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Queen was not warned of Australia PM's 1975 sacking, letters show

Sydney - Queen Elizabeth II was not informed in advance about the 1975 dismissal of Australia's prime minister by her representative in country, letters kept secret for decades and released Tuesday revealed.

Trump, Kim exchanged 12 letters: S. Korea minister

Seoul - Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have exchanged a total of 12 letters since the beginning of last year, South Korea's Unification Minster said, with the North Korean leader the more assiduous suitor in their nuclear bromance, penning eight.

Letters of hope from boys trapped deep in a Thai cave

Mae Sai - Scrawled deep inside a mountain in northern Thailand, heartwarming fragments of communication from trapped youngsters have reached families keeping vigil for two excruciating weeks at the entrance to the cave complex.

A century on, royal family's letters return to Russia

Sanktpeterburg - From telegrams about hunting parties to anguished letters over the Bolshevik takeover, a trove of documents detailing the private lives of Russia's Romanov family has returned home 100 years after the 1917 revolution.

Woman forced by court to write letters to ex who beat her

A domestic abuse victim was told she had to write her attacker, her ex, letters while he is in prison, or face possible jail time.

Op-Ed: Police mail targeted letters without any evidence of wrongdoing

From Oakland, California to Sanford, Florida law enforcement agencies are beginning to mail letters to those suspected of looking for prostitutes without any evidence that they have ever committed a crime.

The exchange of letters between Obama and Hassan Rouhani

U.S. President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani have been exchanging letters in the past weeks on matters such as that of Syria's chemical weapons, and Iran's nuclear program.

Newly released personal letters show the softer side of Darwin

Over 1400 previously unread personal letters by the famous naturalist have been published by Cambridge University's Darwin Correspondence Project.

Opposition to U.S. postal service ending Saturday deliveries

Opposition to the plan announced by the U.S. postal service to end Saturday deliveries has come from businesses, households and unions.

Lost manuscripts by Robert Burns have been found

Glasgow - Seven lost manuscripts and letters belonging to the famous Scottish poet have been uncovered by a Robert Burns expert. It is believed that these will throw new light on the poet's work.

Review: Collection of Vonnegut letters a lengthy but worthwhile slog Special

It's tempting to think you know the real Kurt Vonnegut. He revealed so much of himself during his lifetime, in his personal essays and in the autobiographical bits of his novels. But five years after his death, there's still much more to learn.

Reports claim Canada Post charging for letters to Santa Claus

Toronto - For more than three decades, Canada Post has delivered letters to Santa Claus for free. This year, there have been a couple of instances where children are being told to pay for postage stamps before they send their Christmas wish lists.

Dozens of WW II-era love letters soaked by Sandy are preserved

A stack of World War II era love letters written by a New Jersey woman to her boyfriend washed up on shore after Superstorm Sandy tore through the northeast. Another family is carefully preserving old WWII-era letters they found during flooding.

U.S. Postal Service could close this winter

The United States Postal Service, facing massive budget problems, may soon close its doors. The only solution is if the parties can miraculously reach a compromise for a bailout.

United States Postal Services Cancels Letters to Santa

The Grinch might have wanted to steal Christmas, but it was a registered sex offender who accomplished the mission, at least when it comes to the public helping out Santa Claus by answering his mail.

More Letters Received With White Powder At Banks And The New York Times

Letters with white powder were received by seven Chase bank branches in Phoenix and at the headquarters of the New York Times in New York on Wednesday.

Washington Receives Mail From Man Claiming Responsibility For Times Square Bomb

Capitol Hill was abuzz with manila envelopes arriving at least at 10 Democratic offices with the message "We did it" after the Times Square bombing in New York.

Rogue elf sending filthy letters to children who write to Santa

About a dozen Canadian children received shocking responses from their beloved Santa Claus. One of the “rogue elves” who was in charge of replying to the children, sent them nasty letters.

Thousands of Elves at the Ready

It's that time of the year again when young children scribble out their dreams to Santa. Thousands of elves are readied with pen and paper to respond to the tykes dreams and forward the requests on to the big guy in the North Pole.

Your World and Spam

E-mail is not the only source of spam.

Love Letters - An Animated Proposal - v2.0

A creative and romantic proposal created by an animator as a way of proposing to his girlfriend (now wife) Nata.

Letters of Anne Frank's Father Found

Documents and letters of Otto Frank record the desperation the of years leading up to Anne's end. . .

"Dear Parent - Your Child is Fat!"

Not only are they singling out overweight and "at-risk of obesity" students, they're including mom and dad in the judgemental concept by putting these warnings in letters sent home.

Send a geoGreeting using Google Maps buildings for letters

Well it's kinda cool isn't it?... Okay maybe not...

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The United States Postal Service box at the front of a Post Office.
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