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Lemons News

Origins of modern citrus fruits revealed

Oranges and lemons have a common ancestor. This finding comes from an analysis of 34 chloroplast genomes. The study shows how and when modern fruit varieties evolved.

Lemon Supply Shrinking

The poor weather in the lemon growing regions have reduced the supply of lemons to the point where some are forced to do without.

Are Lemon Slices Toxic Transmitters?

How often have you had a cola drink or sparkling water in a restaurant with a slice of lemon? That slice of lemon could be carrying a wide range of nasty bacteria, according to a recent study.

Japanese farmer grows 11 kinds of citrus on a single tree

A Japanese farmer has created a special tree that produces 11 different kinds of lemons in the same tree. He is not finished yet, and wants to add more varieties of citrus in a year.

Is there a Lemon in Your Closet? Let Us Know

For every winner, there’s a big fat loser. At Digital Journal, we call loser products in technology “lemons” and we’re always looking to warn our readers about pathetic gadgets and services to avoid. Now we want to learn what y

The Digital Journal Lemon Award: Panasonic Lumix DMC-L1K

Psst. Need a crappy camera? Boy, do we have one for you!

The Digital Journal Lemon Award: Canon iP1600 Pixma Photo Printer

Digital Journal — You wouldn’t expect a printer from a leading brand like Canon to be such a big fat lemon. But if printers could talk, Canon’s iP1600 Pixma photo printer would say: “I suck so hard, I even hate myself.” For $69, the iP1600 take

HP Issues Worldwide Recall of 679,000 Digital Cameras Because of Fire Hazard

Digital Journal — It looks like Hewlett-Packard has yet another serious problem with a battery-powered system. The giant electronics company has now issued a third major global product recall because of fire hazards. Only nine months after its launc..

Symantec Admits to Serious Hole in its Antivirus Software

Digital Journal — Researchers at eEye Digital Security have discovered a serious flaw in Symantec Corp.’s antivirus software that could put millions of computers at risk of a crippling worm attack. The vulnerability in Symantec’s business security

The Digital Journal Lemon Award: HP Photosmart M517

Digital Journal — When you’re looking to buy a digital camera, it’s never a good sign when the salesman at Staples spends the better part of 20 minutes begging you to stay away from anything by Hewlett-Packard. But Digital Journal’s Lemon Awards

The Digital Journal Lemon Award: Poker Game and Mpio MP3 Player

Digital Journal — Wherever you find someone selling something, you will find someone selling a lemon. Lemons are products that don’t work properly, don’t work well, or don’t work for long. As a regular section of Digital Journal magazine, the Lem

The Digital Journal Lemon Award: Nikon Coolwalker MSV-01

The Nikon COOLWALKER MSV-01 Digital Journal — Some technologies are better left on the idea shelf. The Nikon Coolwalker MSV-01, which stores and displays digital photos, is a disappointing gadget Digital Journal tried out recently: Its small dis..

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