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Boy writes letter asking judge to keep his mother in prison

Middletown - A boy who watched his mother fatally stab his father in the chest with a knife has written a letter to a judge asking him to to keep her behind bars. Little Bradyn Takach, 10, was only four when he saw his mother, Shannon Smith, stab his dad to death.

Copenhagen police lift cordon after finding no explosives

Copenhage - Copenhagen police Tuesday cordoned off an area around the site of a deadly weekend attack after discovering a "suspicious" letter but later said no explosives had been found."Investigation finished. No explosives.

Tech companies slam FCC's plan for internet prioritisation

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Dropbox, Yahoo, Netflix and many others have all signed a letter expressing intense disapproval of the FCC's proposals for "Internet fast lanes" as yet another setback for the plans.

'Titanic & Transport' — Enigmatic treasures on auction

Devizes - April 26 marks a very special auction run by Henry Aldridge & Son of Devizes in the UK. Named "Titanic & Transport," enigmatic memorabilia and relics from the famous RMS Titanic are on offer, including a very detailed letter from a survivor.

Buffett letter could show Berkshire winning streak over

A five-year bull market may have finally outdueled one of the U.S.

Don't bet the farm; keep investments simple, diversified: Buffett

Berkshire Hathaway chairman Warren Buffett, known for his folksy straightforward communication style, turned to farming to recommend his winning strategy for investors to follow.

Republic Air CEO cites hurdles finding pilots

Republic Airways Holdings Inc <RJET.O> expects to hire 350 pilots in 2014, down from 600 originally planned, as it cuts its planned flying in the wake of U.S.

Lost in the mail? Letter to Napoléon Bonaparte delivered

Ajaccio - It seems the French census agency are a little too thorough sometimes, after they sent out a letter to a certain French citizen, who hasn't been around for quite some time. In fact he died almost 200 years ago.

Scrooge to hand out 'fat' letter to obese kids on Halloween

Fargo - Halloween has for years been the realm of children, trick-or-treating for candy with their friends. But if a Fargo, N.D. woman has her way, any children she thinks may be overweight are going to get "scrooged" on Halloween.

Putin addresses Syria and American exceptionalism in open letter

In an open letter addressed to the American people and published in The New York Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin responds to President Obama's public address on Syria.

The NSA sends cease-and-desist letter to Zazzle

The National Security Agency (NSA) sent out a cease-and-desist to the website Zazzle, asking it to remove NSA parody T-shirts that were being sold there.

Letter to autistic boy's family says 'move or euthanize him'

The family of a teenager with autism in Canada has received a letter saying the family should euthanize him or move out of the area.

Former CIA officer John Kiriakou writes open letter to Snowden has published a letter to Edward Snowden by former CIA officer and whistleblower John Kiriakou serving a thirty-month prison sentence in Loretto, Pennsylvania for leaking the identity of a covert CIA agent.

Airport worker resigns with a letter iced onto a cake

Chris Holmes, 31, from Britain, decided to hand in his resignation letter and he wanted to leave on good terms, so Holmes decided to bake a cake and ice the letter onto the cake.

Letter addressed to President Obama contained ricin

Washington - A letter intended for President Barack Obama has tested positive for the deadly substance ricin. The President was never in any danger, as letters addressed to the White House go through extensive security screening.

Op-Ed: Letter to Cheney and Bush from dying Iraq vet on 10th anniversary

On the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War, a veteran of that war wrote a letter to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. It is a letter that all Americans should read. (Updated with video interview.)

Reddit: Letter from sister to brother in heaven goes viral

A touching letter from a grieving sister to her deceased brother on his birthday has gone viral on Reddit. Your first guess as to why Jenny attached balloons to her letter is right. She trusts God and the angels to deliver her letter to her brother Adam.

TopFinds: Pope suddenly quits, ER doctor's letter goes viral

Find out why the Papal leader of the Catholic Church is resigning. A powerful letter from an ER doctor goes viral online. Is it raining spiders in Brazil? These are the top stories on Digital Journal.

