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Leonardo da vinci News

Newly-discovered painting 'proven to be Leonardo da Vinci's'

A painting belonging to an Italian family was hidden away in the vault of a Swiss bank. It has now been authenticated as being the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

Has the real Mona Lisa been discovered?

The identity of the real life Mona Lisa could soon be discovered. A tomb, containing the remains of Lisa Gioconda, in the Italian city of Florence was been opened.

Louvre most visited art museum of 2012

Paris - The most visited art museum in the world is the Louvre in Paris with an incredible 9.7 million visitors passing through their doors in 2012.

Da Vinci's lost masterpiece found

Milan - Police in Italy have tracked down and returned to Italy a lost Leonardo Da Vinci masterpiece: an incomplete fresco painting of the 'Battle of Anghiari' called the Doria Panel.

Leonardo Da Vinci drawing exhibit a success

Hull - An exhibition of drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci has proved to be a great success in Hull. The art gallery saw 5,000 visitors in its first week.

504-year-old da Vinci wax sculpture reveals his 'Horse and Rider'

Los Angeles - A 504-year-old metal casting of Leonardo da Vinci's beeswax "Horse and Rider" sculpture was recently unveiled to the art world. It is the only 3-D piece of work by da Vinci that still exists, only one of two dozen authenticated works left by the artist.

Archaeologists believe they've found skeleton of 'Mona Lisa'

Florence - Archaeologists believe they have found the skeletal remains of the model who posed for Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting.

Op-Ed: Vegetarianism a ‘threat’- Sydney Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Sydney - The arguments in favour of vegetarianism go back at least to Leonardo Da Vinci. Of world leaders, two of the best known were vegetarians- Gandhi and Hitler. The “threat” of vegetarianism is based against social and cultural norms.

Leonardo Da Vinci's drawings brought to life by animation

These animations aim to bring some of Leonardo’s visions to life

Da Vinci Fingerprint Reveals Arab Heritage?

O'RLY?... Very interesting...

NYC Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit Follows Artist's Entire Career

NEW YORK - The most comprehensive collection of drawings by Leonardo da Vinci ever assembled in the United States, is on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The exhibition is taken from major collections from around the world, and fe...

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Leonardo da vinci Image

A huge sign announcing an art exhibit of Leonardo da Vinci works in Venice.
A huge sign announcing an art exhibit of Leonardo da Vinci works in Venice.
Doria Panel by Leonardo Da Vinci
Doria Panel by Leonardo Da Vinci
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