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GM and LG team up for a new generation of batteries Special

In a major re-positioning in the industry, General Motors and LG Chem have announced plans to mass-produce battery cells for future battery-electric vehicles. This will be through a new company, jointly owned by the two players.

LG demonstrates a 65 inch rollable OLED TV

Have you ever wished you could roll up your TV and set it aside while you enjoy some relaxing time away from the screens in your life? Thanks to LG's 65-inch hidden OLED TV, you could get your wish.

LG's robot for 'connected life' refuses to talk on-stage

LG's CES press conference was derailed by its Cloi robot which ignored verbal commands. Cloi is supposed to act as a hub for LG's new range of smart home devices. The incident has resurfaced concerns that IoT development may be progressing too quickly.

LG Display announces $7 billion OLED investment to fight Samsung

LG Display has announced it is to invest an additional $7 billion to develop its OLED display production facilities. The company is trying to accelerate its development of organic light-emitting panels as it races to catch up market leader Samsung.

LG unveils the G6+ with more storage and 'turbocharged' sound

LG has announced a new version of its G6 flagship smartphone that includes a larger storage capacity, improved audio capabilities and new software features. The updated phone brings iterative changes to the original and will be available worldwide.

LG X Venture takes on the great outdoors with a giant battery

LG has announced a new rugged smartphone built for people with more active lifestyles. The X Venture puts the emphasis on outdoor activities, including a dedicated app that displays a range of environmental and fitness metrics on one screen.

LG's G6 brings smartphones 'back-to-basics'

LG has officially launched the LG G6, its 2017 Android flagship smartphone, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The device's headline feature is its "FullVision" display and virtually bezel-less finish. LG says the phone is focused on simplicity.

Curved TVs just went the same way as 3D

Curved TVs may have reached the end, only a few years after they first appeared. After battling low consumer uptake and critical reviews, LG and Sony have announced they will not launch any new models this year. It follows the end of 3D TV production.

Google's new Android Wear smartwatches are now official

Google has officially announced the first Android Wear smartwatches in which it played a role in the development. The LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport are meant to reignite momentum around Android Wear, offering thin designs and robust functionality.

LG G6 to feature bezel-less 'Full Vision' display

LG has announced the display of its upcoming G6 flagship smartphone will be dubbed "Full Vision" in another prominent tease for the device. The phone will have a virtually bezel-less screen, forming part of a trend in mobile design this year.

The next iPhone could fold in two

Apple could be planning to unveil a folding iPhone with an OLED screen, patent filings have revealed over the past few months. It could form the basis of a radical new design designed to rival upcoming folding handsets from Samsung and LG.

Complains pile up about $1,300 monitor that won't work near Wi-Fi

LG has admitted that an issue with its flagship monitor leaves the display unusable if placed within two metres of a Wi-Fi router. The Apple-endorsed UltraFine 5K appears to lack electromagnetic shielding, making it susceptible to interference.

3D TV is finally officially dead

3D television has reached the grave as Sony and LG, the last remaining manufacturers of 3D TVs, have confirmed they are to cease production. The concept is regarded as one of the biggest tech failures this decade after failing to win over consumers.

Google building its own Android Wear smartwatches with LG

Google is planning to launch its own smartwatches to coincide with the release of Android Wear 2.0. The company has partnered with LG to manufacture the devices, according to a report this week. They'll be launched in early February.

LG's new notebooks offer 'near-edgeless' touchscreens

LG has announced a refreshed range of Windows 10 laptops that come with almost edgeless touchscreens designed for pen input. The ultra-light machines come in three different sizes and are designed for people who need to work while on the go.

LG will 'set new standards' for smartphones with the upcoming V20

LG has officially announced the V20, an upcoming premium smartphone that will be the first handset to run Android 7.0 "Nougat." The company claims the V20 will "set new standards" for high-end smartphones, a successor to last year's V10.

LG unveils a fingerprint sensor that hides beneath a glass screen

LG subsidiary LG Innotek has developed a new fingerprint sensor that doesn’t need its own button to be operated. The sensor can be placed directly under a sheet of glass, opening the door to smartphones that unlock when you touch the display.

LG introduces the innovative G5 with modular parts and 'Friends'

LG has officially unveiled its 2016 flagship smartphone, the G5. The handset marks a radical departure from its predecessor, introducing a new design featuring modular components that can be replaced to add additional functionality.

LG smartwatch recall caused by 'failed' displays

A few days after abruptly cancelling the launch of its much-anticipated 4G-compatible Watch Urbane 2 smartwatch, LG has revealed more details of what went wrong. The company blames a display component which could fail and impact image quality.