Man receives Christmas snail mail from mother 69 years late

Namao - A Canadian man received a special surprise this week after an unexpected letter arrived to him. The letter had been written by his mother and originally sent during Christmas in 1943.

Letter from landlord 'Santa' goes viral

Los Angeles - A letter from a Los Angeles landlord has gone viral, proving he is no scrooge during the holiday season, instead, playing a form of Santa Claus for his residents.

Video: Man sets himself on fire during social protest in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv - A man taking part in a social justice protest march Saturday night in Tel Aviv, shocked other demonstrators as he set him self on fire.

Valentine letter on female inner beauty causes student suspension

Scientists have found that when sexual ads are viewed, areas of the brain become stimulated that cause impulse buying. Meanwhile, the brain bypasses sections that control rational thought. This has led to a contradiction about what sex is about.

Tolkien letter discovered in book sold for over £1,500

A letter written by Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien, found unexpectedly in a book, has been sold for £1,700 to an internet bidder, at an auctioneers in Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK.

Former slave's letter to his 'old master' surfaces again

A letter written by a freed slave to his former master has surfaced again after almost 150 years and is creating a lot of buzz. The letter was written by former slave Jourdon Anderson to his master Colonel P.H. Anderson in August 1865.

Beatles letter up for auction

London - A handwritten letter from Paul McCartney from 1960 found folded inside of a book may shed new light on the Beatles early days.

Kucinich: Manning treatment described as ‘insanity-inducing’

Washington - In a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is questioning whether Pvt Bradley Manning’s treatment at Quantico includes “personality-erasing, soul-destroying, insanity-inducing conditions,” calling it to end.

Bill Gates stresses the need for basic health care

Bill Gates released his third annual letter today stressing the need for polio eradication and expanded childhood immunization. He has called on governments to invest in foreign aid despite the economic climate.

Woman sells Obama's 'things will get better' letter to pay bills

Monroe - A Michigan woman felt the need to sell a handwritten letter from President Obama to help pay off some medical bills and buy a house. She sold the letter for $7,000.

Letter from John Lennon reaches folk singer 34 years late

London - Folk singer Steve Tilston finally received the letter that John Lennon wrote him more than three decades ago. Tilston was 21 when Lennon read his interview with the now-defunct ZigZag magazine.

Postal Service hoping to stamp out hunger

Hunger facts: 49 million Americans are at a risk of going hungry today. As the economy has worsened food banks have seen an increase in demand of over 30%. Will you help the National Letter Carriers in the final push on their drive to Stamp Out Hunger.
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Screen shot of a letter written in 1944 from a Lieutenant to his wife. The letter arrived at the add...
Screen shot of a letter written in 1944 from a Lieutenant to his wife. The letter arrived at the address in 2013 and the current occupant is trying to find the family.
The Lost Letter Project/YouTube
protester holding up letter written by Moshe Silman before he set himself on fire
protester holding up letter written by Moshe Silman before he set himself on fire
Sasha Y. Kimel
A papyrus from the early centuries of the Christian era.
A papyrus from the early centuries of the Christian era.
Water protectors outside a Wells Fargo bank on Thursday. Wells Fargo is just one of over a dozen ban...
Water protectors outside a Wells Fargo bank on Thursday. Wells Fargo is just one of over a dozen banks that have invested in DAPL.
Dallas Goldtooth/Facebook
Jenny s letter to her brother Adam goes viral on Reddit
Jenny's letter to her brother Adam goes viral on Reddit
Letter from a Los Angeles landlord
Letter from a Los Angeles landlord
Mike Olejarczyk
Letter addressed to Napoleon Bonaparte  Died in 1821 – please forward to Saint Peter
Letter addressed to Napoleon Bonaparte "Died in 1821 – please forward to Saint Peter"
CM Fair Use
Letter from Rev. Kevin D. Annett to Italian President Giorgio Napolitano
Letter from Rev. Kevin D. Annett to Italian President Giorgio Napolitano
Screen Capture

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