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Libya political agreement News

Op-Ed: Libyan commander Haftar wages successful military campaign

Forces loyal to Field Marshal Kahlifa Hafter, commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA) of the House of Representatives Government (HoR) based in eastern Libya have advanced his power by capturing the Al Jufra region of south central Libya.

Op-Ed: UN envoy said to describe Libya's unity government as powerless

According to, Ali Gotrani, a member of the Presidency Council of the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), the UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, said that the Libyan Political Agreement ended in deadlock and the Presidency Council is powerless.

Op-Ed: Libya Political Dialogue members convened by UN in Malta

Valetta - Today members of the Libyan Political Dialogue begin a two-day meeting whose aim is to end the political impasse in Libya and agree to the steps needed to advance the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA)

Op-Ed: Libya unity government PM desperate to accommodate Marshal Haftar

The PM designate of the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA), Faiez Serraj, claims Khalifa Haftar, commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA) of the rival government of the House of Representatives (HoR) will be part of a new GNA government.

Criticism of new Libyan Government of National Accord grows

Tobruk - The internationally-recognized House of Representatives (HoR) based in the eastern Libyan city of Tobruk has only a few more days to give a vote of confidence in the UN-brokered Government of National Accord (GNA).

Op-Ed: GNC president demands changes to Libya Political Agreement

Tripoli - Martin Kobler, the head of the UN Support Mission in Libya(UNSMIL), and Abu Sahmain the president of the General National Congress(GNC) government met in Tripoli today to discuss the Libya Political Agreement(LPA)

Op-Ed: UNSMIL head Kobler holds press conference on Libya situation

Tunis - The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General(SRSG) in Libya, Martin Kobler, held a press conference on the situation in Libya including an extensive question period. A video of the entire event is appended.

Op-Ed: Timeline for the new political road map in Libya for the GNA

Tripoli - Sam Zaptia, journalist and co-founder of the Libya Herald, has provided a useful outline and diagrams sketching the projected process of setting up the new Government of National(GNA) and then the approval of a new constitution and subsequent elections.

Op-Ed: CIA-linked Haftar may remain as commander of Libyan National Army

Tripoli - On December 17th in Tunis, the UN-sponsored Libya Political Agreement(LPA) was signed by some members of the internationally-recognized House of Representatives(HoR) based in Tobruk and the rival General National Congress(GNC) based in Tripoli.

Op-Ed: Opposition to and problems with the Libya Political Agreement

Tripoli - On Friday, Martin Kobler, the new head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and in charge of the Libya dialogue process, announced the dialogue group he had gathered to meet in Tunis had agreed to the UN-sponsored Libya Political Agreement (LPA).

Op-Ed: UN still sticks to its own LPA rather than consider rival plan

Tripoli - The new head of the UN support mission in LIbya, Martin Kobler, continues to push for the two rival Libyan governments to approve the same Libyan Political Agreement(LPA) as his predecessor Bernardino Leon had previously failed to have approved.

Op-Ed: Libya — 2 rival regimes and now 2 rival unity government plans

Tripoli - The situation in Libya is becoming more and more complicated. New UN envoy Martin Kobler, since taking over the job on November 17, has been pushing the two rival governments to sign on to the UN-brokered Libya Political Agreement(LPA).

Op-Ed: Martin Kobler claims Libyan rival regimes close to a deal

Tripoli - For over a year now the UN has been trying to broker a deal between the two rival Libyan regimes but neither the House of Representatives(HoR) based in Tobruk or the General National Congress based in Tripoli have approved the Libya Political Agreement

Op-Ed: Neither of two rival regimes sign Libya Political Agreement

Tunis - Martin Kobler, The Special Representative of the Secretary-GeneraL(SRSG) and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya(UNSMIL) finally issued an update on the progress of the Libya dialogue.

Op-Ed: Internationally-recognized Libyan regime suspends meeting on LPA

Tobruk - Both the internationally-recognized House of Representatives(HoR) in Tobruk and the rival General National Congress(GNC) have yet to vote on the latest draft of the UN-sponsored Libyan Political Agreement(LPA).

Op-Ed: New UN Special Envoy to Libya flies to Tobruk for talks

Tobruk - The new UN Special Envoy to Libya, German diplomat Martin Kobler, has flown to Libya for three days of talks to try and restart the UN-brokered Libya dialogue process.

Op-Ed: Defense of Leon by Libyan diplomat shows Leon's bias

Tobruk - Ibrahim Dabbashi, the Libyan envoy to the UN, from the internationally-recognized House of Representatives(HoR) government, came to the defense of Bernardino Leon the outgoing UN special envoy to Libya.

Op-Ed: UN Support Mission in Libya shows it cannot be trusted

Tripoli - The UN spokesperson, Stephane Dujarric announced yesterday that Special Envoy to Libya Bernardino Leon will continue in his post until a transition to his successor German Diplomat Martin Kobler.

Op-Ed: GNC Libyan government wants explanation from UN of Leon's hiring

Tripoli - The General National Congress(GNC) Libyan government based in Tripoli has demanded an explanation from UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon for hiring Bernardino Leon, claiming he was biased against the GNC government.

Op-Ed: UN special envoy to Libya had blatant conflict of interest

Tripoli - In a bizarre, almost incredible development, the UN Special Envoy to Libya who has spent a year arranging dialogue talks between the two rival Libya governments is suddenly quitting to take a well-paying job with the UAE.

Three foreign ministers meet to promote Libyan unity government

Algiers - The foreign ministers of Algeria, Egypt and Italy are meeting in Algiers. They will discuss the situation in Libya and attempt to devise a solution that will allow the two rival governments to accept a Government of National Accord to take power.

Op-Ed: UN threatens sanctions for blocking Libya Political Agreement

Tripoli - For a long time now the international community and the UN have been cheerleaders for the Libya Political Agreement(LPA) brokered by the UN special envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon.

Op-Ed: No vote in HoR on Libyan Political Agreement

Tobruk - The internationally-recognized House of Representatives(HoR) government based in Tobruk met on Monday October 12 to discuss the UN-brokered Libya Political Agreement and the six names of senior officials.

Op-Ed: Rival Libyan regimes both critical of Libya Political Agreement

Tripoli - Western leaders are the main cheerleaders for the proposed Libyan Political Agreement(LPA) and Government of National Accord(GNA) as well as the members of the government named by Bernardino Leon, the UN special envoy for Libya.

Op-Ed: Libyan dialogue continues but HoR government extends mandate

Skhirat - Negotiators from the two rival Libyan governments are meeting in Skhirat, Morocco in an attempt to agree on the names of those to lead the new Government of National Accord(GNA).

Op-Ed: Negotiators for rival Libyan governments may meet in New York

Tobruk - The Libya Herald reports that negotiators for the two rival Libyan governments will meet in New York this Thursday and Friday, although the exact nature of the meeting was not clear.

Op-Ed: Rival Libyan governments in no hurry to approve UN agreement

Skhirat - UN Special Envoy Bernardino Leon, after completing dialogue negotiations, prepared a final text of the Libyan Political Agreement(LPA) which was to be considered by the two rival governments this last week.

Op-Ed: UN envoy claims progress made during recent Libya peace talks

Geneva - The UN Special Envoy to LIbya, Bernardino Leon, claimed that two days of meetings in Geneva with all parties to the Libyan peace dialogue had made progress towards finalizing plans for a Government of National Accord.

Op-Ed: UN Libyan envoy claims dialogue talks end again on positive note

Skhirat - The special envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, who is chief facilitator of the dialogue between representatives of the 2 rival governments said recent 2-day talks were held in a positive and constructive atmosphere.

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