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Legalize marijuana News

Mexico to push to legalize weed

Washington - Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto told the United Nations Tuesday he hopes the country will legalize medical marijuana and raise the amount people can possess for personal use.

Ohio's Issue 3 pot question shaping up to be a close vote

A proposed amendment to the state constitution that would make Ohio the first state east of the Mississippi River to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes appears poised for a Nov. 3 photo finish.

Canada polarized over pot use

Rona Ambrose is Canada's Minister of Health and proponent of an anti-drug campaign which has become difficult for many physicians to join forces with.

Unlike U.S. law, cannabis and heroin no longer equal in Italy

Italy's constitutional court has declared a law that tripled sentences for selling, cultivating and possessing cannabis "illegitimate" and has overturned it. Antigone, a prison rights group, say the law has caused prison overcrowding.

Op-Ed: Cannabis is cool, hemp is hot, but Obama isn’t on board

Half the states in the country now allow the production and distribution of cannabis for medicinal use, or they have laws waiting to take effect that will allow it.

'Pot-bellied' pig could take on a whole new meaning

We have all seen pictures of them — pot-bellied pigs — the little short-legged porcine that supposedly make a good pet. Those grunting little creatures are not raised for food, but their cousins that are, may soon be "pot-head" pigs flying high.

Washington State releases regulations for legal marijuana

A little over a month ago, the Washington State Liquor Control Board released an initial draft of the regulations and restrictions that will govern the newly legal marijuana industry in Washington State.

Cops want to legalize pot

The number of people who want to legalize marijuana and other drugs is constantly growing and is now reaching cops and other public officials.

Is Kentucky next to legalize medical marijuana? Polls say yes

A new poll shows that the residents of the state of Kentucky overwhelmingly approve of medical marijuana laws being passed in the state.

Op-Ed: Legalized weed gaining traction

Despite the Department of Justice solidifying its position on the matter, more states are considering legislation to legalize marijuana,

Belize ponders legalizing marijuana

The government of Belize is looking into the possibility of decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana possession in an effort to clear up space in the Central American country's overcrowded jails.

Op-Ed: Mitt Romney is on the wrong side of the marijuana discussion

Up just with the early sun, I listen to the repetitive code call of a bird outside my window. It is not a bad way to wake. This is how I think of it, formative morning anthropocentric fog: bird chimes rung to wake a biped pleasantly.

University of Colorado: 420 smoke-out shut down this year

Boulder - In an effort to stamp out the annual 4/20 marijuana smoke-out, the University of Colorado Boulder announce last week it will be closing its campus to all visitors for the day.

New poll finds 66% of Canadians support legalization of marijuana

They are thought of as friendly, Canadians are, a grouping of polite humans north of the U.S. who play hockey and create famous singers such as Celine Dion, Michael Buble and Justin Bieber. It appears that many also have liberal views on marijuana.

U.S. marijuana policy pits law-makers against law-enforcement

Last week, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration led a crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego, and two U.S. governors petitioned for the reclassification of of the drug and law enforcement officers who got fired.

Alice Cooper: Legalize hard drugs, ban booze and tobacco

Los Angeles - Rocker Alice Cooper, known for his wild lyrics, outrageous costumes, and onstage antics with props that included boa constrictors, fake blood, and electric chairs, has publicly called for the federal government to legalize hard drugs.

California Medical Association wants marijuana legalized

Anaheim - The California Medical Association has become the first statewide medical authority to unanimously adopt an official policy that recommends the legalization and regulation of cannabis.

Thousands 'high' on Toronto streets during Global Marijuana March Special

Toronto - In possibly one of the largest marches in Toronto history, thousands of proponents of legalizing marijuana took to the streets of the city of Toronto for the sixth annual Freedom Festival and annual Global Marijuana March.


What did Prohibition achieve apart from making many criminal types very rich from bootlegging?

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