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Russia expands lockdown as deputies rush through coronavirus legislation

Moscow - Russia on Tuesday expanded a lockdown to curb the coronavirus outbreak as parliament rushed to approve tough legislation for violating quarantine rules and spreading false information.

Pelosi: USMCA passage could occur 'this year'

Washington - The US House of Representatives could approve a new North American trade pact before the end of 2019, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday.

California governor blocks fed plan to allow oil and gas drilling

Sacramento - California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Saturday signed a law intended to counter the Trump administration's plans to increase oil and gas production on protected public land.

Lawmaker introduces bill to cap nicotine content in vapes

Washington - U.S. Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi announced new legislation Monday that would put a cap on the concentration of nicotine in e-cigarette products.

'Don't drink and drone,' say Japanese MPs

Apo - People in Japan operating drones under the influence could face up to a year in prison under new laws passed Thursday that aim to control the increasingly popular devices.

New governance rules for drones in Canada

The use of drones, especially by hobbyists and causal users, has increasingly come under the spotlight over safety issues. In Canada new laws have been passed and there are heavy fines, and even jail time, for those who flout the rules.

Fighting 'fake news' with the law

Paris - Some countries are bringing in legislation to fight "fake news", a particular menace during election campaigning, but critics warn of the danger to freedom of expression and the media.Here is a look at the situation in a selection of countries.

Alberta tries ads to win hearts and minds of anti-pipeline groups

Alberta has no intention of giving in to the opposition when it comes to the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, as British Columbia residents are now finding out.

Ottawa's tough stance on Trans Mountain decried by politicians

Ottawa's intention to override B.C.'s opposition to the Trans Mountain pipeline project has raised the consternation of Quebec politicians who decry the "exclusive application of federal rules" as being detrimental.

Alberta premier threatens to turn off the oil tap in B.C. dispute

Edmonton - Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has ratcheted up the stakes in her fight to get the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion built, threatening to cut off the oil taps to British Columbia and even the rest of Canada, if necessary.

Marijuana states propose legislation to stop federal crackdown

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already let the country know where he stands on marijuana use and the states that allow the sale of the product. Fearing a federal crackdown, a number of states are moving to protect their citizens.

Apple to appeal 'right to repair' bill as you could hurt yourself

Apple is planning to appeal a "right to repair" bill that could force it to provide parts and repair manuals for its devices. The Right to Repair movement is gaining momentum, lobbying companies to let consumers fix their own devices.

UK govt to present draft law 'within days' to begin Brexit: minister

London - The British government on Tuesday said it would present draft legislation "within days" to begin the process of withdrawing from the EU, after a Supreme Court ruling demanded prior approval from parliament.

European court hears key online privacy case

Strasbourg - The question of whether employers have the right to monitor workers' online communications returned to the European Court of Human Rights on Wednesday ahead of a ruling that could have Europe-wide implications.

Op-Ed: Congress and Big Pharma lobby created opioid epidemic in U.S.

The opioid epidemic in the U.S. is getting worse by the day and to many of us, Big Pharma has Congress by the short hairs in order to protect their $9 billion a year in profits. Well, apparently, this is exactly what's happening.

Cannabis: The new Californian gold rush

Adelanto - Two years ago, the city of Adelanto, a crumbling outpost in California's Mojave desert, was facing a bleak future as it teetered on the brink of bankruptcy and struggled with double-digit unemployment.

Fixing expiration dates on food labels will reduce food waste

Washington - The supermarket aisle is a complicated journey through a dense forest of "best by," "use by," "sell by," and other "bys." This confusing labeling system currently in use in the U.S. needs an overhaul, and for a number of reasons.

Pacquiao to help create Department of Sports in the Philippines

Philippine senator-elect Manny Pacquiao is set to work on the creation of the Department of Sports once he is sworn into office on June 30, 2016 to serve a six-year term along with 11 other newly elected senators.

Russian security chief urges sweeping crackdown to counter U.S. influence

Moscow - The powerful chief of Russia's equivalent to the FBI on Monday called for sweeping new rights restrictions, including curbing Internet freedoms and making it illegal to question Moscow's annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.

Ecojustice Executive Director Devon Page discusses 5 vital issues Special

Vancouver - Ecojustice Exec Director Devon Page discusses Enbridge NG court case, Kinder Morgan and Trans Mountain Pipeline paths, Charter of Rights for the Environment, outcome of climate change legislation in Alberta and Canada, and endangered species legislation.

France to push through tighter security checks on public transport

Paris - The French government on Monday announced a series of measures to beef up security on public transport following a thwarted attack on a high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris.

Samsung accused of 'having its own Volkswagen scandal' with TVs

An independent report has accused Samsung of doctoring energy efficiency tests for televisions in a similar manner to Volkswagen's cheating of diesel emissions tests. Samsung denies the claims which say the TVs can detect when they are being tested.

Op-Ed: America's overcrowded prisons won't be going away any time soon

Washington - President Barack Obama has recently taken steps to address the problem of prison overpopulation in the U.S. He has told us something many people probably don't want to hear — there isn't much he can really do about it.

Low-Income Solar Act of 2015 to expand solar energy access

With the use of solar energy people can be saving economically as well as helping to save the environment from unnecessary pollution. It is with that thought in mind that the new Low-Income Solar Act being introduced in Washington D.C.

Russia says it can override European rights court rulings

Moscow - Russia declared Tuesday its laws take precedence over decisions by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), a claim lawyers said could let Moscow snub Europe's top rights tribunal.

Medical marijuana heads south

A little less than half of U.S. states have passed legislation permitting the use of medical marijuana. California's law is nearly a decade old, and Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Maine followed suit shortly.

Returning Australian jihadis cause for concern: George Brandis

Australian counter terrorism authorities believe some jihadis known to have travelled to fight in Syria have been actively recruiting new fighters or raising funds for Islamic terrorist groups since returning to Australia.

Attempted suicide no longer a crime in India

New Delhi - Attempted suicide is no longer a crime in India, with the government repealing section 309 of the Indian Penal Code, Rajnath Singh, the Union Home Minister informed the Indian parliament.

New legislation could eradicate UK mobile black areas

The UK's mobile phone networks could be forced to allow connected devices to switch between themselves as part of new proposed legislation seeking to eradicate mobile blackspots.

New VA hospital report reveals longstanding bureaucratic hurdles

The latest investigation into bureaucratic hangups at the Department of Veterans Affairs reveals ongoing, long-standing issues with the agency.
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James Tracy of Community Housing Partnership speaks to those assembled at press conference at City H...
James Tracy of Community Housing Partnership speaks to those assembled at press conference at City Hall for the Health Care Services Masterplan legislation, sponsored by SF Supervisor David Campos at 12 Noon on Nov. 1, 2010
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Smartphones are shown for sale in a store in Hong Kong.
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