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New German leftist movement wobbles as co-founder retreats

Frankfurt Am Main - The German far left's star politician Sahra Wagenknecht said Sunday she was quitting the leadership of a new populist movement that aims to address the concerns of the poor and win back working-class voters but has struggled to gain momentum.

German leftist 'Stand up' movement vows to win back far-right voters

Berlin - German leftwing politicians Tuesday launched a cross-party populist movement they pledged would address the concerns of the poor and win back working-class voters who have drifted to the xenophobic far-right.

German far-left politician launches 'Stand up' movement

Berlin - A German far-left politician will launch on Tuesday a cross-party movement called "Stand up", modelled on the populist campaigns of US Senator Bernie Sanders and Britain's Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

German far-left leaders launch 'Stand Up' grassroots movement

Berlin - Its battle cry is "Stand up", its public face is a divisive anti-capitalist politician who supports limiting immigration, its aim is to build a populist leftwing movement to shake up Merkel-era Germany.

French socialist wins new backing in presidential race

Paris - Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon picked up new backing Thursday in the rollercoaster French presidential race, as the nation's left aims to forge a united front with polls just months away.

Francois Hollande's tease over 2017 candidacy leaves left adrift

Paris - Will he or won't he?As France's Socialists fine-tune arrangements for their presidential election primary, their deeply unpopular standard bearer Francois Hollande is keeping everyone guessing about whether he will stand, leaving the left in disarray.

Brutal headwinds crush Europe's centre-left heavyweights

London - Bitter internal strife, plunging support among voters and surging populism: has there ever been a worse time to be a centre-left party in Europe?A dozen years ago, left-of-centre giants seemed a natural source of government in many European states.

Latin America's 'pink tide' ebbs to new low in Brazil

Rio De Janeiro - Dilma Rousseff's impeachment doesn't just mark the end of 13 years of Workers' Party rule in Brazil, but a new low for the so-called "pink tide" of leftist leaders in Latin America.

Man allegedly left his elderly mother in hot truck for hours

A man is because charged with neglect after he was accused of leaving his elderly mother inside a hot car for almost five hours.

BNP MEP Andrew Brons ‘constructively expelled’ from party

The prominent and respected nationalist, Andrew Brons, one of the British National Party’s two MEPs, has finally left, after ongoing problems within the party. What will happen next?

Leftists Reaffirm Commitment to LGBT Rights Special

Manila - On Thursday, delegates representing Macau, Indonesia, Canada, United States, and the Philippines met to revive a three year old resolution that aims to protect the rights of LGBT people in the leftist movement.

Veteran motorcyclists stop in West Virginia town Special

Hurricane - Hundreds of people lined the streets in Hurricane, West Virginia, in support of veteran motorcyclists who made an overnight stop in this town to accept the hospitality offered on their way to Washington to promote awareness for all veterans.

Op-Ed: Hollywood Stars Making Headlines in Blockbuster PR Disasters

Is this a Triple Feature or what? First, Sean Penn says to jail journos who call Chavez a dictator. Then, Megan Mullally calls Jay Leno insane for targeting red state viewers. Now, Tom Hanks and Matt Damon star in their PR Hiroshimas. The buzz is red hot!

Counter-Protest at Pro Obama Rally in Denver Special

At an event sponsored by Organization For America, about 500 people supporting Obama’s health care plan converged at North High School in Denver for a rally.

Pelosi Visit to Denver Prompts Protests Special

Upon Speaker Pelosi's visit to Denver, demonstrators show up to protest the health care bill. People on both sides of the debate protested in support of and against the legislation

Op-Ed: Are We Being Warned or Threatened in U.S. Presidential Run?

In recent weeks it seems to me that the rhetoric and angst is rising at a meteoric rate over whether or not the many polls predicting an election landslide win by Barack Obama and Joe Biden are right. IMO, the warnings have now escalated to threats.

Op-Ed: Shame on American 'Exceptionalism'

Shame on Sarah Palin and shame on the failing John McCain campaign for targeting Barack Obama’s association with so-called domestic terrorists. That’s nothing more than race-baiting!

The Palin Cultural Target

While some pundits on the left have referred to Sarah Palin and her family as the “Jerry Springer freak show,” defenders on the right warn that the left’s continued elitist attacks will only help the McCain/Palin ticket win the election in November.

Mother Gets 18 Months In Jail After Leaving 2 Year Old At Home Alone

Justice has been served this week after a woman was found guilty of abandonment when she had left her 2 year old son alone in her house for a weekend

Op/Ed Are there any mysteries left?

With human population expanding faster and faster, sometimes we think that there may be no mysteries left for us to solve. After all Humans know everything right? We must. We have the internet.

Lefties May Have Shorter Lifespan, Study Shows

Does being left-handed mean you have one-foot already in the grave? There is surprising evidence to support the theory that lefties have a shorter lifespan. But some experts aren't so sure.

22 Dogs Left In Home With One Bowl Of Food, No Water

Animal control officers assisted code compliance officers from the city of Oceanside in rescuing 22 black Labrador retrievers after serving an inspection warrant at a home in Jeffries Ranch on March 2.

Baby Left in Shopping Cart Outside Store

So, you go shopping for coats on sale at the local store, unload the cart into your trunk, get in and drive home. Forget something? Your 1-year-old kid, perhaps?

Star baseball player says no to retirement

Bond doesn't want retirement

New Book Blames Liberal Left for 9-11

The new book by Dinesh D'Souza offers a startling theory about the rise of Muslim anger - it's all about the Liberal Left!

Children Left Alone In Apartment For Three Days

Mom jailed, boyfriend leaves kids alone over Christmas

Ecuador leftist figures to win after vote

Rafael Correa appears to be in line to take over control of Ecuador following the vote.

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