, to its VoIP service.

Nothing but the truth with Israeli Internet lie detector

Have you ever wondered if someone you are chatting to is telling the truth? New lie detector software from high-tech powerhouse Israel says it can show you -- across the Internet.

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