LG forced to cancel the first Android Wear smartwatch with 4G

LG has announced it has suspended the launch of its upcoming Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE smartwatch due to an unspecified but presumably serious hardware issue. The device would have been the first Android Wear watch to feature LTE mobile data.

Walmart is selling a $10 LG smartphone with reasonable specs

It's still difficult to find a decent smartphone when on a restricted budget, especially if you only have $10. However, Walmart is now selling an Android phone for exactly that price and, as a basic handset, it doesn't even look too bad.

LG the 'world's first' manufacturer to launch Android 6 upgrades

Starting from next week, some owners of LG's flagship smartphones will begin receiving upgrades to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, making it the first manufacturer apart from Google to begin the roll-out of the reworked operating system.

LG announces the world's first Android Wear smartwatch with 4G

LG has claimed the title of first manufacturer of an Android Wear smartwatch including support for mobile data. The Watch Urbane 2 will allow users to get notifications on their wrist even when disconnected from their phone.

LG's V10 boasts two displays, two selfie-shooters, flagship power

LG today announced a new premium smartphone that includes several unique features designed to make it stand-out from the crowd. The long-rumoured all-metal device has two displays, two front-facing selfie cameras and flagship-level specs.

Google's new Nexus 5 could be coming this month

A report claims Google's new Nexus flagship devices for Android could arrive later this month, bringing with them the return of LG as a manufacturer for the brand. The phone will be a revival of 2013's LG Nexus 5.

Amazon Prime Day chaos: LG G4 sells for just one cent

A slip-up by Amazon in its U.S. Prime Day sale yesterday resulted in some delighted customers landing an off-contract LG G4 for just one cent. Amazon's confused response to the erroneous listing has left others complaining and feeling left out.

Smartwatches expose contacts, email and health data to hackers

Researchers have found that it is "not very difficult" to access personal data including contacts, emails and sensitive health information from smartwatches made by LG and Samsung because neither brand encrypts the user's data.

Rumours of the next Google Nexus begin to appear

Rumours have begun to circulate concerning Google's next Nexus Android flagship smartphone. It looks as though Chinese brand Huawei may be the successor to Motorola as the manufacturer of Google's own-branded phone, believed to launch later this year.

The leather-backed LG G4 is here with impressive specs

LG has officially unveiled its new flagship Android smartphone for 2015, the G4. After weeks of embarrassing leaks about the phone on LG's own website that have revealed most details, the powerful device has finally been revealed in London and New York.

Leak reveals LG's leather-clad G4 smartphone in all its colours

A dedicated microsite to the upcoming LG G4 has been uncovered online. On it, the flagship smartphone is pictured in full for the first time and is shown to be something unique and clad in a variety of different colours of leather.
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LG’s LW6500 model with Cinema 3D TV offers flicker-free and a brightness booster to allow users to...
LG’s LW6500 model with Cinema 3D TV offers flicker-free and a brightness booster to allow users to switch on the 3D feature without much dimming of the picture.
LG Canada
LG Ultrafine 5K monitor
LG Ultrafine 5K monitor
GSM Arena
LG Innotek s new fingerprint sensor can be placed under a glass screen
LG Innotek's new fingerprint sensor can be placed under a glass screen
LG Innotek
File photo: LG Electronics an 84-inch  ultra definition  4K television.
File photo: LG Electronics an 84-inch "ultra definition" 4K television.
LG CLOi commercial robot
LG CLOi commercial robot
Some shoppers on Amazon Prime Day managed to buy an LG G4 for $0.01 and get it delivered
Some shoppers on Amazon Prime Day managed to buy an LG G4 for $0.01 and get it delivered
LG G6+
LG G6+
The LG Optimus G
The LG Optimus G
LG UltraFine 5K monitor
LG UltraFine 5K monitor
The LG Watch Urbane 2  announced 01/10/2015
The LG Watch Urbane 2, announced 01/10/2015
The TracFone Lucky  manufactured by LG and sold for $10 at Walmart
The TracFone Lucky, manufactured by LG and sold for $10 at Walmart
Walmart / LG
The LG V10  announced 01/10/2015
The LG V10, announced 01/10/2015
Elevator floor crumbles
Elevator floor crumbles
LG’s Optimus 7  one of the first cellphones to run on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating syst...
LG’s Optimus 7, one of the first cellphones to run on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system, which will be the first operating system to connect to the Xbox Live game system.
Daniel Bader
Concept mock-ups of Google s upcoming smartwatches  developed in partnership with LG [Via Android Po...
Concept mock-ups of Google's upcoming smartwatches, developed in partnership with LG [Via Android Police]
Android Police
LG s new transparent TV display panel
LG's new transparent TV display panel

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