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Australian river near fracking site bursts into flames

Chinchilla - In a protest against coal seam gas leaking into South West Queensland's Condamine River, NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham headed to the river and hopped on a boat. Then he sparked a lighter a few inches above the water and the river burst into flames.

Alberta remains largely blue after federal election Special

Edmonton - The "orange wave" that shook Alberta following the provincial election in May did not translate into an increase in federal NDP seats.

Op-Ed: 2015 Canadian election could see big changes

It looks like the looming Canadian federal election will be close. But there may be big changes in the next parliament with a new government in place.

'Are Ukip racist?' tops Google search questions on UK politics

Users of Google in March have been busy hunting for answers to their queries about the UK's prominent political parties ahead of the General Election in May. Yet it seems that many are somewhat preoccupied with whether Ukip are racist or not.

Katharine Viner is new Guardian editor

London - Katharine Viner has been appointed to succeed Alan Rusbridger as editor-in-chief of The Guardian newspaper and associated media outlets.

Op-Ed: Are liberals healthier than conservatives?

According to some new research, people of a liberal political persuasion tend to live for longer, and healthier, than those more inclined to conservative philosophy.

Canadian feds pays $180,000 for mining watchdog that isn't there

Last year, the Harper government spent over $180,000 to run the office of a counsellor of corporate social responsibility for the Canadian mining industry. There's only one problem: There is no corporate social responsibility counselor.

Op-Ed: Silence over Shuler's arrest, beating, heaps shame on media

Columbiana - The so-called "liberal" media should hang its head in shame over its silence in response to the beating, arrest, and jailing without bond of liberal blogger Roger Shuler.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau favours legalization of marijuana

Kelowna - As The Liberal leader finishes up a whirlwind five day tour of British Columbia he tells a cheering crowd that his position on cannabis has evolved from decriminalization to legalization and taxation of the herb.

Liberal Party of Canada to announce new leader

Ottawa - After over 5 months of campaigning, the Liberal Party of Canada will be announcing their new leader today at 5PM Eastern.

Op-Ed: Justin Trudeau and the end of the Liberal Party of Canada

With more new supporters joining the Liberal Party of Canada due to Justin Trudeau’s campaign than were expected to participate in whole, many consider his eventual nomination as leader of the Liberal Party a certainty. If true, this is not good news.

California's budget deficit is gone, Gov. Jerry Brown declares

Sacramento - The Liberal Democrat Governor has introduced a plan that would give California a long-awaited surplus of $1 billion; the Governor also wants to renew funding of education and social programs.

Ipsos-Reid poll favours Justin Trudeau for new Liberal leader

Ottawa - A new poll released 3/01/13 reveals that 69% of those surveyed are sure that Justin Trudeau will be selected as the new leader of Canada's Liberal Party. But what may be more telling is the other results from the poll portend the end of the Harper regime.

Former U.S. moderate Republican Senator Arlen Specter dead at 82

Philadelphia - Former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has died at the age of 82, according to a statement from the family. Specter died in his family home in Philadelphia from complications of non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Liberal Party launches policy for City of Sydney elections Special

Sydney - Malcolm Turnbull MP and Liberal candidates Edward Mandla, Christine Forster (sister of Australian Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott) and Sean O’Connor launched their policy for the City of Sydney.

Op-Ed: PolitiFact and the low point of liberal appeasement

In the midst of all the political bickering that has been the center of attention in 2011, House Republicans have touched almost every third rail in national politics.

TV execs admit Hollywood pushes liberal agenda

Los Angeles - Marta Kauffman, co-creator of Friends, and David Shore, creator of House, said that Hollywood discriminates against conservatives, as well as belittles them.

Liberal volunteer dismissed after trashing Green flyers

Toronto - A Liberal Party volunteer, working on Joe Volpe's campaign, was dismissed after he was photographed removing Green Party flyers from mailboxes in a Toronto riding.

Canadian Member of Parliament Bob Rae talks 'exporting democracy' Special

Toronto - Canadian Liberal Member of Parliament Bob Rae discussed his latest book "Exporting Democracy" at the Toronto Reference Library. The former Ontario Premier was interviewed by Toronto Star columnist James Travers.

Op-Ed: An open letter to Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff: Bill C-300

Ottawa - An open letter to a Canadian politician who was not present at a key vote in Parliament this week, which might have started to rein in Canada's extraction industries (mining, oil, gas) abroad: Bill C-300.

Have researchers found the 'liberal gene?'

San Diego - The results are in. A new study by researchers show that having a liberal political outlook may be partly attributed to your genes, well actually just one gene in particular.

Op-Ed: Has America lost its pioneering spirit?

Throughout our history we as a country looked towards the future and paved the way. I just can't help but think that today we are looking back more than looking forward. Myself included.

Psychology debates liberal vs.conservative intelligence

In a posting about a study done recently, an evolutionary psychologist declared liberals more intelligent than conservatives, but his thesis is countered by another psychologist saying, "No conservative should trust my profession."

Op-Ed: Hollywood Stars Making Headlines in Blockbuster PR Disasters

Is this a Triple Feature or what? First, Sean Penn says to jail journos who call Chavez a dictator. Then, Megan Mullally calls Jay Leno insane for targeting red state viewers. Now, Tom Hanks and Matt Damon star in their PR Hiroshimas. The buzz is red hot!

Talk radio Air America will end operations, file for bankruptcy

Progressive talk radio network Air America has announced that it will wind down its operations and file for chapter 7 under the bankruptcy code.

Cleve Tidwell speaks to why he should be Colorado's next senator Special

While his tonic and linguistic accents may remind one of Jimmy Carter, philosophically he is far from it. Cleve Tidwell is just one of the candidates running for U.S. Senate in Colorado.

Op-Ed: Owens' Win is Now Democrats' Loss

Liberal Democrats declared a huge victory this past Tuesday in NY-23 against the Tea Party movement and the despised Rush-Beck-Palin Evil Trinity. Yet not only has Rep. Bill Owens wiped away all that good work, he may have just sunk the Democrats in 2010.

Op-Ed: Outcome of NY-23 Race Extends Far Beyond GOP

There's a huge battle going on for the soul of the Republican Party in NY-23. Democrats may take great amusement in the fact that Republicans have engaged in fisticuffs, but if history is any indicator there's a lot for both parties to be worried about.

Fox News Liberal Analyst Finds Out He's Fired From Google Alert

Since the firing of Fox News analyst Lamont Hill last week, there has been speculation as to the reason for his termination, including some from Hill himself.

ACORN staff filmed telling prostitutes how to cheat on taxes

The Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) was caught on tape giving advice to a pimp and prostitute on how to cheat their taxes.
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Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart at their Washington rallies
Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart at their Washington rallies
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Toronto s 2013 Pride Parade with Justin Trudeau
Toronto's 2013 Pride Parade with Justin Trudeau
Kathleen Wynne is the Premier of Ontario
Kathleen Wynne is the Premier of Ontario
This beautiful campus is located in La Grande  Oregon where professors and students sometimes confli...
This beautiful campus is located in La Grande, Oregon where professors and students sometimes conflict politically with the ideas and opinions of the townspeople.
Canadian Liberal Member of Parliament Justin Trudeau
Canadian Liberal Member of Parliament Justin Trudeau
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Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau interviewed by BBC television's NewsNight program in London, November 26, 2015.
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