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Study: Colors of forks and utensils can cause you to eat less

British hospitals use red trays in a program to battle malnutrition. According to studies, this color may be the worst decision and can even discourage patients to eat.

Book provides tips for doing less at work without getting the ax

Want to do less at work without getting fired? A new book offers tongue-in-cheek strategic tips for workers to gain control over their jobs . The author suggests that workers use the same tricks their bosses do. Be absent. Delegate. Use people.

Chinese to import fewer online games

Chinese game firms are seeking domestic options as the government will implement a five-year program promoting clean online games.

Op-Ed: Health Police at it Again Going After the Salt

Regulating what we eat, and this time it’s not Los Angeles, where one councilwoman instituted a ban on the building of any new fast food restaurants in her district, because her constituents are too fat.

Women Ditch The Jealousy Of The Younger Generation As They Get Older

Scientist have discovered that women become less bitchy about younger women when the approach the age of 50. It has been found that the event of the menopause holds the key for friendliness and acceptance

Lack of Sleep Causes Old Men's Testosterone to Drop

Less sleep causes testosterone(hormone) levels to drop in older men, a new study claims

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